The Next Generation RP
This is set after Clockwork Prince. Cecily and Jem end up together Sorry for people who wanted Tessa and Jem and Will marries Jessamine. Tessa is immortal Read COG people and is travelling the world. Mortmain hasn't been seen in 20 years, ut he is still alive. This is set in the point of view of all their children Anyone can be there, not just the Carstairs and Herondale children
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Introduce yourself!

6/21/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #1

My name is Chelsee, you can call me Chels for short or Diputs. either one is fine.

I live in Sydney, Australia. I am 13 years old. I read... A LOT. I am currently in the middle of writing three different books. Though I made this forum, I wont be on much myself (I'm hoping to be on more then 3 times a week) because of the book I'm writing. I love chocolate.

I RP with my best friend all day long. My favourite colour is sky blue. I imagine trailers to books when I listen to music. I have a horrible romantic life. I sing and dance (I'm not good at either) And I hate any book that isn't fiction

6/21/2012 #2

Okay! Well, hi.

I'm Saturn-not my real name, but that's my nickname.

I love to write. I've written two stories before, both of which I need to edit like heck. My first was about 60 pages, typed, and my second was about 177 pages, typed. I'm writing another one at the moment, a freaky nightmare-ish story that I'm having far too much fun with, and have plans for about 7 more stories. I have my work cut out for me for the next long time :)

I love to sing, cook, sleep, and not die. I read really fast-can finish 300 pages in a day if you give me the time and can type from 90-100 words per minute, depending on the day and how lazy I'm feeling.

My favorite color is blue/purple, I am a huge Hulk fangirl, have watched the Avengers three times, and love to sleep.

6/26/2012 #3

Hey, My name is Charlotte, but everyone calls me Lottie :)

I livee in Manchster, England. I am 16 years old. I read lots and lots and lots and I play the violin, learn taekwondo and ballet/tap/modern dance.

I rp with four people I became great friends with over fanfiction.

And I can't wait for clockwork princess to come out! 3

7/13/2012 #4

Hi! my name is Amberly, I am 15 years old, and I live the United States. Ive been reading for 11 years and I still haven't gotten tired of it! ;-) my favorite genre is fantasy, although I do love dystopian too. Im a very good artist and love sketching, and I also love writing fan fiction and short stories, and hope to write my own novel someday! look for my name in bookstores in s few years :-)

5/6/2017 #5
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