A New Glee Roleplay
This roleplay is going to be for gleeks who are dedicated to it and active. OCs will be allowed, but only if they are interesting! I will not be accepting everyone like most forums. That being said, I would still love for people to join. Thanks!
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Hi there! If you are interested in RP-ing a canon character, this it the place to be. If any two people want the same character, it will be a first-come, first-serve basis, but the person that I deem more interesting in the role. Thanks!

Audition Forum

Name of Character


Backstory (if not given in the show, you make this up!)



Family and Relationships

Not in-character, your ships as the role-player :)

Character List

Rachel Berry-

Finn Hudson-

Kurt Hummel-

Blaine Anderson- iLoveSingingMusic

Cooper Anderson -

Quinn Fabray- Alexandria Forever 21

Noah Puckerman-

Santana Lopez -

Brittany Pierce -

Sam Evans -

Sebastian Smythe - doggirlem

Rory Flannagan -

Jesse St. James -

Mercedes Jones -

Tina Cohen-Chang -

Mike Chang -

Artie Abrams -

David Karofsky -

Sugar Motta -

Harmony Pearce - doggirlem

All other Warblers if interested

Also, Emma Pillsbury- Alexandria Forever 21

Mr. Schue-

Sue Sylvester-

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the roleplay!

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Alexandria Forever 21

I would like to RP as Quinn and Emma. Do I put the forms here or send it to you via PM?

6/16/2012 #2

Forums here if you don't mind :)

6/16/2012 #3
Alexandria Forever 21

Name of Character: Quinn Fabray

Personality: (As she was in Seasons One and Two) Typical Queen Bee. She feels she can do whatever she likes and say whatever she wants to say to anyone because she is superior to the rest of the student body. She loves being at the top of the social food chain and feels uneasy when she isn't. She is usually stuck up towards the less popular students and prefers the company of those on her level. However, she can be congenial to others at times. She's also very conservative about her Christian beliefs.

Backstory: She was born and raised in a Conservative and Catholic wealthy family. She began dancing at a young age. During her years in middle school, she was overweight, wore glasses and braces, and she hated the way she looked. After her father earned a promotion, he allowed her to get a nose job, which she was overjoyed about. She also dyed her hair, went on Proactive, and took up Ballet and eventually learned of her athletic ability. She took up cheerleading and dropped a large amount of weight. She despises that part of her life and dreads the day if the secret is ever discovered. She is Cheerios captain. During her sophomore year, she had a drunken one-night-stand with Noah Puckerman, which resulted in her pregnancy. She joined Glee Club to keep an eye on her then-boyfriend, Finn Hudson. Her beloved family kicked her out of their house once they discovered she was pregnant. Quinn also lost her position on the Cheerios ad became a social outcast. She gave birth to Beth, the name being Puck's idea, and gave her up for adoption. Her mother welcomed her back into the house and kicked Quinn's father out after catching him having an affair. The following summer, Quinn and Puck began officially dating, but she ended their relationship that same summer. She is now back on top as head cheerleader and Queen Bee.

Likes: Popularity, Ballet, singing, performing, cheerleading, religion, chastity (though maybe not so much anymore), feeling superior to others, being admired.

Dislikes: Social outcasts, losing her popularity, losing her parents' respect and love, her middle school secret.

Family: Quinn has a fairly healthy relationship with her mother, Judy, as she once expressed her need for her. She was estranged by her father, who kicked her out of their home, and it can be assumed that Quinn has lost all respect for him. Her parents spoiled her with cosmetics, a nose job, and whatever else she wants. Her daughter, Beth, was given up for adoption, but she heavily regrets her decision to let Beth go. She is growing intent on getting her back.

Relationships: Quinn dated Finn for a very long time until he discovered that the baby was not his, but Puck's, and broke up with her. Her feelings began to gradually bloom for Puck and she gave birth to his child. She ended their relationship that summer because he reminded her too much of Beth. She still harbors romantic feelings for him, but she also has taken an interest in Sam Evans.

Friendships: Quinn is the leader of the Unholy Trinity, which consists of herself as well as her fellow Cheerios, Santana and Brittany. She appears to be close with Brittany, but her friendship with Santana fell apart when Quinn replaced her as head cheerleader. She has remained good friends with Finn and Mercedes, who let Quinn stay with her after being kicked out by her parents. She has an on-and-off friendship with Rachel. Though not friends with all her classmates, she is still admired by all.

Ships: Quick (Quinn and Puck), and Fabrevans (Quinn and Sam)

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That's great! You're accepted :) I think we'll wait until we get one or two more people to start roleplaying!

6/16/2012 #5
Alexandria Forever 21

Name: Emma Pillsbury

Personality: As the school's counselor, she is very kind and caring. She wants to help the students succeed, and she genuinely cares for the well-being of others. She suffers from OCD, and she feels uneasy when something is not clean to her standards. She is very uncomfortable with the subject of sex.

Backstory: (Only a minuscule amount of info has actually been given about her early life, so most of this will be made up.) Emma was born to Ginger-supremacists. She grew up with a strong longing to help others and always wanted to make others' lives perfect, which would later help contribute to her OCD. When she was still young, she visited a dairy farm with her family, and her brother cruelly pushed her into a runoff lagoon. She suffered minor trauma from the experience and her OCD developed. As she grew up, her family would create demeaning nicknames about her and her disorder. She was a great student, if not a bit of a nerd and an outcast as well, but was also admired by many boys though she was oblivious. She studied counseling at NYU, and also took a couple performing arts classes for the experience, which she thoroughly enjoyed but did not further her performing education. She currently harbors strong romantic feelings for Will Schuester, but she cannot find a way to express them.

Likes: Perfect hygiene, tidy rooms, helping others, making comedic brochures and pamphlets, making friends, singing (on occasion).

Dislikes: Disorder, being terrorized by Sue Sylvester, discussing the topic of sex.

Family: Ginger-supremacists for parents and a cruel brother.

Relationships: Emma was briefly engaged to Ken Tanaka, which was an awful experience for her. She has a big crush on Will.

Friendships: Emma is friends with most of her colleagues and the Glee Club.

Ships: Wemma (Will and Emma), and possibly minor Carl and Emma.

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Also accepted :)

Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention this, but could you please post your ships for those characters? It just helps me to choose other people to play different characters. Like, for example, for Blaine I would say "Klaine, and occasional Seblaine." Basically who you like them with! Thanks!

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Alexandria Forever 21

Sure! Just did! (:

6/17/2012 #8

Perfect, thanks!

6/17/2012 #9

Audition Forum

Name of Character - Blaine Anderson

Personality - A bit shy getting to know, outgoing when you know him, and can overreact but not without reason.

Backstory - Blaine used to be bullied when he was younger, by those who hate gays and his own brother who never paid attention to him. After getting beat up at the Sadie's Hawkens Dance at his school with his date, he went to school at Dalton. His brother was also in Hollywood, so he was finally living high! People accepted him there and he made a lot of new friends including Wes and David. He went for a year becoming one of the favorites and lead singer of the Warblers, and joining the fight club where he boxed. He learned it as defense against bullies and always wants to help those who get bullied. Then Kurt came and well know the beautiful story there. :D The staircase, holding hands on the way to Teenage Dream where Kurt fell in love and all through second season until finally they got together before Regionals, Blaine falling in love with him back. =3 (suckish heart) And then, third season cane around and lots of character development happened. He transferred to McKinely, had Sebastian drama, and even his own brother drama but that worked out, and finally Kurt drama. But that worked out too! So all in all, Blaine had a great last two years going from a kid getting bullied to happily with his friends and boyfriend Kurt! (I hope that was enough of a background, I wasn't sure whether to put EVERYTHING or not because come on. We all know and love his story ;D)

Likes - BOW TIES, warblers, new directions, singing, dancing, boxing, having fun, KURT, and more!

Dislikes - Sebastian. But they might be okay now? (last I saw was a hand shake) Family and Relationships - Cooper is his brother and Kurt is happily his boyfriend :{D (Finally got this on here! I hope the spacing doesn't mess up but I know it will :( I'll fix it tom and get one up here for Sam then too, goodnight!)

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(lol wow, just saw that ships thing and I can't edit on my device :/ But yeah! Good you used Blaine as your example! That's exactly what I'd say xD)
6/17/2012 #11

Accepted! :D

6/18/2012 #12

Name of Character: Harmony Marie Pearce

Personality: Harmony is driven and competitive, often getting so caught up in being the best that she finds actual social interaction difficult. She can be kind, but when she senses a threat or a competition she can be wary of it and shut herself off, becoming self-absorbed. Harmony is very enthusiastic about things, and when she isn't focused on performing she can be a very fun person to be around. She has a sharp wit and decent sense of humor, although sometimes she can be awkward in social situations due to a simple lack of experience among kids her own age.

Backstory: Harmony grew up with her parents, Jennifer and Marcus, and they encouraged her from a young age to be the best singer, the best dancer, number one at everything. In fact, 'encouraged' is an understatement. Harmony was shoved into the spotlight, and even though she enjoyed it, the stress that came with it and the pressure from her parents was almost too much to bear. She was home-schooled for most of her life, learning much more about theater than actual school. When Harmony turned 15 she asked her parents to let her attend high school as a regular student, and they grudgingly agreed under the condition that she kept up her training as well.

Likes: Theater, singing, dancing, broadway, cats, the color green, scarves, the Hunger Games books, Competition

Dislikes: Stress, Homework, her parents (occasionally), not being the best, sports, math

Family and Relationships:

Mother- Jennifer Pearce

Father- Marcus Pearce

Seeing as she just transferred to McKinley, Harmony hasn't forged many strong friendships yet, but she definitely hopes to.

Not in-character, your ships as the role-player

Really any seeing as she's not exactly canon in this!

7/8/2012 #13
Random Little Duckling

hhey :D can i be santana? i would need someone to be my brittany though cause i ship brittana like whow...hey! that rhymed...sorry if i'm being weird...it's late over here :D


Name: Santana Lopez

Personality: I would like it if she'd be sort of just in the middle of admitting her feelings for Brittany to herself and then wooing her...but without the Artie-stuff...or at least not as much as on the show. So that would make Santana kind of bitchy, but only as a defense mechanism and super sweet to Brittany (most of the time...except in the mornings...cause nobody's cheery in the mornings). And also protective of Brittany. I would love it if she could evolve to become real good friends with Klaine and the others though, like, if she could let the others see her sweet side more and more...and if her and Quinn had a good friendship...better than the one on the show!

Backstory: Pretty much the same as given on TV...you know, comes from "Lima Heights Adjacent", dad's a doctor, the cheerios thing, how she joined glee, unholy trinity, yadda yadda yadda

Likes: Well, Brittany obviously, and Glee club (secretly...more or less), and the safe feeling of being on the cheerios and the sporty acrobatic stuff she gets to do there, cursing in Spanish (i might need a little help for that ... ), going to parties, sleeping in, sometimes skipping school to hang out with Brittany or Quinn, dancing, singing, cheetos (secretly), making Rachel's head go red when she gets mad, and so on...

Dislikes: anybody who insults or comes on to Brittany, when her parents fight, when her parents don't seem to care about her, when she fights with Brittany, when she disappoints Brittany, when she disappoints herself, when somebody points out a flaw or is right about something she doesn't want to admit, that she reacts so defensively a lot, someone mistreating her friends (especially Quinn) , ...

Family and Relationships: i guess i already sort of covered that...oops! well, Maribel and Hector "Dr." Lopez as parents and Alma "Abuela" Lopez as grandma. she gets along with her parents fine most of the time...but they're not home much and the relationship's fairly superficial most of the time. was on and off with Puck (although I'd like it if that could be pre-this RP! ). in love with Brittany, which leads to a real relationship with Brittany (til now they are only together physically ;D)

My ships: first of all: call me Christy :D okay: my ships: Brittana ( Klaine, Samcedes, Tike, Faberry or Finchel...maybe Quick if Puck didn't behave like such a dick sometimes, Wemma)

what do ya think?

7/9/2012 . Edited 7/9/2012 #14

Sounds perfect!! You're accepted :D

I could be Brittany for now too at least until someone else wants to play her, if you'd like!

7/10/2012 #15

Audition Forum

((By the way, I've only watch about six episodes of the new season. I plan to finish it by the end of the summer. Sorry if I didn't hit everything. Some of it I looked up on the Internet, so . . . hope it's okay.))

Name of Character: Noah "Puck" Puckerman

Personality: He doesn't really show that he's caring. He's the boy who will make out with anyone, regardless if they're single or not. He likes older women. He's known to be a bit of a bully himself, even if he is bullied as well. He shows compassion whenever it comes to Beth, but other than that you don't really see any but to Lauren, as well. He is vulnerable with Beth and his Mohawk. His weaknesses are falling in love and losing his Mohawk.

Backstory (if not given in the show, you make this up!) Puck hasn't seen his father for five years. He grew up without him, just him, his mom, brother, and sister. He unecpectantly showed up and asked Puck to pay his rent. He agreed, hoping he wouldn't see him again that way. Puck wasn't going to graduate, but after meeting his father again, he agrees to graduate because he's afraid of having to ask Beth for money like Puck's dad did him. Puck is known as being a bully, slushing people, and dumping them into the dumpster. He called the glee club stupid until Quinn joined. He then learned that he was the father of her baby and joined because she was in it.

Likes: Women, singing, guitar, ((partying??), football, Jews, lying, committing crimes, accordian

Dislikes: School, his father (?), used to dislike the glee club

Family and Relationships: He has dated Quinn, but they broke up when he was caught cheating with Santana. He briefly dated Rachel and liked Mercedes to get popular again. He fell in love with Lauren, but then they broke up. He kissed Shelby in the last episode that I watched.

Not in-character, your ships as the role-player: Oh, man. He dates about everyone…Um, PuckxTerri, PuckxSugar, PuckxRachel, PuckxQuinn, PuckxSantana

7/26/2012 #16

Awesome, totally accepted! And it looks great :D

7/26/2012 #17

Cool, thanks. :)

7/27/2012 #18
Hey, could i be santana?
9/19/2012 #19
Could i please be Santana?
9/19/2012 #20

Of course! :D

9/22/2012 #21

Hi, I'm kind of new to this roleplay thing but I would really like to participate. Is the role of Santana or Brittany free?

11/26/2012 #22

You might want to PM her, this forums been kind of dead . . .

11/29/2012 #23
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