A New Glee Roleplay
This roleplay is going to be for gleeks who are dedicated to it and active. OCs will be allowed, but only if they are interesting! I will not be accepting everyone like most forums. That being said, I would still love for people to join. Thanks!
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This is where you can make an original character to participate in the roleplay. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm going to be very strict about OCs. If your character isn't interesting or doesn't have a distinct personality, or is too similar to another character, you WILL NOT be accepted. I'm sorry about this, but I've seen too many roleplay with boring OCs. Please avoid clich├ęs and make your character mulit-dimensional. People are often different once you get to know them! Also, don't make your character better than other. That is annoying and makes your character too perfect. For example, do not say "He/She is good at singing, dancing, and acting. He/She also plays every single instrument and is athletic and good at school." You won't be accepted! Being strict about who I let in keeps the forum more interesting, professional, and fun for those that are accepted :)

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Family and Relationships


History and Backstory






Vocal range (i.e. Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Tenor, etc.)

Desires and goals for the future

Groups they are involved in (i.e. Glee Club, Cheerios, etc.)

Anything else you would like to add!

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/17/2012 #1

Name: Mila Smith

Age: 16


Family and Relationships:

Mother- Leandra

Father- Michael

Brother- Joel

Personality:She is shy, kind, and quirky. When she gets mad, she gets really mad. She tries not to become attached to people because of how many good friends she lost when she moved and because of her cheating boyfriend. This is why she is so shy. Tends to stay in the background. She gets really mean to people she doesn't like, especially people who are mean to her friends. She can be very ditzy, often not understanding when to stop prying at people or realize what people mean. She is very slow at figuring things out, except it works out somewhat in her schoolwork

History and Backstory:She grew up in a small town in Texas before moving to Lima. Mila was one of the most popular girls in school til she moved and had almost every boy after her. She had to leave behind the boy she loved, but not before he cheated on her. She was very outgoing because she knew everyone and wasn't excited to move. On her first day at Mckinley High school, she was slushied because someone thought she was in the Glee Club. She did dance, cheerleading and singing in Texas. Mila has been blending in well since the occurence and has even joined the cheerios without being notcied.

Likes/Dislikes: Like- Singing, Dancing, Cheerleading, The Script, dogs

Hates- mean jocks/cheerleaders, show offs, Nikki Minaj (Except Starships), fighting.

Quirks: Shes sings a lot without knowing she is and she does the same with dancing

Strengths: Dancing and singing and cheerleading. She is good at school, normaly getting A- in all classes

Weaknesses:Acting, Lying, trying to meet new people.

Vocal range (i.e. Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Tenor, etc.) Mezzo-soprano

Desires and goals for the future: To be a dancer in New York or win So You Think You Can Dance

Groups they are involved in (i.e. Glee Club, Cheerios, etc.) Glee and Cheerios

Anything else you would like to add!: Tell me what to fix and I'll fix it :)

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/17/2012 #2

I like her! Most Sopranos can't sing that low, so if you want her to be able to sing lower song, maybe Mezzo-Soprano would be a better range! Also, most of her personality seems fairly positive. Characters are more interesting when they have flaws, so maybe if you wanted to add something like that it would be good? Doesn't have to be anything major! Just keeps her from becoming boring, and keeps her personality more consistent! Other than that, accepted!!

6/17/2012 #3
Okay thanks! I was thinking a range like lea, but not as wide. I'll change the personality and voice type when I get on a computer :)
6/17/2012 #4

Okay, sure. I wasn't sure how low you meant, but that would be okay. Thanks again :)

6/17/2012 #5

Better now?

6/17/2012 #6

Yes, perfect!! Sorry about that, but I like her and I didn't want her to become a Mary-sue.

6/18/2012 #7
Its totally fine, thanks for your help!
6/18/2012 #8

Name: Alexandra "Alex" Marietta Ricci

Age: Same year as Quinn/Rachel. Junior.

School: McKinley High

Family and Relationships:

Father: Christian

Personality: Alex is head strong and incredibly stubborn. She fights first and thinks later. She is sarcastic and charming, although can be unsure of herself at times. To her family sticks together no matter what. She tends to defend the weaker person in a fight no matter the reason they are getting picked on, but she often tends to come out of the fight worse. Alex can be vulnerable about her past and can have a clouded judgement because of it. Has Italian heritage.

History and Backstory: Alex grew up in south Boston and was often known for out smarting cops, even though her father was one. Alex was always open about her sexuality but it often led her into trouble with the popular gangs in Boston as well as at school. Alex has numerous scars on her wrists due to her confusion of her life. Her mother past away when she turned 15 and it led her and her father further into darker places. Luckily her dad got them out and into Lima. Which Alex is sure that is similar to hell. Alex joined the basketball team on her first day and instantly loved the team. Alex also went into depression when she was fifteen ending in hospital at one point.

Appearance: Alex is tall, almost 5'10, giving her advantages with a lot of her sports. She has dirty blonde hair inherited from her mother and grey eyes with speck of blue in them.

Likes/Dislikes: Alex likes Football, Basketball and baseball. She likes singing in the confines where no one can hear her. She mostly likes scouting for girls and p!nk. Alex can dance much better than she can sing in her opinion and is more comfortable with it.

Dislikes: Dislikes jocks that are full of themselves and think they rule the school. Spiders and snakes.

Quirks: Alex has a tendency to do small dance moves when she doesn't know it. She also has a dry sense of humour which a lot of people don't get.

Strengths: Strength, she does a lot of weight lifting which makes her even better at basketball. Can get decent grades of the cuff but cannot save herself when it comes to chemistry as she doesn't get it.

Weaknesses: Chemistry. People asking about the scars on her wrists.

Vocal range (i.e. Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Tenor, etc.): Contralto. She sounds a lot like P!nk in her husky and deep voice but can't reach high notes as well.

Desires and goals for the future: Alex wants to join her dad in law enforcement but if something better presents itself that she is interested in she would take it.

Groups they are involved in (i.e. Glee Club, Cheerios, etc.): Basketball/Glee.

7/8/2012 . Edited 10/6/2012 #9

Accepted! I like her! We're still getting going, but head on over to the RP thread whenever you'd like to :D

7/8/2012 #10

What time are we in? like S2/S3 etc. ? Just for consistency in my own head. My names Beth by the way I prefer it than having to write out a pen name.

7/10/2012 #11

I was thinking end of S2 to beginning of S3? The characterization of the second, but maybe where the characters are emotionally and physically the third. Like Blaine's still at McKinley and already dating Kurt, but our Quinn hasn't dyed her hair or anything. It's a little bit AU in that respect.

7/10/2012 #12

That's cool just trying to get a gage of characters in my head like Santana for example.

7/10/2012 #13

Audition Forum

Name: James "Jamie" Knox

Age: 16

School: McKinley

Family and Relationships:

Father - Paul, but Jamie and his father have a touchy relationship. They don't get along at all and whenever his father is drunk, he can be abusive.

Mother- Julie She knows about her husband's actions, but is too afraid to speak up and say anything

Sister- Molly Jamie's very protective of her because she's a year younger than him. He does anything to protect her and was kicked out his last school for getting into a fight over her with her ex-boyfriend

Personality: Shady, but he can be open to people. He says absolutely nothing about his family other than about Molly. He can be rude and mean, but other times he can be semi-nice. It depends on what his night and morning at home had been like as to how he behaves

History and Backstory: Jamie has been singing and playing the acoustic guitar since he was eight. He didn't join the glee club or choir at his old school because he ran with the jocks who considered it "uncool". Whenever he moved to McKinley, he decided to give it a shot because he needed the distraction and also needed something other than cross country and track on his college transcript if he even wanted to get in since he didn't have very good grades in school.

Jamie's father hadn't always been abusive. Once Jamie's grandfather died when Jamie was fourteen, his father turned to drinking because he had lost his mom when he was little and his dad was his role model. The first night he was drunk, he shoved Jamie into the wall so hard that it knocked him out and sent him to the hospital. Ever since then, Jamie's father has been taking his anger out on Jamie, but he prefers that as long as his dad doesn't touch Molly or his mom. When Jamie turns eighteen, his goal is to move out with his mom and sister and get out of McKinley and to somewhere his dad can't find them.

Appearance: He has bleach blonde hair and green eyes. He is about five seven and not too skinny, but he's not overweight, either. He's about average size for his height.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes - Singing, guitar, running, girls, rock music or rap music

Dislikes - Dancing, acting, basketball, Justin Beiber, pop music, drinking, drugs

Quirks: He can't sit still. He's lucky to be able to make it through a class without getting antsy because he's used to always being active.

Strengths: Singing, playing the guitar, sports

Weaknesses: His family, dancing, school

Vocal range (i.e. Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Tenor, etc.) Baritone

Desires and goals for the future: To get out of the house and into a somewhat decent school. He wants to become an architect.

Groups they are involved in (i.e. Glee Club, Cheerios, etc.) He hopes to try out for the Glee Club, Is on the cross country team and track team

7/28/2012 #14

Looks great! You're accepted :D

7/28/2012 #15
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