A New Glee Roleplay
This roleplay is going to be for gleeks who are dedicated to it and active. OCs will be allowed, but only if they are interesting! I will not be accepting everyone like most forums. That being said, I would still love for people to join. Thanks!
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I know lots of roleplays are divided into places, but I prefer having everything happen in one topic. This can be anywhere your characters go! Have fun!

6/16/2012 #1
Alexandria Forever 21

((So excited to be starting soon!))

6/24/2012 #2

(I was hoping for a few more people to join, but I think that we'll probably pick it up in the next few days and people can just join in as we go!)

6/24/2012 #3
Alexandria Forever 21

((I plan on having Quinn as she was at the start of Season Two. Is that all right? Where does the RP start off?

6/26/2012 #4

(That's perfectly fine. There isn't really a set time :))

6/27/2012 #5
Alexandria Forever 21

((When can we start roleplaying?))

6/29/2012 #6

(Soon i hope)

7/3/2012 #7

(We can start whenever you guys would like to!)

7/3/2012 #8
Alexandria Forever 21

((I'm fine with right now, if anyone is on.))

7/3/2012 #9
Alexandria Forever 21

((Well, I'm not sure if anyone is on right now, but I have Quinn and Emma open if anyone wants to RP.))

7/4/2012 #10

(I have Mila)

7/4/2012 #11
Alexandria Forever 21

((I'll start using Quinn when the Roleplay gets a Brittany and Santana, and/or Puck and Sam.))

Emma: *cleaning her , already immaculate, office*

7/5/2012 #12

Mila knocked on Emma's door and opened it slowly. "Um, hello? Miss Pillsbury?"

7/6/2012 #13
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: *grins widely and friendlily* "Mila, please come have seat! Tell me, what's on your mind?" *folds her hands together in front of her on the desk*

7/6/2012 . Edited 7/6/2012 #14

Mila nodded and sat down. "Well... Since I'm new... I haven't really... I haven't found anything to do besides cheerios and I don't really feel like I fit in there."

7/6/2012 #15
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: "Well, are you absolutely sure the Cheerios are for you? I mean, is that what you want to do? I know you're a dancer, and I'm positive that other clubs would love to have another dancer. Like, the Glee Club for example." *smiles, remembering that Will always appreciates and warmly welcomes in new members; thinks that Glee is exactly what Mila would want*

7/6/2012 #16

"I was a cheerleader in my old school, but this one is... different." Mila sighs before looking up. "Glee club?"

7/6/2012 #17
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: *knows that Sue is not the kindest of souls, if the Cheerios coach even has a soul* "Perhaps that's because, at McKinley, the cheerleading squad is rather ostentatious and overly-competitive, according to many other students." *adds in that last part quickly to make it sound like she was not demeaning the squad* "Yes, Glee Club. It has everything you like, dancing included. Everyone treats each other like family, and there is a healthy dose of fun, competition, entertainment, and socialising."

7/6/2012 #18

"But aren't they made fun of? And don't they get... slushied?" Mila asked, recalling when she was slushied her first day

7/6/2012 #19
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: *shakes her head and smiles reassuringly* "There's a risk in every choice one makes in life. I'm sure even the cheerleaders and athletes are generalised as well. No one has the power to make you feel inferior but yourself. Look at Brittany Pierce and Sugar Motta, two of the most popular girls in school, and neither have been slushied before, and they're both in Glee."

7/6/2012 #20

"I-I see. I guess I will try it out? How do I get in?" Mila asked

7/6/2012 #21
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: "You sign up." *answers simply* "Well, an audition is required, but Mr. Shuester accepts anyone that signs up. The audition is simply for show. And you don't have to be a singer. You can dance. Mike Chang is the same."

7/6/2012 #22

"Oh okay...Will you be there?" Mila asked

7/6/2012 #23
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: *smiles, happy that someone else would want her around for encouragement* "Of course! I'm so glad you've decided to join Glee!"

7/6/2012 #24

"Thank you. When are the auditions?" Mila asked with a small smile

7/6/2012 #25
Alexandria Forever 21

Emma: "Well, you sign up, and you schedule a date for your audition with Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, or Mr. Schuester. If you'd like, I could talk with them for you."

((I have to go. I'll be back on tomorrow.))

7/6/2012 #26

"That would be great.. If you don't mind that is." Mila replied

7/7/2012 #27

Harmony strutted up to the Glee Club sign up sheet, writing her name neatly. It was time she began to make a name for herself at McKinley. High School was cut-throat -or so she'd heard- and she wasn't planning on being a nobody. Plus... making friends was difficult enough. Maybe being part of a club, doing what she was good at, could help her become likable. Harmony smiled, sure of herself now, and turned on heel to head off to her locker.

7/8/2012 #28
Alex walked through the halls, her head bowed with her hood up, Scouting For Girls blaribg through the headphones. Turning the corner she walked straight into something small and hard. Looking down she saw a small girl with a green scarf staring back at her (I hope that's ok)
7/9/2012 #29

(Of course it is :))

Harmony jumped a bit, not having expected bumping into someone. She glanced up at the tall girl in front of her, giving her a small smile. "Sorry... I guess I didn't see you there" Harmony told her apologetically. The last thing she needed was to start making enemies on her very first day.

7/9/2012 #30
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