The Next Generation RP
This is set after Clockwork Prince. Cecily and Jem end up together Sorry for people who wanted Tessa and Jem and Will marries Jessamine. Tessa is immortal Read COG people and is travelling the world. Mortmain hasn't been seen in 20 years, ut he is still alive. This is set in the point of view of all their children Anyone can be there, not just the Carstairs and Herondale children
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yeah, so the RP has been moved to here until the characters all go back to London, I guess.

9/22/2013 . Edited 9/22/2013 #1

Alex realised what that must have meant and looked suddenly mournful. "Sorry" she mumbled.

9/22/2013 #2

She shrugged "Not your fault."

9/22/2013 #3

"It is! It's ALL my fault!"

9/22/2013 #4

"It's my fault for falling for a guy who already had a woman in his life"

9/22/2013 #5

Alex faltered, her eyes widening. "But, Claire... You know Christian and I..."

9/22/2013 #6

"And he'll always choose you over me because your parabatai"

9/22/2013 #7

"We shouldn't make him choose, Claire" She said pleadingly. "Maybe, if we be civil..."

9/22/2013 #8

"I asked you to leave me alone so atleast do it"

9/22/2013 #9

"Just... keep trying with Christian, all right? His priorities should be you, not me. Especially after what I've done to you. To him" With that she walked away.

9/22/2013 #10

She went to her room.

9/22/2013 #11

Alex had to do something. How was she going to stop Mortmain from getting to her? Even abusing drugs and cutting didn't drown him out completely. She had to think...

9/22/2013 #12

She screamed into her pillow, frustrated.

9/22/2013 #13

Maybe if she... Whoa. You can't think like that, she told herself sternly.

9/22/2013 #14

And then she cried, into her pillow for hours.

9/22/2013 #15

Alex paced back and forth before slumping down on the floor. That same thought kept on coming up in her mind, though she tried to push it down.

9/22/2013 #16

she stayed like that for a while.

Will called up the stairs "Dinners ready!"

9/22/2013 #17

Alex stood and walked downstairs, though she didn't really have an appetite. ((Lol, cue awkward dinner... Are you allowed to play Theah's characters?))

Christian walked downstairs, his face pale. He was still recovering from what he called, 'The Red Marks of Insanity'

9/22/2013 #18

(Um I have no clue xD)

Claire didnt leave her bedroom.

Will sighed "Someone get Claire."

9/22/2013 #19

Alex sat down, not looking at anyone. Christian stayed standing,

"I'll go get her" He said. He walked up to Claire's room

9/22/2013 . Edited 9/22/2013 #20

Claire was lying on her bed, back to the door.

"You okay Alex?" Asked Will.

9/22/2013 #21

Alex looked up, startled out of her reverie. "Y-yeah, I'm fine"

Christian walked in without knocking and sat down next to her on the bed. "It's dinnertime" He said softly

9/22/2013 #22

"You can tell me the truth" Said Will softly.


"I'm not hungry" She whispered.

9/22/2013 #23

"At least come down for Angel's sake"

"I feel like shit"

9/22/2013 #24

She sighed "Fine"


"I think we all do, but we made your favourite"

9/22/2013 #25

"You didn't need to do that" She mumbled

"Claire... I really don't want to choose"

9/22/2013 #26

"Shes your parabatai, I'm just the girl youre dating"


"I did, I wanted to make you feel better"

9/22/2013 #27

"You're the girl I love"

"If anyone needs cheering up, it's Claire"

9/22/2013 #28

"And shes the girl with the bond thicker than anything else"


"I know, but one thing at a time okay?"

9/22/2013 #29

"I guess" Alex sighed. Jessie watched her with sad eyes but couldn't see it in herself to offer condolensces.

Christian sighed and ghosted a kiss to her forehead. "Please, do we have to argue about this?

9/22/2013 #30
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