Avengers: Awakened Roleplay
"They should have known they wouldn't keep me away for long. Stupid, petty humans. But, I'll get my revenge on them now..." The fate of the world is once again in peril and the Avengers have been called upon to put a stop to it, once and for all. Roleplay as your favorite Avenger or as an OC! ALL WELCOME! *CLOSED DUE TO INACTIVITY*
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Scarlet Loup


Age(all Avengers' children must be under 15):



Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.):


Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still):

Brief History:





7/24/2012 #1

Next gen OC

Name: Lillian Barton

Age: 14

Race : Agardian/hume mix

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 125lbs

Appearance: Lillian has long brunett hair. And hazel eyes. She likes to wear anything comfortable like her mother, but also has taken interest in armors.

Nicknames: Lil, Lily.

Parents: Clint and Ashlyn Barton

Siblings: none

Powers: magic and foresight

Weakness: her weakness is her connections to Asgard and her mothers strange friendship with Loki. also her mind, being able to see the future makes her a target for enemies who know of her powers. the last thing about her is that she cant fight very well.

Personality: cute and innocent but also can be a big aggravating like her parents. She comes off very shy to new people and then can be a little too talkative once she gets to know them.

Interests: she loves reading and writing, and spying on people. More often than not she get in trouble somehow. She likes staring up at the sky and thinking. She also loves poetry and Shakespeare.

Dislikes: weird people, certain vegitables, being interrupeted, being bullied.

Favorite things: the color green, sweaters, showers, spying, hide and seek.

Bio: she is the daughter of Ashlyn and Clint, born after the final battle with loki. She wasn't a planned child, but very much loved by her parents. She has similar traits to those of her moms and her dads. Being an only child with two protective parents she is mommy's girl and daddy's girl. She is well mannered, respectful and all around loving. Lillian makes friends easily, but sometimes she makes friends with the wrong people. Lillian is easily hurt when it comes to arguments and often times runs and hides because of how she people treated her in grade school. Being part asgardian, she would accidently use her powers and scare people so she is being schooled at SHIELD. being part Asgardian, Ashlyn secretly lets Loki take her to Asgard to visit the other part of her home. (if thats ok)

Other: she loves hanging out with Tony (has innocent crush/admiration), and watching him do whatever, she has also taken an interest in loki, since her mom still talks to him. Meeting him several times, she neither hates him like most people do…but has respect for him. She doesn't like what he has done to earth and hopes he will change. Lillian also gets along with the other kids farely well. Her ability to see the future and use magic would make her a great target for Loki's army.

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #2

Name: Vincent Steven Coulson

Hero name: Libra


Gender: Male

Parents: Phil Coulson and Daciana St. Claire

Looks: Short brown hair, his mothers eyes, ivory skin, an acrobats build, 4'10" he wears a black top made of Kevlar that has no sleeves and has a green scale painted on the chest. He wars a utility belt and wrist device used for hacking, a collapsible high tech bow that can withdraw the strings and snap into a staff, and a quiver full of arrows. He is quite handsome. He wears a white lensed domino mask over his face.

Powers: skilled archer, martial artist, and hacker with technological building skills. He can process information and and memorize it better then any normal human, thereby making him a sponge for knowledge and info, and even giving him fast reaction time to things, this is due to a mutation his mother passed onto him.

Vincent's personality: Vincent is very playful and good natured. He is very compassionate and kind hearted. That being said Vincent's fast process makes where he doesn't always filter things properly and often bluntly states his ponderings and opinions without relaxing that it could be take as being rude. Vincent is really sweet and despite being a genius sometimes lack common sense and cam be dense. He is probably one of the friendliest and strangest personalities you'll meet. He likes to make jokes and smile, and is a very positive person. It is very hard to anger Vincent, but I'd you do, he has no mercy and you better run for your life, or be ready to hear something you probably didn't want to about yourself.

Bio: He grew up pretending to have a normal life while secretly training incase of Loki finding his family. He however dreams of seeing SHIELD and the avengers rebuilt, and helping that happen.

Other: He is Bisexual

7/24/2012 . Edited by Scarlet Loup, 7/29/2012 #3

((My next gen character(s)! if she is a marysue... please tell me i will send my demary-sues after her:Weakness, imperfection and fears OWO underline is demon infulance))

Name: Athena Monroe

Age: 15

Gender: female

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.):Baggy ripped clothes, though are mostly comfortable and the rips are natural

Eyes Ocean blue/bright glowing yellow

Hair: wheat blond just barely past her shoulders straight/ spikey (kinda has a unkept style)/marron (almost looks like dried blood)

Height: 5'3"

build: Slim and not athleticly build normal teen age girl

Personality: She is a quiet girl, a tiny bit suicidal, she is almost tony stark smart, she is creative with a love to invent (has a 30% chance of actually working), she is strong headed and willed if you actually get her out of her shell. Though she has a bit of an attitude when you get her worked up.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still): She does not fight (perfers not to) and has no special powers but her burden the chaos demon that follows her and tries to use her body she is bound to the demon. Besides that she is extremely creative and resourceful has the strength of a normal teenage girl and (this is post demon)she 'sees' magic, meaning illusions don't exactly work on her healing rate faster then normal.

Brief History (optional): When she was littled (5) her family was taken by a occult, her parents were slaughtered infront of her and she was set to be sacrificed to a demon. But due to some difficulities (The demon was exteremly bored, and since was going to be tied to the human he was going to make it last he gave her a choice, to get rid of the men and be free but there was a consequence or let him eat her she choose the former) and survived. She woke up the next day surrounded by bodys and a chained collar around her neck that she could only see and it was connected to the demon. The consequence was her soul was still the demons and she was forever connected to him. Her life lived on like that. She bounced from foster home to foster home trying to live a normal life. She was born during the time Loki wa attacking sp she never knew of Loki not ruleing New York, though the demon always itched to fight the man she refused it, (she had learned that if she tried hard enough she could stop the demon from useing her body just by pure will), though as she entered high school she was founded as a extermely bright and resourceful child. Though at times of extreme emotions her will drops allowing the demon to emurge and be able to fulfill his needs (this she tries to avoid because one she kills alot of people and two it damages her body), though she will feel the need to help regain New York.

Other: When she is controlled by the demon she has full consuious but no control, her body is damaged from the demon, she feels everything the demon heals her but waits until she is close to death (Say some one slits her throat she is awak and consious as the blood spills and she feels it then right as she is about to die the demon heals her, if you put a cross, holy water, the bible, silver or try an exersizum she will scream and curl up in pain. She has a higher chance of success rate of recreating someone elses invention then her own, only one who sees the demon for who he is. has attempted suicide 20 times before giving up, finally you can kill her but it takes alot and it has to be impossible for her to heal (she can't re-grow a limb)

Name:(for the sake of the rp): Abatu (or Batty by Athena)

Age: N/A

Gender: ........male

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.):Leather jacket beaten and staned, a mucsle shirt, deep tan skin, Jeans and combat boots. He is 6'0" with yellow eyes and Marron hair, his build is close to a baseball player.

Personality:He is sarcastic, and sadistic. He is not really sane he has his own logic (which pisses Athena off), his favoirite thing to do is make Athena miserable or extermly annoied. (He does respect the girl to some degree for acting like she does to the demon) he does have a tempure (exteremly short one)

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still):exterlemy strong and fast, he is the demon of wrath, he uses one weapon so it is "fair" for his opponet and "fun" for him the weapon is a baseball bat with nails

Brief History (optional): (Other then his history with Athena it is unknown)

Weakness: Holy objects, Athena (if she successfull got her self killed), and his own tempure

Other: get bored very easy and loves a challenge

(You know how I am otaku just tell me and i will change it just not completely)

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #4

Name: Volundr Lokison

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Parents: Loki Laufeyson and EstelleTownsend

Appearance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.): Hair: Black Eyes: Grey Height: 5'3 Weight:140 lbs Build: Lanky like his father Clothes: Green and Gold robes

Personality: Curious and intelligent, loves his brother and is sheltered from the real world, not allowed to leavethe palace

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still): Learns magic from his father and swordsmanship from his mother

Brief History: Was raised very protectively while being taughtto never leave the palace. He was always old stories of how horrible SHIELD and the Avengers were to his family and hates them.

Likes: Being with Fenrir, learning new things, being with his parents, training with his Uncle

Dislikes: SHIELD, the Avengers, being forced to stay atthe palace

Weaknesses: Lies frequently, hates seeing his family hurt, believes anything his parents say

Other: Believes anything his parents tell him (sorry for he shortness XD)

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #5
Ashley 'Starlight' Black

Name: Lynne Stark

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Parents: Tony and Ashley Stark

Appearance: Long blue hair, dark blue eyes, 5'3

Personality: Very nice, outgoing, laid back

Powers: None. She inherents her mom's first Iron Maiden suit.

Brief History: Being the youngest daughter of Tony and Ashley Stark, Lynne joins up with SHIELD to help her parents out.

Likes: Drawing, music, singing

Dislikes: Fire, spiders, snakes

Weaknesses: Gets angry easily

Other: She is bisexual.

7/24/2012 . Edited by Scarlet Loup, 7/24/2012 #6

Name: Chris "Psych" Pearson

Age(all Avengers' children must be under 15): 26

Gender: Male

Parents: Random assholes

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.): A rather slender person, standing at about 5'11", psych is not a tough looking guy at all. in fact, with longer russet (fox) red hair framing his face and his lanky build, he'd look much more like a sterotype of a nerd... which kind of fits. He wears baggier jeans (they barely fit) and a looser T-shirt. he had glasses, but got that fixed on his own at one time.

Personality: Psych is very scattered most of the time, but can zero in on a single task.. perhaps to excess. he tends to break into jargon too quickly, terms no one else understands or into too many in jokes. Due to the fact that he's a comic book nerd/former store owner, he actually knows a lot about MArvel (ones that AREN'T in our continuity) and often compares them to the Asgardian dictatorship. He cares deeply for people, especially smaller kids, and wants to do whatever he can to help.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still): High level intelligence, a genetic and medical genius. Self taught for a bit, with some small schooling before the ASgardians took over his part of the country. After that, he retreated to his lab/comic book store to work on more learning, eventually becoming able to alter peoples bodies.. over years. He altered his own for endurance and some physical strength, but requires upkeep once a year or his body breaks down. Upgrades include higher density muscles to actually give him slightly above average strength and metal-laced bones to prevent fractures. Also fixed his own eyesight.

Brief History: Psych was the son of a comic book store owner and a doctor, mother being the comic book store owner oddly enough. he grew up with them for many years, groomed to be a doctor which only helped his natural affinity for the art. But then Loki invaded, and his education and life were put on hold. The atrocities spread across the country, then the world, and scared him half to death. He lived, though, when he discovered a way to join the few remianing SHIELD agents and the Avengers. he offered himself as a doctor and researcher, to help produce medicine and other useful biochemical adaptations. He is a terrible front line fighter, so he mainly stays as logistics or to help forward parties as medical support. They always save the White Mage, if they can get past his nerdiness.

Likes: Genetics, science, helping people, Spider-man.

Dislikes: DC comics, Loki, people suffering, ADD medicine.

Weaknesses: ADD when things don't keep his attention, no fighting skills.

Other: Will at times break the fourth wall, just for entertainment. The comics he reads are actually inacurrate, despite them actually sometimes containing existing people.

7/24/2012 #7
Scarlet Loup

((Dazh, Chris dislikes DC Comics!? I love you! Everyone is accepted so far!!))

7/24/2012 #8
Dornish Lady

Name: Anthony Brian Banner Jr.

Age(all Avengers' children must be under 15): 15

Gender: Male

Parents: Bruce and Sara Banner

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.): He is about 5'7" and has an athletic build, being at about 155lbs. Though he is only 15, he looks about 19 He has thick, wavy hair like his dad, though it's a warm brown like his mothers, while his eyes are a piercing emerald green. He generally likes to wear jeans and tops with nifty designs on them, and doesn't like to wear a set 'costume', claiming it'd look dumb on him.

Personality: Anthony is a bit like a mix of Tony, Bruce, and Sara mixed together. He has Tony's charm when it comes to girls, Bruce's smarts, and Sara's warm heart. He's a bit of a momma's boy, and always aims to please his parents. He enjoys using sarcasm, wit, and charm to win people over.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still): Anthony's powers are like his fathers', though instead of his "Hulk" coming out when he's angry, he can control his Hulk to come out when he pleases. Not only this, but because the Hulk isn't provoked by anger, when he comes out, it's as if Anthony is the driver of a car, Hulk being the car. He can influence the Hulk to do what he wants.

Brief History: Ever since Sara's death and coming back to life, they knew something was different about Anthony. He matured and grew much faster than other kids his age. Then one day his Hulk came out, though he was able to control him. Ever since, Bruce and Sara have done as much as they can to help him through his transformation into a young man, with the Hulk on his side.

Likes: Girls, working out, reading, hanging out with his Uncle Tony

Dislikes: Rude people, liars, people with no sense of humor, being rejected.

Weaknesses: Anthony's need to please people is a bit of a weakness for him.

Other: Nothing that I can think of yet.

7/24/2012 #9
Scarlet Loup

He's perfect!!! I didn't have to change a thing! Yay, I love him.

7/24/2012 #10
Dornish Lady

Yaaay! :D

7/24/2012 #11
Dornish Lady

Name: Macy Banner

Age(all Avengers' children must be under 15): 11

Gender: Female

Parents: Bruce and Sara Banner

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.): Macy is about 5'2" and 100lbs. She is very petite for her age and has long, golden brown hair that reaches her waist which she usually ties ribbons in, and like her brother, has piercing green eyes. She likes to wear dresses and cute clothing, and doesn't have a costume

Personality: Macy is the opposite of her brother in most ways. Unlike him, she is very shy and soft spoken. She is very polite, but rarely talks to people she doesn't know, preferring to have her mother or father talk for her. She sticks around her parents at the hip. She is also very insecure about herself and her power.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still): She has a similar power to her mother, though instead of being able to turn into anything, she can only turn into animals she has seen.

Brief History: Macy is Anthony's little brother, and ever since she was born, she was always quiet and soft spoken, she never cried much as a baby, and was very easy to take care of. Even as a little girl, she tends to not need much help, even if she did, she doesn't ask for it.

Likes: Her family, baby animals, reading, music

Dislikes: Strangers, bullies, asking for help.

Weaknesses: Her shyness and insecurity.


7/24/2012 #12

Name: Jacob Sumner

Age: 18

Gender: male

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.): Height: 5" 11', ;Weight: 197; Hair: Long black hair, bangs grown into a forelock over his eyes. Eye color: sky blue; whip scars on his back.

Preferred clothing day clothing: black / dark blue long sleeves; blue jeans

Costume: Black leather suit with white trim and a dark black hood and black sunglasses. (Hero name: Paladin)

Personality: Jacob is very withdrawn. Before he got his power, he was very social and talkative. After his parents gave him to the government, and they started experimenting on him, he began to distrust people. Now, he's very quiet. He's been scarred by his time in the governments 'care'

Powers: His first ability was telekinesis, moving objects with his mind but due to experimentation that was done on him by government scientists, he gained the ability to borrow one power at a time by grabbing another mutants hand. He loses the previous power when he borrows a new one. Telekinesis he always has.

Brief History (optional): When Jacob got his ability at age 13, he though it was the greatest thing in the world. His parents, however, felt different. They wanted to get rid of his ability. They gave him to government scientists who said they would isolate the mutant gene and destroy it. Over the next 5 years, Jacob would be poked prodded and tortured. It was then his second ability manifested, brought on by the scientists' experimentation. One of the scientists was a mutant with the ability of super strength. As the mutant scientist walked by Jacob's table, Jacobs hand brushed the scientists hand. New strength flooded Jacobs limbs. He broke out of the cuffs that bound him to the table and shot up. The scientists tried to subdue him but he fought them off. Jacob escaped and ran out of the facility. He understood somehow he'd copied the scientists ability. Hes on the streets, hiding from the government, seeking shelter.

Likes: Reading, writing, swimming and flying (when he has the ability)

Dislikes: Government, tight spaces (makes him think of coffins) and hospitals (Makes him lflash back to his time with the government)

Weakness: He doesn't have great control on his mimicry ability. If an ability is too unstable or he gets very emotional, his powers can spiral out of control. Also, his whip scars on his back are reminds of his time with the governemnt. he has nightmares of his treatment at the hands of the government, of them beating him so he'd use his power. (Think similar to Magneto in X-Men first class except he [Jacob] doesnt hate normal humans.)

Other: He can sing

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #13
Scarlet Loup

Accepted. The next generation role play will start soon. I'll send you a PM tomorrow summarizing the basic gist of our plot so far.

7/25/2012 #14
Scarlet Loup

Sara, accepted! I love Macy now too! :D

7/25/2012 #15


7/25/2012 #16
Dornish Lady
Yay! I'm glad you approve!
7/25/2012 #17

Name:Jason 'Jace' Carson

Age(all Avengers' children must be under 15):13


Parents:Clover Mathews(adopted)

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.):Jace has soft brown hair,Light hazel eyes,He stands at 5'9,He has a fairly skinny build,he weighs 130.0,.He normally wears a t-shirt,black jeans,and a ballcap.

Personality:Jace is very shy.He is very nice but he gets nervous around people,mainly girls.He loves to run around outside.He is pretty stubborn and will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.He usually messes around with his mother and looks through her phone.He loves science and history but is rocky on other subjects.He loves animals and usually tries to bring any strays home with him.He is very compassionate.Whenever he is around Elliot he acts very cocky and misbehaved.He can be very mean and cold.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still):He can heat up fires and make water boil without touching it.

Brief History:Jace was adopted by Clover when he was 8 years old.He was a troublesome kid after first,mainly because he couldn't speak English.Clover taught him English and homeschooled him for a couple of years.The first time he used his powers was when the neighbors kids(which had been bullying him) were using their garden hose.He made the water boil and it burned then pretty badly.After that Clover started teaching him how to control his powers and how to use them for self defense.



Weaknesses:Seeing animals hurt,Seeing people hurt

Other:He is staying with Elliot now since his mother just got deployed(for the second time) to Afganistan.


7/25/2012 #18
Lady Creepypasta

Name: Khalia

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Parents: Kiki (Adopted, but doesn't actually know)

Appearance: Long, straight black hair, brown fingerless gloves, clothing like Disney's Peter Pan but with no hat, her leggings are dark blue, her shirt is brown, her belt has a sword instead of a dagger and she wears a necklace with red diamond as the main jewel, and carries a bow on her back with the arrows in her puch on the left side of ehr belt (her sword is on the right side). She wears no shoes, and her eyes are red.

Personality: Adventurous, curious, very deceiving.

Powers: She can hypnotize people if she wants to, she's a very fast runner and has good accuracy with arrow-shooting, can see well in the dark, and is good at weilding heavy swords.

Brief History: Kiki found Khalia in a house which was practically destroyed. She named Khalia meaning 'Immortal' and was given slight powers from Kiki. She often questions why she has no father, but never gets her answer. She doesn't know that she is adopted. Khalia has a black cat following her around - which she found as a stray - and named him Trickster. Khalia wears no shoes because she finds it easier to free-run, which she is best at.

Likes: Kiki, Loki, Estelle, anyone on Loki's side, Trickster, fighting, causing trouble, getting herself in danger (just like Kiki does...).

Dislikes: Beeing beaten, not knowing things, not knowing who her father is, Thor, the Avengers

Weaknesses: Being totally outnumbered, the chest (if she is hit there)

7/25/2012 #19

This one isn't exactly Next Gen.

Name:Jacklyn 'Jack' Cruise





Costume:None really

Street Clothes:Usually she wears a white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans with cowboy boots.

Appearance:(are pics okay?)

Personality:Jacklyn is very anti-social.She prefers books to people.She doesn't trust many people and acts like she doesn't care about them.She a very shy.She is smart and can make a joke out of anyone.She's very into music and dramatic movies.

Likes:Movies,Music,Computers,Seeing men in womens clothes

Dislikes:People in general

Powers:Enhanced physical abilities.She see really far.She is a medium(she can see the dead).

Weaknesses:She hears through a coclear implant.Seeing people dead.

Strengths:She can give someone a very intimidating glare,She is very strong and very fast.

Brief History:Jacklyn came from Montgomery,Alabama.She moved to Manhattan after an incident that killed the people she was living with.SHIELD found her soon after and kept watch on her.She became a SHIELD agent sometime later.

Love Interest (If any):None

Extras:She knows how to drive a semi truck.

7/25/2012 #20
Scarlet Loup

Considering SHIELD has been disbanded, Jack can not be accepted...please change her backstory.

7/25/2012 #21

Name: Alexander Stark

Age(all Avengers' children must be under 15): 14

Gender: M

Parents: Tony and Ashley Stark

Apperance (costume, day clothes, hair, eyes, height, weight, build, etc.): Alex is the spitting image of his father. Dark hair, dark eyes, a cocky grin.He usually wears a loose black shirt and jeans, if he's just around the tower. If he needs to dress up, he will. He has this dark green hat that he wears backwards outside of the Tower. His hair's rather messy most of the time, and his eyes have a mischievous glint in them.

Personality: Mark is, in a word, a Stark. He can be snarky, sarcastic, ever so slightly vain, and throws amazing parties. He has a habit of ruffling his sisters hair. He's a bit aloof at times. However, he can be a really nice guy at times. He doesn't tell everyone everything-everyone has their own secrets. He can be really obnoxious, and very defensive. Doesn't get drunk easily. Very teasing and funny. He gets information far too easily, and uses it against others. However, he can be helpful if you really need it and you catch him at a good time. He's a bit of a wanderer. He's very protective of his little sister, Lynne.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still): Sadly, none. However, he does get one of Tony's older versions of his Iron Man suit, and he's working on building his own.

Brief History: As the oldest son of Tony and Ashley, SHIELD kept a close eye on him. He recently joined up to help, plus he says that everyone needs some Stark in their lives.

Likes: Sleep, he's a pretty good singer, building/experimenting, cracking jokes, generally being awesome

Dislikes: Asparagus, snakes, haters

Weaknesses: When he gets mad, he promptly starts insulting that person. And he gets angry pretty easily.

Other: He sneaks out a lot.

7/25/2012 #22
Scarlet Loup

Sweet! He and Anthony Jr will have quite a lot of fun together XDD

7/25/2012 #23
Scarlet Loup

Serial, Khalia is accepted too :D

7/25/2012 #24
Lady Creepypasta

Yay :-)

7/25/2012 #25

What about Jason?

7/25/2012 #26
Scarlet Loup

Sorry, yes, Jason is accepted too

7/25/2012 #27


7/25/2012 #28

Name: Cyrill Ines

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Parents: N/A

Hero Name:

known as "The White Rabbit" (he has an affinity for Alice in wonderland and even though he's not an actual "hero" he's fast and light on his feet and his hoodie with it's bunny like ear attachments earned him that name)


This boy was...very small for his age. In both height and size. Cy stood at a solid five feet three inches, with a frame that was firm but slender (Which in takes after his mother completely in that aspect). Needless to say, he was less than an imposing figure but his personality more then makes up for it. Cy's most striking feature would have to be that soft bed of choppy golden blonde, orangish hair..along with rich, bright hues of blue. The boy's usual attire consisted of something comfortable and loose..baggies sweats, hoodies, pants and shorts.

Though it was very different when he went out to get his..."supplies" he wore something very different. Black tight pants, thick boots and a long hood like top of dark gray and dark red. It had a hood that detached and the sleeves unzipped for an easy get away. The top itself was slit at the bottom and the back, the whole thing zipped up. Lastly he wore black gloves so he wouldn't leave any finger prints behind.


Cy's has a very dry and cynical personally at first...well all the time. It takes a lot of time and patients for him to drop his guard down enough to even consider someone a "friend"...and that term is used loosely. That goes hand in hand with the boy not trust anyone (Or barely at all) and that steams from his past, how he was betrayed and left to die on several occasions by the people he reached out to for help. How one can normally find the boy off in a corner, quietly reading a mountain of complex looking books on mechanics of machinery..which has come to be seen as his only real love in this world. He is passionate about his books and what he creates being overly protective of both, he considers the library and garage his domain. Despite Cy's seeming laid back personality..the boy is easily angered and just as easily annoyed with those around him. Any form of childish behaviors or stupidity can drive the boy mad to the point he would try and....extinguish the source of his annoyance..there are very, very few whom he would tolerate such mannerisms from. Cy is known to be very blunt and straight to the point, he dislikes beating around the bush (that is on his very long list of things that bug the shit out of him). Typically he can't turn down or ignore someone in distress...He is cold, he has blood on his hands but the boy does not live without a heart. Especially if it is a child, he will go out of his way...even if that means he will get injured the boy will do what he can to make sure the other is safe. Cy can easily be sweet and charming if he chooses or if it can gain him access to a building (What better way to steal then to be invited right in?) It can be scary how sweet he can get his smile, how warm and inviting his gestures are without giving away that not an ounce of that can be real.

Powers (If not a super human, list how they fight still):

Cy is just a normal human boy with no extravagant powers, he does however possess a very high intellect and a natural gift to build things. He's not very skilled at fighting but he can defend himself.

Brief History: (Working on this now. I just wanted to get my character posted for the next gen Rp)


To sleep all day long…if you let him. // Eating (Trust me, the kid is a chow hound) // Playing video games // Reading // Spicy and sour foods // The Rain // cold weather // Peace and Solitude // Tools of all kinds // Milk Tea // Robotics // Alice in Wonderland // Rabbits


Strangers // Guys taller than him (Has a napolenic complex) // Extremely hot days // Large crowds // Loud noises like thunder


He's a human with a less then stellar immune system. He easily gets sick and often very bad.


His hood detaches from the main jacket for a smooth and easy get away should he get grabbed by someone or snagged on a tree branch. // Dislikes women (Most of them) //Dislikes those taller than himself…(Which is tough titties since he such a shortie) // Really HATES buying clothing..because of his size and height the only thing that actually fits him right is either Jr. clothing or…girl stuff // He's been trying to be a lot nicer lately // Very rarely does Cy allow himself to sleep through one full night. he often takes very short, very light naps during the day. If he is ever seen sleeping peacefully in the presence of another…that person has done the near impossible…gain his complete trust.

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Scarlet Loup


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