Sword of the Stars Roleplay
Roleplay based on the Turnbased/Realtime strategy game Sword of the Stars. I've included a website in a thread that will tell you all you want to know about Sword of the Stars : . Chat, Roleplay, etc.
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134 The Shadow Knight 134



Age: (in human years)


Affiliations: (What Group of his/her race do they belong to and What is their status? Ship Commander, Civilian, Governer, Ruler, etc.)


Accessories: (do they wear armor, or jewelry, or what?)


Likes: (Optional)




Special Abilities:


----Ship Stats----

If you have a ship under your command use this.


Appearance: (Head) (Midsection) (Engines)

Armor: IF any specifics.

Weapons: Main weapons it uses. Red Lasers, Mass Drivers, etc.

Special Abilities: Boarding Vessels, etc.

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134 The Shadow Knight 134

Name: Domnu

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Zuul

Affiliations: Master's Servants. (Armor Cruiser Commander)

Appearance: He is one of the very big Zuul. He has black fur and Brown humanlike eyes. He has Razorsharp retractable claws. He walks upright. He has a small Tail. His face is in the shape of a Crocodile. He has Jagged teeth arranged in a symetrical pattern.

Accessories: He wears heavy Ballistic and Reflective armor On his chest, arms and legs. He also wears a Black Cape.

Personality: He is just like any other Zuul in the company of his fellows. But secretly he is nice and protective of others. He is nice and caring but does love to fight.

Likes: (Optional)


Bio: He was raised in a normal Zuul way, but his heart was different. He was more caring and compassionate but kept up his facade of being a ruthless killer, just what some of his commanders looked for in their recruits. Domnu has been on many campaigns considering his short life but he tried finishing off his opponents mercifully. He hates being what he is and just wants to live peacefully. He worked his way up to commander of a ship, but sadly he has to always travel with some sort of Borer else he would spend years traveling the universe. He looks for a way to free himself of the clutches of his kin....

Weapons: Claws, Pulsar Pulse Guns, A Plasma Gun

Special Abilities: Great Strength, Regeneration, Can block his mind from Psychics, Has a first aid kit.


----Ship Stats----

If you have a ship under your command use this.

Name: Lightrender

Appearance: A Cruiser/Dreadnought mix; AI Control (Hammerhead), Armor, Antimatter......Completely Black ship with a skull and five swords stabbing into it as its insignia

Armor: MagnoCeramic Armor

Weapons: Pulsar pulsers, Antimatter Cannons, Antimatter Torpedos, Heavy Armor Piercing Rounds

Special Abilities: 2 Boarding Vessels, Lancer

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Name: Endless Autumn

Gender: female

Age: 21 in current life ( has been acumilating memories and experiences for dozens of life times.)

Race: hiver (new sub-breed that is mostly humanoid)

Affiliations: Princess of a clan that is extremely proficient in psionics.


has hands and is colored silverish purple. Large ashes actually large glass like orbs

Accessories: wears long flowing robes with light armor plating

Personality: Slow to anger and showing wisdom uncommon for her age, Autumn is the kind of person who tries her best to lead by example, and will place great respect and responsibility on herself as she sees herself as probably the best around.

Likes: (Optional)


Bio: I don't really feel like doing backstory right now, I'll try to make one later

Weapons: no physical weapons

Special Abilities: very powerful psionic

Other: none.

----Ship Stats----

If you have a ship under your command use this.

Name: Neverwinter night

Appearance: hammerhead armory normal engines

Armor: Lower armor then standard ships

Weapons: no standard weapons, all offensive abilities are controlled by power psionic groups within ship

Special Abilities: Powerful psionic abilities to use enemie attacks to its favor and use psionics to crush opposition

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134 The Shadow Knight 134

I tentatively accept this Character for now. Just don't godmod the Psionics. Like no crushing peoples heads and such with just a thought lol.

Also, Are you Familiar with the Neverwinter Nights game or is that just a happy coincidence? lol

1/6/2013 #4
Heard of it, never
1/7/2013 #5
Heard of it, never played it. I did like the name though
1/7/2013 #6
134 The Shadow Knight 134

Try it out sometime. Good game.

1/8/2013 #7
Do you have sots2 ?
1/8/2013 #8
134 The Shadow Knight 134


1/9/2013 #9

ah alright, so how should i start?

1/11/2013 #10
134 The Shadow Knight 134

Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps your character is trying to negotiate with some of the Zuul, meet up with mine who is sent as a sort of Ambassador.

1/12/2013 #11
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