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For discussion of slash fanfic in the Soul Calibur setting. If you don't like slash, don't come read, kthxbai.
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Okay ladies.. And all you less important people this is my baby muhahaha. Bailey likey Bailey likey hehehehahahaha. So anyways what do you like? The weird Sophitia/Seung Mina? (She's married...) Or are you a little out there and like seeing some weirdo stuff like Cassandra/Talim? Tell the Bailey.. You know you want to muhahahaha! Annnnnniwayz Bailey actually like the Cassandra/Talim set but it's like impossible to write them into a fic together unless it's like AU or wever. Xianghua/Talim is a good idea too... Ideas ideas... Bailey gotta write some of them doen muhaha! -Be back in like a few days... Um gone fishing...- Later laters! Bailey and Break me!!!!!!!!?
3/17/2006 #1
Schu no ko
I'm more of a Sophitia/Taki person myself. Tho a little Sophitia/Cassandra never hurt anyone ^^;
4/12/2006 #3
Morose Affection
I***? That's an interesting point of view... Many if not all people of the 21 century are opposed to the idea of romance within family, it takes a person very unabashed to admit to not minding this touchy subject... Although it is a possibility, this couple wouldn't draw in many people... The world is led by one, that one being the minds of all people, unconsciously people make decision and others follow that example... Thus making the world act upon others example... Thus making the leader the unifyed minds of our population... Well, back to the topic... Popular couples, such as Sophitia/Taki are what people like to see not pairs like Cassandra/Taki... Although pairs like that are increasingly entertaining to read... In short I'm saying it's good you can think outside the one, think for you basically.. I, myself, find the pairings of Seung Mina/Sophitia and Talim/Seung Mina rather fun... ...Morose Affection
4/13/2006 #4
What did Seung-Mina ever do to you? She kicks bum! But anywayzzzz tell us bout those odd and weird and just plaine silly couples like um... Ivy and um... Ivy/Xianghua... Now that's weird but any story with Ivy and some other chick is kinda weird but yeah. Later laters Bailey and Break me
4/18/2006 . Edited 4/18/2006 #6
Morose Affection
The reason why people might like this genre are many... For one you could be a practising lesbian or bisexual... You could be a h*** teenager... Or you just like reading about girls loving each other... As for me, I like the affection shown between two women... For some mundane reason it appeals to me rather than a man and a woman falling in love... Odd really... Sometimes I question my own sexuality... Well that's all for now... ...Morose Affection
4/20/2006 #8
Bleeding Wings
I think Ivy can hit it off with ANY girl out there! She'd be excellent with a lot of girls, but I think she'd be best with Seoung-Mina! Mina would dance for Ivy at her mansion, then from there FIREWORKS would go off!
5/21/2006 #10
Fenris Mourningstar
Hmm, it's odd that so far Setsuka isn't getting any girl love from you. Out of all the women, she rather strikes me as the one to possibly fall for another female. Why? Well, I must confess that I haven't really fully thought this out by myself yet, but one of the reasons is that after her rough past, she could've easily learned that love is not to be scorned, in any form, and as we've seen, the strength of her emotions in general might quite easily add to that. (I always toyed with the idea of writing a fic about the continuation of her other ending. Err, the one in which she taught the girl that nothing is regained from revenge... Unfortunately I'm nearly phobic of OCs) As to the lady I'd pair her up with? Either Sophitia or Taki. They're both rather similar to her, and I think they'd compliment each other's characters beautifully.
9/12/2006 #11
Whoa, that's a new idea. People like to stick to the old characters, well, so much as I've seen... I prefer Tira though, just 'cause she's crazy.. Chow, Bailey and Break me
9/12/2006 #12
Fenris Mourningstar
Tira, huh? I don't think I've ever really considered her for a fic, but that's mainly because I don't really like her. She's too over the top to be fascinating (plus the fact that I don't really find her physically attractive, either). In a fic, though? Unless we're talking about some eternity long story of extravagantly dramatic love healing her traumas, it'd have to be something pretty darn dark to be even remotely plausible. I mean, she was raised in a mysterious, creepy organization, then she was enslaved by Soul Edge and she has a fixation for death borderlining necrophilia. It'd take some mean author skills to pull off a story like that. But I'll keep an open mind. Who knows, a good story might easily change my opinion of her.
9/13/2006 #13
Soph/Taki. It's CANON, damnit! And perfect, too... *sighs*
3/3/2007 #14

Hm... there are so many possiblites for girl slash in this game. It makes me happy :D *contented sigh* I love to pair Shura (one of the unlockable bonus characters) up with other girls. My favorites are Tira and Ivy, although there many other possiblites. ;) I shall go play the game a bit and come back after a bit of thinking... might get a quick drabble written.

2/8/2009 #15
Major Mike Powell III

Yeah, I agree with you, Cheza. Soul Calibur is totally FULL of shoujo-ai/yuri potential.

When I first played SC3, I crapped my pants when I saw all the gorgeous girls in the roster. LOL

Inmediately, my twisted lil' mind began to roam through the possibilities. The ones that caught my attention once I Wikipedia-ed Soul Calibur, were Sophitia/Taki, which is perfect canon, but is absolutely ruined by that d*** Rothion.

The b***!


Seung Mi-na/Xianghua, 'cuz it's Far Eastern charm. LMAO

Also, I took notice of a very weird one: Ivy/Talim. ROFL I thought "OMG! Age gap FTW! In fact, I once came across an Ivy/Talim fic with lemon, which was very poorly written, but it was all I had.

It's probably stone-cold dead by now. But meh, whatever.

And also, a bit of forbidden love shipping: Sophitia/Cassandra.

Alexandracest FTW In fact, I have a fic written about'em. It's called "Forbidden Love", and it's a bit of a xover with "Dead or Alive". Just a lil' cameo, but it works. So, check it out if you can. Just click on my name and look for it.

Now, back to the topic...

Then, SC4 came out, and once again, I crapped AND wet my pants. LOL The game kicks A**!

A friend of mine gave it to me as a birthday present last year, and I've played the HELL out of it. LMAO

And most of the pairings I came up with, Hilde was practically always in the middle. LOL

I strongly recommend Arashi Enkou's fics "To Fix What was Twisted", "SCrubs" and "The Fetus Factor". Those fics explore many girl/girl pairings.

So, I guess that'd be all for now. LOL

Remember to check out my "Forbidden Love" fic.

Semper-Fi! Carry on!

2/16/2009 #16
Nickel Mansette

Think about Taki/Tira..... I wonder how that'll work

My fav girl/girl pairs are

1. Cassandra/Xianghua (they'd look real cute together)

2. Ivy/ Taki... all spandex, no hating

3. Ivy/Sophitia (IDK why it would work, but it would work.)

4. Tira/Talim.... (just so sweet)

5. Seung Mina/Talim (just cause of Yunsung and Hwang)

12/31/2009 . Edited 1/23/2010 #17

The following pairings are the best I could come up with. They are as follows:






And Amy is mine. Stay away.


1/11/2010 . Edited 1/11/2010 #18
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

Whoa, what's with all the anti-girl!slash? I don't see a problem with it, and to be honest, I kinda prefer it to menslash. There's something more deliberate about girl!slash, and how you would need a lot more, uh,skill, h-haha, and how girls don't have as much sex-driven hormones as men do, so I think it's more... personality-based? Interaction-based?

Maybe I'm just generalizing, though, so if it feels like that, I apologize.

I personally don't care about gender or sex at all, as long as the characters are suited to each other in terms of personality, and if the author portrays the relationship between them as realistic and their interactions don't feel out of character, and the romance is well-paced.

For example, Talim's line to Tira in SC4, "You'll get hurt too, so why...?", makes me think the two would be quite adorable together. Tira's... problems would be in good hands with Talim, who could help her to overcome them. Split personalities usually derive from someone creating alternate personae in order to bear the weight of trauma. Like her "gloomy" persona would have been created to manage all of the assassinations and unhappiness the "original" Tira would have found too unbearable to handle on her own. Her "jolly" personality could be all the feelings of elation that the "original" Tira built up inside as she never got to experience them. For those reasons, I ship this pairing, as it would be great to see Talim's selflessness in helping Tira and Tira's response to that.

Cassandra and Sophitia... Well, I like the idea of i*** as it is, considering that it's forbidden and extremely frowned upon, and it could give way to a seriously in-depth and realistically angsty fic in which they both try to deny their feelings, or accept them guiltily and try to hide it from others! It would be intruiging to see what would happen if other characters found out, and-- Maybe I just like the idea of ~*true love*~ persevering through all kinds of hardship no matter which kind of love it may be!

Amy herself could be upset with how Raphael sort of obsesses over her, and that could be brought on by the feeling he forced her into her lifestyle as it is, so uses a "peasant" like... Tira, or indeed Talim again, to get back at him subtly, or to enjoy the feeling of freedom it brings her... And the fact that it's a woman, too, would appeal to her rebellious side even more! Or something. Ahah.

...And Setsuka I ship with Hilde for simply aesthetic reasons. orz;;

7/27/2010 . Edited 2/17/2012 #19

Whoa, I didn't know something like this existed! Where was I all this time? And suprisingly, it isn't male!slash. Which is fresh.

I have to say, I like both slashes even though I read more male!slash, but, as Accelerando Heartbeat said, female!slash seems more tamed. I myself find it magical sometimes (I know, lame, leave me alone)

Anyhow, my favorite yuri shippings that float my boat are:

Hilde/Cassandra: My most favorite girl/girl pairing in Soul Calibur. After reading the little comic based on them and those two traveling together in the Gauntlet just clicked for me. I think what I found so adorable was that Cassandra was the one that tried to become good friends with Hilde because she felt lonely, which I found SO cute. The comic had so many cute moments with those two, I loved it. Really did.

Abelia/Luna: Why the heck not?

Mina/Talim: Well, so far Mina is the only other person Talim interacted with in Soul Calibur besides Yun, Mina is a girl, and after Yun running off leaving two girls alone could many things.



Taki/Setsuka: Well, they both don't like Mitsurugi, so why not?



Sophitia/Tira: You know, I shouldn't really be shipping this, Sophie is you know. But meh, I almost don't care anymore. Well, Tira does tease her (in a cruel way), and I sometimes thought that Tira may have a crush on Sophie.


Tira...and P-Pyrrha....: Loli anyone?

Hmm...I think that is it.

11/27/2010 #20
Of course! Why wouldn't something as awesome as a forum devoted to not only the best fighting game ever, but strictly the women of said game exist!? It wouldn't be fair if it didn't. Now me, I've never liked male!slash in general (I've never really cared for hetero, for that matter), so I can't really say anything on the subject. Femme!slash, however, is my topic of choice. I wouldn't say that it's...tamer, because that makes it sound like it can't be as sexually driven as male!slash, which simply isn't true. To the same point, that makes male!slash seem like nothing more than an uncontrolable sexfest (if we're looking at extremes, anyway), which also isn't true. So for me, the best way to put it is, they are similar in their differences. That's why I think it does come back to a gender preference. But I digress. You know, I just have trouble seeing Hilde with anybody other that Seigfried or Ivy (and we both know who's better suited for her), but maybe if I saw said comic I could fall for them. I try to keep myself open to pairings, as you never know who you'll prefer. Personally, I like Cassie/Sophie as much as Cassie/Mina, but I lean more towards the latter because I really like Sophie/Taki. It just seems like a canon pairing considering their history together. I'm not big on the girls from SCIII, but that might have something to do with the fact that I didn't play it that much. But I do remember putting Abelia with...that girl from the shop. The dark haired one. What was her name? Valerie? Valencia? I don't know, V something. I liked them together. I have never liked Mina/Talim, and I don't think I ever will. I understand why people put them together, but...I don't know, they just seem too much like each other to like each other like that. It'd be like (if I can breach a different genre here) putting Yuffie with Rikku. Yeah, I can see them being friends, and maybe they'd work for a little while, but eventually you'd just get tired of putting up with someone who is essentially yourself. You'd want something different. Plus, Tira/Talim is my OTP, so there's that. If we're doing bonus characters, then I put Ashlotte with Amy...shut up. No Xianghua. Hmm...I suppose that could work...but they both seem pretty stubborn and headstrong, and that could get in the way of any real relationship. Then again, it could make for a good read if you do it right. I'll have to look into it. See, if you're gonna go with an Alexandra for Taki, the only reason to pick Cassie is if Rothion is in the picture, and I don't like him. But as for the pairing itself...yeah, I could see it. Thank you! You are one of three people I know who like that pairing...and I'm the third one. know, against my better judgement, I would actually read that story. I don't particularly support that pairing (putting up with Tira takes the patience of Job, and even though Sophie's a saint, I don't think she could handle the little maniac as a lover), but I would read the story. That's just mean. Funny, and no doubt cute, but mean. Again, I would read it, You, my friend, are either a genius or a freak, and God help me, I just can't tell which. I wouldn't put it past Tira, either. That's what gets me. I could actually see that happening, and I'm kinda scared. What is it with you putting Tira with the Alexandras? Are you trying to get a family thing goin'?
11/28/2010 #21

I wouldn't say that it's...tamer, because that makes it sound like it can't be as sexually driven as male!slash, which simply isn't true.

I never said that it will always be tame, I did say that it seems tame because not all yuri pairs will be modest, same with yaoi. I guess I say tamer because there seems to be more yaoi stuff than yuri stuff, IDK.

Ex: ShuraTaki can't possibly be tame because those women are fighters, and are lethal and dangerous. So they wouldn't be cuddling on the bed but actually screwing each other (that, and also because of a naughty image I saw of them together :3)

So for me, the best way to put it is, they are similar in their differences.

Can't argue with that because that's true.

You know, I just have trouble seeing Hilde with anybody other that Seigfried or Ivy (and we both know who's better suited for her), but maybe if I saw said comic I could fall for them

Err, I never see why people seem to like the Hilde/Ivy pair. I used to think people only pair them up because of what they wear: Hilde more and Ivy less. But after reading a very good fic about them it did make some sense. Though not my favorite at all.

SiegfriedHilde? Well...I sometimes have trouble liking this pairing because for the most part I dispise Siegfried in general. In fact, I was actually hoping that Hilde would actually cut off his head in her ending just cause I don't like that character, but obviously that wouldn't happen. In short, I have a hate-love opinion about this pairing.

Anyhow, read the comic!

If we're doing bonus characters, then I put Ashlotte with Amy

No Xianghua

D: Again, I would read it, You, my friend, are either a genius or a freak, and God help me, I just can't tell which.

Maybe I can help you decide: I don't really see myself as a genius, if I was I would have a huge mansion and be served anything I wanted. A freak...hmmm... maybe...

I sometimes ask myself why I even ship Tira/Pyrrha together. That is when it hits me: Pyrrha actually has more involvement with the plot than her brother...and she even had a speaking role in one of Tira's endings. And the way Tira responded to her question made her sound like she was flirting with her in my opinion. Then Tira just kidnapping her just did it. I love the pairing, it may even be my second favorite yuri pairing in Soul Calibur...

Also, I have a scenario playing in my head that Tira kidnapped Pyrrha so she could have a playmate besides for her master's benefit. Pyrrha gets scared of her at first, but then they get along. I for one see their relationship cute and fluffy-and a bit twisted, and non-sexual. Who ever said that love should be sexual anyways?

Now, about your quesiton. Hmm, you know, I didn't really realize that I pair Tira up with almost all of the Alexandras until you pointed it out. Fufufufu...maybe I should pair her up with the rest of the family? C:

11/28/2010 #22
Okay, on my last post, I know for a fact that I put spaces between my paragraphs, so what the hell, FF? Moving on...I know what you meant by tame, but I just wanted to present the other side of that argument for clarity. But you know, you're absolutely right. There aren't as many yuri fics as there are yaoi fics, and that annoys me. I, myself, am a terrible writer, so I can't really do anything about this, but I'd like to get a whole crew of talented writers to make some awesome yuri fics so we can even the odds. I say we start a revolution! Who's with me!? I...don't know how I feel about Taki/Shura. For one, I always put Shura with Mitsurugi (mainly because I ship Taki/Sophie pretty heavily, and Mit's a cool guy so he needs someone, too), but the more I think about it...I don't know, I find it hard to move pass the sex appeal. Obviously they are two beautiful women, and they are very like-minded, so I see where you're coming from. I think that's my problem, though. I honestly prefer pairing off opposites as opposed to similars, because opposites seem to have a broader relationship. As of right now, my oppinion is that they could work for a while, but long term they don't really stand a chance. Ivy is more than just sex appeal!..haha, psyche, she's nothin' but. But they do look good together, you gotta give 'em that. I don't like Seig either, but if you're gonna put Hilde with a guy, no one else really works for her. Aesthetically speaking, I like Seig with Angol Phear (that's how I will forever spell her name because it looks better that way), because they seem like a power couple, and thus, a force to be reckoned with. But all in all, no, I don't like Seig. Aren't those two just made for each other? Well...Ashlotte was kinda made for Astaroth, but still! It could work. Oh yes. It could work. What? I don't like Xianghua. Never have. Her moves are weak, her combos aren't very fluid, she's not exactly fast, and while she may be cute, her personality is nothing if not grating. To that point, I don't like Kilik or Maxi, either. Well, okay, I like Kilik well enough (or rather, I have nothing against him), but Maxi p*** me off something fierce. So there. Perhaps you're like me; a genius in disguise. We hide our true capabilities from even ourselves. If not, there's nothing wrong with being a freak. Plus, nothing says you can't be both! Some people would say I'm both, and they'd be right. I agree with everything in those two paragraphs, as it is flawless logic and a good capture of Tira's personality. Congrats. But if I may, what do you have against Tira/Talim? Since they are my favorite pairing of all time, I would like an outsiders oppinion as to what's wrong with them (though if you would, please be gentle. I'm very touchy when it comes to my girls, and you seem like a cool guy, so I don't wanna get angry and say something stupid and seem like a j*** and...well, you can imagine).
11/29/2010 #23

Okay, on my last post, I know for a fact that I put spaces between my paragraphs, so what the hell, FF?

Oh, so that explains it. Sigh, FF is starting to thin my patience a bit recently. What is the deal of deleting older topics on other forums? Seriously.

There aren't as many yuri fics as there are yaoi fics, and that annoys me. I, myself, am a terrible writer, so I can't really do anything about this, but I'd like to get a whole crew of talented writers to make some awesome yuri fics so we can even the odds. I say we start a revolution! Who's with me!?

Yeah, I like yaoi, but some of the newer and the majority of stuff I read are sometimes crappy and a terrible read. Maybe because the majority of fans are 12 year old girls? That is probably why there is too much of a good thing (bad in your case though). One bright side I could see of Yuri is that the less yuri I see are mostly more well writen than yaoi. IDK, the yuri fics I read were so good, and that could be a reason why I say that some yuri fics are more tamed, so yeah.

I would love to join you, though I am not a really good writer myself... so not really. However, I am thinking about writing a story based on Cassandra and her many lovers (it will have hetero, but it will also have yuri, no yaoi) I, for some reason, find Cassandra the most alluring character in the game. And I usually find myself shipping her with most of the characters in the series (the only exceptions are Charade, Yoda, Vader, Link, Sophitia, OCs(no ifs or buts), Siegfried and maybe a few others.)

Also, a story of Cassandra being Hilde's shining knight in armor. All drama and all, and maybe a oneshot of Tira/Pyrrha. Though, the hard thing is how to start them off and go from there. Sigh...

Well, I guess I can understand you about how dull some pairings can be: pairing two characters together that almost have the same personalities. Though, I wouldn't say that Shura and Taki are exactly alike. What could set them apart is their motives. For one, Taki only attacks when she thinks it is needed, and Shura just wants to kill and abuse her strength. Taki is more serious and Shura is more...crazy? Seductive? I can't find a word.

So yeah, that could set them apart a bit.

TalimMina? Well, okay, ther isn't really much that could set them apart, but in personality, Talim is more nicer? Still like it anyway.

Hmm, I am not going to start an argument about Xianghua and stuff because I just know it will probably not end well. So I am only going to say I like Xianghua, so...thats it then.

But if I may, what do you have against Tira/Talim? Since they are my favorite pairing of all time, I would like an outsiders oppinion as to what's wrong with them

Eek! Did you read my bio?

Oh well, I will answer you in the most gentlest way possible and sorry if I sound...unfair.

When there were fics of them and became a major hit a long time ago(by long time ago, months, pretty much still is) I didn't the pairing because it was so new to me and probably a bit crackish because it was just So my first reaction to it was that I didn't like it. But after a while I read some of the reviews and they had very positive comments. So after a while I decided to give them a try because I guess that it wouldn't hurt just to read some of it.

So thats what I did, I read a few of them and they were good. I even commented on at least one of two of them. But...the pairing just didn't click for me. Yeah, I know why people ship it and it does make a lot of sense. But it just...didn't work for me.

It is more of my personal taste. Perhaps it could be that I pair Talim and Tira with different characters and I just don't pair them together, and because from the begginging I didn't like Tira that much. But after a while she grew on me, so I like her a bit better now.

Um...not everyone can like the same thing... right? I mean, it is totally cool if you like Tira/Talim, or anyone that likes that pairing. I just personally don't like it.

Again, sorry if I somehow got you angry, I was trying to be sensitive about it...

...This was a long post...

11/30/2010 #24
You know what? I'm not even gonna try anymore. Leave my paragraphs unspaced. See if I care! I got nothin' against yaoi, don't get me wrong, I just don't like reading it. I don't mind it, I just won't go out of my way for it is all. But you're right, there is too much of it as it is, and not a lot of it is well written (I don't know from my experience, but through plenty of hearsay I make that statement). The more the merrier, man. All it takes is one pebble to start an avalanche, you know. Cassie is a well-enough character for me. She's definitely cute, she's a little arrogant but pulls it off pretty well, and she's got all kinds of kickassery in her moveset, so she's fun to play with, but...I don't know, she just doesn't draw me in that much. Ah well. C'est la vie, eh? I wouldn't say that, either, as they definitely have their strong differences, but it's too...subtle? For lack of a better word. Talim/Mina, on the other hand, just doesn't sit with me. It's just not kosher (bleh blah bluh is my vocabulary, by the way). They seem to have a very...sisterly relationship, and while I'm not particularly against i***, it just seems like too much hassle for them to try to be together when they know it won't work. Trying to...metaphor, metaphor...rekindle a fire that was never lit, so to say. (I feel like I should stop talking, but I won't.) Haha, I like arguing, myself, because I'm not one to get mad very quickly, if at all. Easy resolution is, everyone's entitled to their oppinion. I'll respect that if you do. No, no, you didn't upset me (well, your bio kinda did, but eh...), I was just wondering your reasons. In fact, I applaud you, my friend. You took a couple that you admitedly did not like and gave them every chance under the sun to change your oppinion. When it didn't work, you resigned yourself to an unbiased dislike based on experience, rather than an unfounded hatred of them. Again, this is all purely oppinion based, and your oppinions have merit and research in their arsenal, so good job. Honestly, when I said be gentle, I meant don't start slinging arround insults without giving reasons, because there's no need for that. But you stated your case and made your points, and for that, I thank you. So let's see...okay, okay, call me crazy if you want, but I have to know what you think...Setsuka/Zasalamel. I like it. Thoughts?
11/30/2010 #25

Well, it is true what people say about yaoi. I think like I already read the good ones and there seems not to be much of it anymore. So yeah, it is almost pretty much true. There is a fandom I am into, Fatal Frame, and I can't find any MisakiMadoka fics D: And that is just...wrong. Though, there is art of them in Pixiv, but still pretty sad no fanfics :(

Yeah, just one push and it could start a riot.

Yep, Cassie is cute. She is a great character. I was shocked that someone said he doesn't like her much. But oh well, not everyone can like the same thing.

I wouldn't say that, either, as they definitely have their strong differences, but it's too...subtle? For lack of a better word. Talim/Mina, on the other hand, just doesn't sit with me. It's just not kosher (bleh blah bluh is my vocabulary, by the way). They seem to have a very...sisterly relationship, and while I'm not particularly against i***, it just seems like too much hassle for them to try to be together when they know it won't work. Trying to...metaphor, metaphor...rekindle a fire that was never lit, so to say.

All right, and what do you think about ShuraIvy? It was one time mentioned that they are both rivals and don't like each other much. Kinda a cool pair.

LOL, there isn't much to support the Talim/Mina one. Though in a way, I always think that Talim could look up to Mina because she can actually make Yun listen and shut up. Though, I still like it because in another scenario they both get fed up with Yun and Hwang, hang out, and like each other. Err, yeah, it does seem too sisterly (and I don't even like i***) but in a way, it could still work.

Oh, that is good that you don't get mad easily, because I sorta do. I am just trying to avoiding talking about things that may just go in circles, and I don't like that because I usually feel bad about it afterwards.

Gosh, I feel like you are giving me too much credit. But thank you anyways.

Sorry about my bio, I didn't really think that people would mind that much what I wrote on my bio since I didn't insult anyone in particular. Anyway, much of the stuff I typed isn't much true anymore and I still have of yet to change it. Though, I am yeah.

When it comes to my dislike of pairings, I do try to be gentle about why I don't like them so not to make the other shipper upset because that would just be rude. Though, I sometimes do slip when I have a bad day. However, no matter how I try to be gentle with it, there is still someone out there that thinks I was still too rude with it. more 'gentle' do I have to be about it? Sigh, liking and disliking certain pairings isn't save.

Now, my thoughts about Setsuka and Zasalamel... Oo. Well, any pairing is possible even the most impossible. Like this one in particular. My first thought about it is that it is interesting because I am always drawn into interracial couples because they look so different, combining two cultures together makes it exotic, and kinda sexy and sometimes forbidden (in some case, odd why it should be forbidden just because of different skin colors. Though, it does take place in the 15-16 it works). However, for these two it will be really hard to pull it off because they are really, really too different. Because you have to consider their personalities and motives. Zasalamel isn't the type of guy that seems like he would sleep with anybody or even have a relationship. In the 3rd game he was pretty much set on killing himself because he lost all pleasures of living and, perhaps when he started off in his immortality, he most of been as h*** as a rabbit and had a lot of lovers and children, though watching them die off and never seeing them again most have hurt him deeply. So...having a relationship is the least of his concerns. Setsuka, on the other hand, is more concerned about finding and killing Mitsurugi for killing the man she learned to love. And if Zasalamel sees her as a threat and trys to stop her she won't be happy about that. Though he might leave her alone because she doesn't have interest in the swords anyway. So...that can be complicated to make them love each other and even meet each other.

though, what I think that could hit it off is how Zasalamel changed his plans completely from killing himself by turning into some sort of God instead. (Which I still find shocking.) In his ending, the narration text says he would live on to set humanity to right path and help them progress. So...maybe he meets Setsuka and trys to lead her to a more better path and try to convince her to let her grudge go. Also, Setsuka herself was treated harshly by the Japanese because she looked too weird to be asian, and wasn't treated so well. If she were to meet Zasalamel, she might find him odd because his skin isn't fair, and she might think that they are the same.

I don't know, all I have to say is that if one were to write a fic about this pairing, it has to be someone with mad skills and talents to pull it off extremely well. I for one, can't do it. Even though it is interesting.

12/1/2010 #26
It would have to be really, -really- good for me to even consider reading it. Fatal Frame, eh? Never heard of it. Is it a show? Game? Any good? A little fire can burn a lot of hay, as they say. If I had to choose, I'd pick Sophie over Cassie. That's just me. Although, it annoys the hell outta me what they did to her in SCIV. "Thanks to a screwed-up plot twist, I'm a bad guy now, so...yeah." Whassup widdat? Shura/Ivy...hmm...well, considering both of these women are pretty much sex demons, I find it hard to imagine any story of them anything but a lemon, perhaps even PwP. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not possible for me to take them seriously as a couple because of it. Besides, who would be the seme? Hmm...well, only if they rely upon each other for something in the beggining, but it's still thin ice for me. Just not one of my ships, I don't guess. I understand, and that's why I'm trying not to say anything insulting, because where it wouldn't bother me, it might bother you, and I'd rather not insult someone I've enjoyed chattin' with. Credit is given where credit is due, dude. I wouldn't have said it if you didn't deserve it. The only thing in your bio that bugged me was one of the answers in a meme of yours. You killed Tira and hooked Talim up with Yun-Seung, and honestly, I'm not sure which one bothers me more... I understand the lazy part, man. It's good that you can own up to it, though. You seem to have a little experience in this particular subject. I, for one, have never really communicated with anyone who didn't like the same pairings I do, so I'm not sure how good I am at handling people who I don't see eye to eye with., I did ask, didn't I? I'm sorry, but normally when I ask people their oppinions, I'm lucky to get a paragraph. With you I got three. That's pretty cool, actually. And I agree with most (if not all) of the points you made, which is especially cool, because I've never been able to say that before. The reason I really put them together was because I like Zas, and I thought he needed someone to be with. Because as a lone wolf type of character, he's just a badass, but he also seems very want for a relationship. Some stability, if you will, in his unending, everchanging existance. But I didn't know who to put him with (as everyone else was taken), so as a last resort I chose Setsuka, and boom! Perfect match, I thought. But you've presented a very literal side to their relationship (something I failed to do), which is making me wonder who, if not Set, if anyone, would be best for Zas...I'll have to think about it. Now for my next question (and brace yourself, 'cos it's a doozy)...if you had to, who would you pair Yoshimitsu with?
12/2/2010 #27
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

Holy s***, huge responses.


12/3/2010 #28

Fatal Frame is a horror/tragic video game. There are four of them, but only three actually made it out of Japan (because, from apparently a rumor I heard, are too emotionaly sad that the person end up killing themselves. Hence why only three came out...) . The storyline centers around a girl with a sixth scent that enters some haunted place to find their loved one or to find something that is precious to them. All the games have bittersweet endings, none ending completely happy. You gotta check it out by either playing it, watching playthroughs in youtube, or go to the Fatal Frame Wiki. I like them, they are unigue unlike other horror games that deal with blasting a montster's head and stuff.

Sigh, Soul Calibur 4's story/plot did feel too dark for my taste. I didn't like in a turn of events that Sophitia ended up turning evil and stuff. Though, it is understandable for her daughter's sake. I suppose...

Okay, they can't actually have a long term relationship I will agree with that. In a PwP fic it would be fine. Anyway...I think that Ivy would be the seme. Though, it isn't always bad for equality. Right?

The only thing that did kinda bother me was about you opinion about Xianghua, but I don't have too much hard feelings because I am kinda used to it by now. Also because you are a lot of fun to talk to.

Err, I am really, reallly sorry about that :(

Well, yeah, you could say I had some experience talking to people that don't see the same side of things, because they have the right liking and disliking certain shipings or whatever and stuff. Though, there are just some times I don't agree with them and things will end up...bad.

LOL, that is because I like to talk too much. You know, another thing that could work for this pairing is that Zasalamel may want to help Setsuka on completeing her revenge to kill Mitsurugi so the swords will he save and sound from a a very powerful warrior like Mitsurugi himself. Setsuka in turn may be greatful for his help...or not.

Zasalamel is a cool character. I do find myself pairing him up with Ivy (just because they battled against each other and know forms of magic.) I also pair him up with Angol Fear...what? They both wear white clothing, have long weapons, are serious characters, and have a very long life span. It could work :D I also put him up with Cassandra just because I feel like it.

Now about your question...Err....that is a hard one. I once tried to pair him up with Tira because of their intense hatred and stuff. But over time I didn't really like it so I dismissed it.

There is Voldo...Yoshi could read minds and is one of the few that can understand him. Though, he can understand Lizardman or any other creature too. So no.

I don't know. I like Yoshimitsu, he is a great and funny character, but I don't really pair him up with anyone.

Though, one of his lines in SC4 is "Such Beauty..." and I am like 0o. Then I was like, Yoshimitsu x all the women in the SC series! He pretty much complements the character's beauty so I am like 'that sly fox' XD

Talim could work for him, I mean, He is a good character and so is Talim. I sometimes pair him up with Taki and/or Setsuka because they are traditional warriors in Japan you know.

There is also Dampierre...I am going to stop there right now.

...or not. Speaking about Dampierre, he would be the other man I would actually pair up with Hilde. A joker x a princess? Really romantic.

Wait, if everyone is taken, who is Olcadan with?

12/6/2010 #29
Ah, horror. Not my favorite genre, actually. It's too...intense (for lack of a better word) when it really doesn't need to be. Still, there are horror games, such as Silent Hill and that one that just came out (it's named after the main character, and you use a flashlight to attack the shadows) whose name escapes me that I do enjoy, so who knows? I might have to look into it. Yeah, but as it turns out, Soul Edge lied to her. Her family was never in any -real- danger. Well, unless Tira found them, of course, but she was out looking for souls (and Talim, 'cos I said so. Bahaha), so she couldn't have hurt them. Really? Dominatrix Ivy is the seme? My guess would be Shura more often than not, but I guess equality is possible. It'd be hard to write a lemon of equal parts, though. Yeah...sorry about that. But I just don't see her as a major character, is all. Plus, you gotta admit, she can be pretty annoying sometimes. Nah, 'sokay. As long as Tira gets to live and Talim doesn't have to be with...-that-, then we're cool. Well, I, for one, enjoy arguing a lot, but that's mainly because I can keep my cool through most things. Honestly, I don't mean to insult or upset anybody, I just wanna argue with them. Is that so wrong? Haha, I can see it now. "Thanks so much for helping me, Zassy." "Really, it wasn't a big deal, I just-- what are you doing?" "Shh, just roll with it." Ha! The look on Zas' face would be priceless. But to your point, can you really kill Mitsurugi? I don't see him as the type to run from a fight, but he sure wouldn't let himslef die in a 2-on-1 situation... Hmm...him and Phear, eh? Well...I don't think it could work for too long, because they both have a bit of an ego on them. Then again, they're both calm intelectuals who would be able to keep cool rather than getting over-the-top angry, so...yeah, I guess it could work. Heh, you and Cassie. Do you really think they could work? Really? Haha! I didn't expect you to actually try to answer that one! Good on ya, man. But the only ones I could feel comfortable putting him with would be Lizardman (he could keep him as a pet! I would) or Tira, but not an actual relationship so much as a Grandfather type thing with her. In fact, if you wanna look at like this, in another life, he very well could've raised Tira. They're both bat-s*** crazy, but Yoshi has gotten some wisdom in his old age, so he's not a bad role-model for her. Just a thought. Olcadan? I put him with Kilik's master. He obviously has a thing for the guy. Hmm...okay, I got one. If you had to pick a girl for Sophitia, who would it be?
12/10/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #30
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