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Count Cuddles RPT


6/10/2012 #1
Count Cuddles RPT

hi, thanks for making me a moderator!

6/10/2012 #2
Alicia H. Heart


6/10/2012 #3
Alicia H. Heart

No problem GEN! It's kinda nice having someone who has more experience at mass RP's at my side...

6/10/2012 #4
Count Cuddles RPT

you should make a character registration topic and stuffs.

6/10/2012 #5
Alicia H. Heart


6/10/2012 #6
Count Cuddles RPT

great! make a guild, and a plot disscussion topic, i gtg for a bit.

6/10/2012 #7
Alicia H. Heart

See you in a bit!

6/10/2012 #8
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

So anyone can join?

6/10/2012 #9
Alicia H. Heart


6/10/2012 #10
Count Cuddles RPT

im back

6/10/2012 #11
Count Cuddles RPT

we need to add guild to the character registration. ill make a guild submission

6/10/2012 #12
Alicia H. Heart

Hey GEN! Could you check my OC in case I might have done something wrong?

6/10/2012 #13
Count Cuddles RPT

i like her, now we need to decide some things in plot disscussion like:

1) time period rp takes palce in

2) Where, in Fiore or elsewhere

3) we need to get a few archs created and lined up for starts.

6/10/2012 #14
Alicia H. Heart

Agreed. Let's start with time period, since that seems the easiest at the moment.

6/10/2012 #15
Count Cuddles RPT

ok, im thinking a generation or so after the Fairy Tail manga ends, so we don't have people you know making bastard children of them or brothers or wanting to rp as them.

6/10/2012 #16
Alicia H. Heart

So, fresh start without any connection to Fairy Tail? That sounds OK

6/10/2012 #17
Count Cuddles RPT

awsome, next location location location, im thinking stick with Fiore so no one gets confused and stuffs. what do you think?

6/10/2012 #18
Alicia H. Heart

Again, I agree. Maybe we could also do the Magical games, if that's OK with you

6/10/2012 #19
Count Cuddles RPT

i want to do that, but not immediately if that's ok, it seems like something that would be good later on, but we could do it first to get our characters introduced to eachother...

6/10/2012 #20
Alicia H. Heart

Sounds good to me!

6/10/2012 #21
Count Cuddles RPT

immediately or not?

6/10/2012 #22
Alicia H. Heart

A bit later. Let's introduce our OC's first, then we can show off their magic in the Games

6/10/2012 #23
Count Cuddles RPT

i was thinking having them meet through the games but ok, ima go submit my guild and charries.

6/10/2012 #24
Count Cuddles RPT

i submitted my guilds for approval.

6/10/2012 #25
Count Cuddles RPT

Heart you still around?

6/10/2012 #26
Alicia H. Heart


6/10/2012 #27
Alicia H. Heart

And please, call me Ali

6/10/2012 #28
Count Cuddles RPT

ish ok, but funny i just ate lunch

6/10/2012 #29
Alicia H. Heart

*shrugs* Depend on where you live.

6/10/2012 #30
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