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Xavier just started his school for gifted youngsters. Your OC can be one of the first mutants ever to go to Xavier's school. We need lots of OCs to be students and teachers! Some canon characters too
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Tyson sounds awesome! And yeah, he reminds me of Darwin too :)

6/23/2012 #31

I kinda tried to make a colder distant darwin lol :) glad you guys like him

6/23/2012 #32

(sorry it took so long I had to cook dinner)

Name: Adrian Darte But only goes by her mutant name Reaper. And when she needs to use a name she goes by Jackie Darthe

Appearance: Pale, short and skinny with long blonde hair with red on the side and blue eyes.

Power: Necromancy- can summon the dead/souls, put the dead/souls to rest, and communicate and control the dead/souls (dead/ghosts/souls doesn't matter what you call them? Sensitivity to Death: (isn't a seperate power, it's apart of Necromancy) She can sense death as it happens; when a person around her dies it comes as a ringing in the ears.

Geokinesis- levitating rocks and making them deadly, black, and extremely sharp.

Age: 16

How they came to Xavier's: Was caught shoplifting in and attacked the store owner with Geokinesis. It was all over the news and Xavier heard about it and got her out of trouble with the law and took her to his school

Personality: She is a solitary and introvert person. She sticks to herself, and when she is bored she just talks to a Soul. But she does not hate having to be around others but it isn't hr cup of tea either. She is bluntly honest, and will say the truth like it is no matter how painful it is. She does not dislike most people, she simply prefers being alone, and she won't be mean unless she has a problem with that person. She feels like she doesn't belong with the living.

Family: Her brother Jack (deceased) (She got the name Jackie from Jack if you didn't realize that)

Mother: Helen, uptight christian

Father: Ben, he was a pretty cool and relaxed parent

History: She grew up with her adoptive parents and her real brother Ben, in Florida, She wasn't really a people person and her best friend was her brother Jack. When he was 15 and she 13 he manifested the power of telepathy.. When Jack manifested the powers he killed their parents. He hated being a "freak" and hated hearing everybody's thoughts. He soon killed himself. Adrian was ridiculed and bullied by others about her brother being a mutie and killing himself. When she turned 14 and Manifested her powers, She was getting beat up by a group of girls. Her brother came back in spirit and helped her out of the fight by scaring the girls away. She ran away and lived on the streets for about two years when she was caught shoplifting.

6/23/2012 . Edited by ResidentEvilChris, 11/20/2012 #33

She's cool

6/23/2012 #34

Neat-O! I'd accept her in a heartbeat

6/23/2012 #35

Thanks you guys are sweet.. We are gonna have the coolest OC's ever.

6/23/2012 #36

Indeed we are! XD

6/23/2012 #37

Lol yepp, so I take it we all accept each other's OCs.

6/23/2012 #38

I'm game with them all :P

6/23/2012 #39

Same here

6/23/2012 #40

good, I think we should start RPing when we get at least one more person to join

6/23/2012 #41

Okie dokie!

6/23/2012 #42

Hopefully someone joins soon then I'd like to RP I'll see if I can get anyone I know to join up. What will the start of the RP be I saw you both want to have some kind of plot to follow which I think is a good idea gives the RP some direction so it isn't just all random posts.

6/23/2012 #43

uhh I was going to say the first day that it opened, but kids are going to be coming at different times..

6/23/2012 #44


6/23/2012 #45

Thay could all have come in at diferent times, but we could start on the first day of classes.

6/23/2012 #46

Are either of you controlling Xavier ?

6/23/2012 #47

I was kinda thinking that someone could temporarily play him until someone wants to play him permanately

6/23/2012 #48

I was just curious because we'll probably need him for the beginning of the RP

6/23/2012 #49

I can temp as him if you need me to, but I can't guarantee how good I will be as him. I generally try to stay away from canons unless otherwise unavoidable out of fear that I will totally mess up their personalities.

6/23/2012 #50

ok. And has anyone read a fic where Xavier was a power hungry evil person?

6/23/2012 #51

No I haven't

6/23/2012 #52

No, but didn't he get controlled by Apocalypse in the last part of XME? It's been a while since I last saw it.

6/23/2012 #53
Holla :3 mind if I join the RP? What film is this set in/closest to?
6/23/2012 #54

I believe that it's set before the first one its when Xavier first opens his school for those with mutations.

6/24/2012 #55

No in the last movie, it's all about the cure and Xavier "dies" but after the credit we learn he isn't actually dead. And yes you can join (i forgot what your username is) I just need you to make an OC form or tell me who your playing

6/25/2012 #56

I hope we get to start soon :)

6/25/2012 #57

As soon as we get blindweed or whatever his name is OC form or who he's playing we can start

6/25/2012 #58

Sounds good to me :)

6/25/2012 #59

We should start rping now, i'm tired of waiting

6/30/2012 #60
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