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Let's go!

Let's RP!

But 1ST! Even though this is for fun, it still has *gasp* rules! But, we need them to keep everything in line.

BTW: You can RP as yourself, your OC, a canon character, a canon character from a different show/game/book/whatever, or your OC from a different show/game/book/whatever

1. Respect the Admin/Mods

2. M Rated is allowed to a point. No explicit details of sex. (Also changes depending on setting)

3. Godmodding, OPing, Powerplaying, and Powergaming are NO-NOs. You can have a super powerful character (or you can be super powerful yourself), but if you are able to be taken down you are good.

4. Killing or no killing depend on setting

5. Please respect everybody, and say something if something upsets you.

6. No spamming.

7. Have fun! I'll participate as well X3

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/25/2013 #1
King of The Netherworld
Coolio namine you have a nice place
8/12/2012 #2
Thank you!
8/15/2012 #3

Hey Namine I've got a question. Can we bring in our own OCs?

8/29/2012 #4

Of course

8/29/2012 #5

Cool so here's my OC.

Name: Jason Michaels

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hometown: Toranto Ontario Canada

Beyblade team: Burning Heart

Beyblade: Inferno Wolf-Stamina Type

Beyblade Special Moves: Burning Wolf Fang Strike and Inferno Pack Assult

Bio: Jason was selected by the Candian branch of the WBBA to be a abmassador to compete in the Battle Bladers tournament held in Japan it was during a challenge match that he met Gingka and after losing to Gingka in the final round he befriended Gingka and joined the fight against the Dark Nebula. After Battle Bladers he went back to Toranto where his Beyblade Flame Wolf upgraded to Inferno Wolf then he learned about the world championships and decided to enter the tournament to join the Candian team.

And that's my OC and for canon characters I would like to do Gingka, Nile, and Nemea if possible because I know Nemea was only in the first Metal Fight Beyblade video game for the DS.

8/30/2012 #6
Feel free to do any character you want, so cool! You're in :D
9/2/2012 #7

Thanks and here's some info on Nemea personalty wise he tends to act Kyoua sometimes his beyblade is Counter Leone and he is sometimes called the legendary lion. According to the storyline of the Metal Fight Beyblade video game that he appeared in he teamed up with Gingka to stop the main villian and he forms a friendly rivalry with Gingka and Kyoua midway through. His appearance is he has blond hair wears an emerald green jacket, white t-shirt, sneakers, blue jeans, and a necklace of fangs with a lion head pendent. And info on Counter Leone is it's a defense type it's a bit faster than Rock/Thunder Leone and the special moves are by Metal Masters are Lion Hurricane Wall, Legendary Lion Ripping Fang Strike, and Legendary Lion 200 Fang Assult.

So that's basic info on Nemea and I was wondering could the RP take place during the early half of Metal Mastes like during the same time as the tournament to determine the Japanese team.

And what OC are you bringing and which Metal Master characters are you going to use?

9/2/2012 #8

Um...I'm bringing Diva, Kina, Hokaru, Shadow, and Nathan

You'll get to know them, because I'm too lazy to put up info

9/5/2012 #9

That's cool. Anyway when's the RP starting?

9/6/2012 #10

Me: Just now!

9/6/2012 #11

Cool so who's gonna start?

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #12

Me: I'm gonna start :D

9/7/2012 #13

Okay so is it cool if the RP starts off around the early episodes of Metal Masters like during the tournament to determine the Japanese team?

9/7/2012 #14

If you want to

I have an OC that's from America, she's friends with Zeo, Toby, and Masamune (is that Mary Sue-ish or anything?)

9/7/2012 #15

Yeah I would think it would be cool if it started with the tournament to determine the Candian team. And your OC doesn't seem Mary-Sueish to me because I actually think it's cool that she knows Zeo of Team Star-Breaker and Masamune of Team GanGan Galaxy because my OC Jason along with Nemea knows Gingka, Tsubasa, Yu, and Madoka. Along with Kenta, Hikaru, Ryo, Kyoua, and Benkei.

9/7/2012 #16

For how long? She was a childhood friend, kinda a part of Team Dungeon, but she doesn't dramatically change the plot in any way, just maybe bend/change it just a little.

9/7/2012 #17
Lord Fan of Awakening

remember, Zack's in America, too, as a part of team starbreaker

Casey knew Tsubasa since she was born, Ryuuga since she was 5, and Yuu since she was 8, everyone else came when she was 11

9/7/2012 #18


Do you want to RP with us? You don't have to, I'm just asking

9/7/2012 #19

Anyway still cool as for my OC even though he lost to Gingka he still managed to earn enough points to enter Battle Bladers and he was a part of the alliance to stop the Dark Nebula. And he particpated in a triple-threat match in the finals with the other two bladers being Kenta and Reiji. And even though Kenta lost Jason surprisingly managed to pull out the victory because he managed to withstand Serpent Venom Strike and remembering the friends that got injured to Reiji and lost to Ryuga that kind provided a fuel for an extra powerful Burning Wolf Fang Attack. But he lost again to Gingka. And I can't wait for the RP to start.

9/7/2012 #20
Lord Fan of Awakening

well, I wouldn't mind RPing with more people, so yeah

so...should I introduce my OC's?

9/7/2012 #21

Let's start now!

Just to be safe, you should

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #22

Okay I'll start.

Jason had entered into the waiting area of the Toronto Skydome since the arena had prepared for the tournament to detemrine the Candian team to compete in the WBBA World Championships. Jason looked at his Bey and looked at the other bladers "Man there's a lot of strong bladers here looks like me and Wolf have our work cut out for us." "Hey Jason over here." Jason looked around and saw Nemea trying to get to get his attention and Jason went over to his long time friend and rival. "Nemea it's great to see you." "Same here and me and Counter Leone are to ready to show our strength." "Well good luck and how about we get to know the competion." And Jason and Nemea began to walk into the crowd of bladers.

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #23
Lord Fan of Awakening

k, then, I'll be back after introducing them

er, which team picking thing should we do first, though?

9/7/2012 #24

KK (this is script style RP)

Team Picking...well

Meili is in Wang Hu Xhong, Diva is in Starbreaker, Celeste is in Wildfang (you get to know them, don't worry, and they won't appear right away...well, Diva might, but otherwise not)

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #25
Lord Fan of Awakening

well, are we gonna try and make teams that WEREN'T in the show?

9/7/2012 #26

Oof, had a derp moment, and yeah, I think we should make teams that weren't on the show, makes things more interesting :P

9/7/2012 #27
Lord Fan of Awakening

that's actually what I meant

9/7/2012 #28

Hey Namine I hope you're cool with me starting the RP?

9/7/2012 #29

I'm ool with anyone starting the RP

9/7/2012 #30
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