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This is a small fandom, and the subset of fans who want to write fanfiction is smaller still. Let's help each other keep the creative momentum going! This forum is for trading and developing story ideas, sharing writing tips, making requests, presenting OCs for feedback, and just generally using the Power Of Brainstorm to serve us where raw numbers won't. The world of SatW is still largely untapped for fanfiction and the potential is awesome!
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We all love making OCs, right? So many countries (and provinces, states, regions, territories, etc.) have yet to be personified in canon! This is the place to share your ideas for OCs and get feedback and suggestions before you stick them in a story. Just keep 'em silly and stereotypical and they should be fine!

6/10/2012 #1

When I'm adding OC's to a story, there are always a few things I consider:

1. Does the story *really* call for an original character or is there someone established that could fill the role just as easily? Creating an OC doubles the amount of work for that story. There's usually some nominal research involved (unless I'm already an expert on the place, but that's really rare). It also means there's a new character that needs endearing to the readers. The more involved said OC is, the more finesse needed to make it work.

2. Are the personalities and actions that I want to write conducive to the represented country? There are a couple way to approach this: look at the potential character's behavior on the world playing field. Do they play nice with their neighbors or are they invading? Is there one hot button issue for that nation? What about the geography? What do people do there for fun or for a living? How does it make money? For example: Israel would never be nice Palestine (since they're at war) and Norway would never ski with Bahamas (since he doesn't have mountains) Wikitravel's insanely helpful for these potential personality indicators. A lot of the articles are written by residents of the country/territory/whathaveyou and often include a phrase along the lines of "The people of (insert place here) are very (insert descriptive adjectives here)." Instant characterization!

3. Are these stereotypes playful, funny, and appropriate? This is a very fine line to walk. I can throw out Ethiopia as an example. One stereotype would be someone who is poor and starving, which is insulting. Or in a positive light, Ethiopia can be coffee addict with a leather fetish. And which is a funnier, more vivid character anyways?

4. What makes this country different from everywhere else, especially the surrounding areas? Look at North and South Korea- shared culture, shared history, but mix them up at your own risk.

It's certainly not a hard thing to do and loads of fun. Hell, making up OC's has been a really educational experience for me. I don't have any to throw out yet, but ask me later and I'll be poking this forum for opinions on some potentials.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #2
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