The Next Generation RP
This is set after Clockwork Prince. Cecily and Jem end up together Sorry for people who wanted Tessa and Jem and Will marries Jessamine. Tessa is immortal Read COG people and is travelling the world. Mortmain hasn't been seen in 20 years, ut he is still alive. This is set in the point of view of all their children Anyone can be there, not just the Carstairs and Herondale children
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This is where you can create your character. You can ask me if you can play a canon character if you wish










6/21/2012 #1

Name: Alexandra Herondale

Age: Sixteen Years Old

Gender: Female

Appearance: Waist length, straight blonde hair and wide dark blue eyes. She has a soft, creamy white heart shaped face and has a rosy hew to her cheeks. She is of average height, and has an athletic built. She wears cotton most of the time, saying that it feels more comfortable then silks or satins.

Personality: She is bubbly and fun, sarcastic and witty- most of the time. She loves to express herself and paint. She is kind- hearted and joyous, making people around her laugh. She constantly fights with people and can never help but hold a grudge. She has a curious soul, and is deadly and graceful on the battlefield. She cant help but laugh at things that are the least it funny and uses her quick wit and beauty to get what she wants. She has her occasional 'blonde moments'. She gets extremely offended when people say she cant do something or if they think she is stupid because she's blonde

Background: She has been raise din the London Institute all her life, with her friends and family.

Species: Nephilim

Skills: She is stealthy and intelligent. She also an extremely good fighter

Other: She can play piano

6/21/2012 #2

Hey! Can I have Charlotte and Will, por favors?

Name: Miranda Branwell

Age: Seventeen

Gender: F

Appearance: Miranda has deep, emerald green eyes that seem to have something mysterious in them, wildfire red hair that falls down to her hips in insane curls (think like Natasha Romanoff in Ironman) and wears pants, a billowy white shirt, boots, and her hair down. She looks a little like a pirate, and has the smirk of one.She can be all fussy with her hair and clothes and look all fancy when she wants to, but usually chooseses not to. Usually has red lipstick and black eyeliner on.

Personality: In a word, she is outspoken. She doesn't cry a lot and has this idea that unless she trusts the person and they trust her, tears are a sign of weakness. She squeals when she's excited, and is a force to fear when she's angry. She's really good at getting revenge. Caressa insults and pulls down people who she knows can take it, and takes others under her protection if they can't. And when she protects someone, they are protected. She's usually funny, protective, happy, and teases people a lot. She is really stubborn, hardworking, and has her own outlook on life, which is basically "Life sucks. Live it." She's a bit of a tomboy, but she's okay with her girly side. Most of the time. She's very sarcastic, but also is empathetic, though she doesn't show that side of her to most people. Confident, independent, and very loyal/loving. To some, she's the obnoxious outspoken girl. To others, she's an annoying Shadowhuntress who needs to be taken down. To the rest, she's a friend. She can be very, very insensitive at times. Doesn't rely on others to do things for her. However, beneath all of her obnoxiousness and attitude and protectiveness, she's very wounded inside. She's been through a lot, and isn't sure who to trust. One more thing-she is a bit of an insomniac. She's very bad at getting to sleep, and if she's not in bed, she's up on the rooftops. She's extremely cold when she needs to, has no qualms about killing.

Background: Since she's Henry's daughter, she's basically grew up in the Institute.

Species: Shadowhuntress.

Skills: Stealth, intelligent, blends into shadows, killing, fighting, singing-she has a haunting voice, cooking-though she doesn't look it, can fight with most any weapon, lying

Other: She has a bad habit of propping her boots up on the table.

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/22/2012 #3


6/22/2012 #4

Name: Christian Carstairs

Age: Seventeen Years Old

Gender: Male

Appearance: slightly long, straight black hair and slightly tilted silver eyes. He has an olive complexion and is rather small and slim. He wears casual trousers and loose, long- sleeved tops that are slightly to big for him. He has a wicked grin and mischievous features. He wears the jade pendent his father gave him and the Carstairs family ring on his finger.

Personality: He is funny and honest. He cares deeply for his friends and family. He is usually always calm and casual, and is very emotional. He is graceful and elegant. He has a feisty temper, but is usually one to break up a fight. He tries to keep his emotions in check.

Background: He grew up in the London Institute with his parents.

Species: Nephilim

Skills: He is good at reading people's emotions

Other: He is Parabatai to Alexandra Herondale. He has a habit of tugging playfully at her hair

6/23/2012 #5

Name: Claire Herondale.

Age: 17.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: (Second Picture) She has dark hair, and blue eyes like her father, and fair skin. She is Slim, sometimes you can read her emotions like a book, other times she can hid them very well. When fighting Demons she wears fighting gear, otherwise she wears dresses mainly blue or red as that colour flatters her the most. If she's grieving she wears black for weeks.

Personality: Claire isn't shy, and speaks her mind a lot - which often gets her in trouble. She moves her hansd when she is nervous, a great fighter andhas a short temper. Although, she does have a sweet nature and takes everyone elses happiness abover her own. Claire doesnt cry infront of people, and if she is injured she doesnt let people find out - she would rather be in pain than have them think of her as weak. She also doesnt like her parents seeing her injured as all she wants is for them to be proud of her and not think low of her.

Background: Claire has a habit of sneaking out - a lot - no matter what rules her father and mother apply, she finds away to break them. She has grown up in the London Institute and wherever her parents tend to go.

Species: Nephilm - Shadowhunter.

Skills: She is a great fighter and is amazing at throwing knives. She also paints in her spare time, but doesnt allow people to see her paintings.

Other: She is a slightly rebellious child, and all she wants is for her parents to be proud of her, although she feels that they are only ever disappointed.

6/25/2012 . Edited 6/25/2012 #6

Name: Angelus Carstairs


Gender: Female

Appearance: She has always been called the "Little replica." Angelus has very, very light blonde hair, but in the sun, you would swear it was silver. She has silver eyes, but they are not light, they are a darker silver, with a greyish hue. She is short, with a pale complexion.

Personality: Angelus Carstairs is a very bubbly person. She always sees the good in people, even when it is not there. She does not believe in no forgiveness, and like her father, believes in the wheel of life. She will always comment on anything, even if the conversation does not involve her, and likes to get along with her brother, Christian.

Background: All her life, Angelus has practically lived in the institute, and will go demon hunting even if she is unfit too. The only time she will disobey her parents or friends orders will be too go demon hunting, since the fact of her fathers illness, she has an inner hatred for demons that she must satisfy.

Species: Shadowhunter.

Skills: Good with a blade, however, hand to hand combat is more her style of fighting.

Other: Her name... "Angelus" Is Latin for Angel.

6/25/2012 #7
accepted on both of these
6/26/2012 #8

Name: Dominic Blackstone


Gender: Male

Appearance:Blood red hair and pale skin, tall and thin build. Black eyes.

Personality: Dominic keeps to himself alot, and barely talks too people.

Background:Unknown. Refuses to talk about it.

Species: Shadowhunter.

Skills: Sword.

6/28/2012 . Edited by WillHerondale, 6/28/2012 #9

Accepted (That name sounds familiar btw, isn't this the name that we argued about the spelling? How you said I spelt it the French way?)

6/28/2012 #10

Name: Adrian Fairchild

Age: Eighteen Years Old

Gender: Male

Appearance: straight Coffee brown hair that reaches his shoulders and bright emerald green eyes. he is tall with a lean, muscular built. He wears suits and tuxedo's most of the time and he has an olive skin tone.

Personality: he is arrogant, annoying, irritating etc.. He doesn't usually reveal much about himself. He is a giant flirt and knows how good he looks. He is startled when people are kind to him, mainly because he is never kind to others. He is attracted to dark haired women

Background: He is cousin to Charlotte, and travels alot. Other than that no one knows his past

Species: Nephilim

Skills: He is good with a whip, discs and a throwing knife

7/3/2012 #11

Name: Marissa (Mary) Fairchild

Age: Seven years old

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sheheads straight, strawberry blonde hair and the same emerald green eyes as her brother. She's very thin with bird like bones and bony hands, like she has been starved. She's very small, barely reaching her brothers waist.

Personality: She is shy and timid, but has a fierce determination and always defends her brother. Since she was young, her father abused her, sexually, mentally and physically. She loves her brother emensly and hates any type of violence or bullying. It takes her awhile to open up to someone and like them, because of everything that has happened to her and doesn't want to get hurt.

Species: Nephilim

8/10/2012 #12
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