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Xavier just started his school for gifted youngsters. Your OC can be one of the first mutants ever to go to Xavier's school. We need lots of OCs to be students and teachers! Some canon characters too
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Create your OC:

Tell me their name, power, how they came to Xavier's, did they take the cure, if they have any siblings, age, personality, that sort of thing.

You can play as any Canon character, or any xmen from other universes such as Xmen Evolution, and the comics and such.

You CANNOT play as Rogue. She is not in the fic, well she technically is but I will change her up a bit, her personality will be different, so will her real name. There will be obvious changes and similarities. Her code name will still be Rogue. She will still be the main character in the first movie..

I will choose who the main characters will be. Yes that means that Jean Grey and Scott Summers and Wolverine may not be main characters. It honestly just depends on who signs up for which character. Hurry up and sign up though so we can start RPing soon

6/12/2012 #1

Hello! This sounds really fun, mind if I join?

6/22/2012 #2

Yep, but we can't exactly start until we get a few other people to join

6/22/2012 #3

Ok, I don't mind waiting for more people

6/22/2012 #4

So are you going to play a Canon character or create an OC?

6/22/2012 #5

OC, if that's alright. I have one of mine in mind I just need to modify it a bit to work with X-Men.

6/22/2012 #6

Alright, just post it when your ready. you have plenty of time

6/22/2012 #7

Alright, here's my OC. I hope I covered everything you need.

Name: Torrian Kearney

Age: 14

Appearance: long, jet black hair that falls a few inches bellow her hips, with longish bangs that are usually swept to the right side. Very tall and lanky, a bit tanned with sharp features and freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her right eye is emerald green, while her left is pale blue.

Personality: extremely tomboyish and often a bit reckless. She's very curious and outspoken, but she usually doesn't talk much unless asking or answering questions, although she can open up and be quite talkative if she wants to. Very observant and likes high places and small spaces. Can be quite sarcastic and witty when she needs/wants to be. She is a major klutz, and extremely weird. Very naive and often childish. It takes a lot to anger her, but once you do she is a very dangerous enemy and can hold a grudge pretty much forever. She loves to read and almost always has a book somewhere on her person of nearby.

Family: mom, dad, three older brothers (Glenwin, Cadoc, Feolan)

Power: she can bring things out of books. She can only bring objects and animals/creatures out of books, not people or anything like that. For animals/creatures the more intelligent and/or bigger they are, the harder they are to bring out; so something like a dragon would most likely kill her, depending on how old it is. She has to have read the book and have a very clear picture in her mind of what she wants, but she can bring things out at any time and in any place, pretty much, it just tends to take a lot of concentration. She can't bring things out of anything besides books, and it has to be some form of fiction.

Bio: Torrian was homeschooled her entire life before going to Xavier's and spent most of her free time at the local library or outside reading in the sun. Her powers were dormant until one day right before she turned fourteen, when she accidentally brought a tiger out of a book. After that her parents sent her to Xavier's so she could learn how to use and control her power.

Other: she loves her powers and would never be likely to take the 'cure'

6/22/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #8

I changed the cure part to would they be likely to take the cure.. So do you think it would be better to start from the first movie, the third movie, or just make like an xmen 4?

6/23/2012 #9

I think doing an 'X4' sort of thing would be fun, as long as there's some sort of basic plot to eventually follow. I've been part of RPs where they have absolutely no plot and it can get really confusing and annoying to keep track of all the random characters running around doing their own thing. But it sounds like you already have the first one planned out how you want it to go, and it sounds really cool too.

6/23/2012 #10

yeah, but if we do the first movie it's probably going to be too much like the movie, and I don't want them to be basically the same. And if we do X4, i'll probably do the usual apocalypse story line or sentinels..

6/23/2012 #11

Hmmm....maybe you could do, like, a prequel or something? Set right before/around the time of Origins?

6/23/2012 #12

So it would be around when Xavier saves the kids, maybe we could just have him starting the school then and all the kids could be new..

6/23/2012 #13

That would be cool! :D

6/23/2012 #14

Yeah, and we could still do the sentiel thing, my last problem is my power. Rogue wouldn't be in this RP but I love her power so much. I guess my power could be like necromancy- the ability to control/communicate/summon/put to rest the dead. that would be cool I guess but I still love Rogue's power so much..

6/23/2012 #15

Maybe you could have a simelar power to hers? Whher part of her power do you like the most?

6/23/2012 #16

I like how she can absorb other's memories, powers, life force etc. Like Magneto says that is a gift. And rogue in the movies/evo verse doesn't understand that and it drives me insane. I think i'll just stick with Necromancy though. It's a cool power too and my code name could be Reaper :)

6/23/2012 #17

Niceness! Not quite sure what I want Torrians code name to be yet.

6/23/2012 #18

best I got is inkheart..

6/23/2012 #19

That's kind of what I was thinking too. Inkheart, Silvertongue, Bookworm, something like that.

6/23/2012 #20

Lol yeah, those are pretty cool

6/23/2012 #21

Thanks! Oh, I don't know how I forgot about this, but I'm going out of town tomorrow and won't be back until Thursday. Hopefully by then enough people will have joined to start the RP!

6/23/2012 #22

Create your OC:

Tell me their name, power, how they came to Xavier's, if they have any siblings, age, personality, that sort of thing.

You can play as some Canon characters, or any xmen from other universes such as Xmen Evolution, and the comics and such that we KNOW or POSSIBLE that they were one of the first at Xavier's school, such as Scott or Alex

Hurry up and sign up though so we can start RPing soon

6/23/2012 #23

Ok, and I just changed the summary to fit the whole prequel idea thing..

6/23/2012 #24

Ok, does Torrians still work or do I need to change it?

6/23/2012 #25

I was just checking if it be okay for me to make an OC?

6/23/2012 #26

Go ahead and make an OC JAM11 and yes torrians still works

6/23/2012 #27

Okay I'll have him posted in just a moment :)

6/23/2012 #28

Name: Tyson "Survivor" Mark

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tyson is athletically built in a similar way to that of a runner or swimmer and has considerably good health in every possible way a little more than prime peak performance. He has medium length blonde hair that is normally messily tired back at the top of his head, his skin a soft alabaster tone with shades of pink across his cheeks as if permanently blushing and thin pale lips. His eyes are a deep green colour that is both unique and drawing no green eyes have ever had the exact same tone of colouring too it believed to be part of his mutation. Due to his power it is likely that his outwards appearance can change when his body reacts to the environment and changes him these can enhance his good looks or turn him hideous but impervious to damage.

Personality: Withdrawn and considered emotionally stunted in many ways emotionally doesn't seem to connect in the normal and expected fashion with other's. This can isolate him from other's because they find his attitude sometimes abrasive and cold, Tyson for all his emotional flaws has an incredibly high understanding of self sacrifice. This is most probably linked with his power of seeming to adapt to anything and with his power has a sense of right to help those around him even if he's cynical and will complain about it he will inwardly enjoy the help he gives.

Powers: Reactive Adaption- Users can either instantly develops powers or abilities to deal with threats or their body dynamically learns from experience. After combat, the user's skin may become tougher, increased IQ after a difficult test, or fortify emotions after a personal argument. May be able to read different languages after moments of looking them up. Or being able to withstand constant bombardment of radiation. Some users may developEnhanced Speed after being shot or growDermal Armourinstead, and may have the opposite power of their opponent. Depending on the user's control of the power or genetic structure, the reactive effects can be permanent or temporary. In some instances a magical object may express similar powers.


·Adaptations may only be temporary

·Users may or may not be able to control adaptations

·New adaptations may grow naturally or produce as a monstrosity

·Usually dependent upon a direct threat to their person, resulting in responsive action.

·Learning some adaptations may negate other adaptations. (Learning to breathe water may prevent breathing air)

·Some adaptations may be in conjunction with weaknesses


·Functioning gills after being submerged in water

·Gaining night vision after being in the dark for several seconds

·Being able to survive without oxygen when in space

·Skin becoming fire-proof when it is exposed to flames

·Body becoming pure energy

·Intelligence increasing itself

·Understanding the language by looking at it in written form

·Users are able adapt themselves back to life after they die to whatever killed them.

·Gaining Invulnerability before being hit by a semi.

·Gaining flight when falling off of a cliff.

·Gaining super-strength when being attacked by a gang.

·Teleportation if confronted by a force much stronger than oneself

·Elasticity to fit through small openings

History: Tyson was brought up alone by his alcoholic father, for most of his childhood it was expected of him to take care of everything around the house and to even help his father after he passed out. His father was very abusive verbally towards Tyson and later once Tyson became a teenager and took on more physical traits of his mother the abuse turned physical. It started with drunken slaps and then turned to hour long beatings, it was however when his father had swung for him and Tyson at the young age of 15 had wished it wouldn't hurt he'd heard the wail slurring from his father. Tyson's father had punched him in the face but at the second the fist came into contact with Tyson the skin turned an odd grey tone that on impact crushed his father's hand. He had helped his father to the hospital and once he recovered the abuse stopped until his father attacked him trying to strangle him to death, he'd squeezed and Tyson had panicked but there was never any discomfort or need to breath no gasping there was simply no need to breath. Tyson ran away from home then to avoid his father's abuse and because he was worried about what was happening and over time as Tyson lived on the street his odd mutation he'd assumed hearing stories of others became a more common thing to him. Tyson has always called himself a survivor and it now seems that his mutation makes that possible in a way unlike anyone else could ever repeat, he joined Xavier's school after finally finding a place where he can be with others like him and off the streets.

( I hope he is okay :) if there is anything you want me to change I'm sure I can )

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #29

I enjoy him, he reminds me alot of Darwin in first class, it's a shame he died :( So i'm gonna submit an OC too and it will have to be accepted by you or whoever else is in the RP right now. I am very very serious when it comes to being fair, and I believe accepting my own OC just because it' mine is not fair.. It could be too mary sue, and I wouldn't even realize because it's my own OC. So tell me what you think of it. I'm filling out the form in a few minutes..

6/23/2012 #30
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