Ink Smudges
We all have these questions when writing fanfiction, "Is my Oc a dreaded Mary-Sue?", "Is this character acting ooc?", "Does my writing style need improving?" Did any of these questions ring a bell. I like to call these questions ink smudges. They are set backs when writing because you don't know were to get them answered. Welcome to the Ink Smudges forum, were all questions pretaining to writing in the Lab Rats genere will be answered!
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I want to have two moderators.

Please tell me why you want to be a moderator, what you think your qualifications are, and how you plan to help Ink Smudges better.

Also be aware that I will probably read all of your stories that I know the fandoms for so that I can get a feel for your writing style.

Thank You SO much!

Ttfn, Greensaber92

6/22/2012 #1
What exactly would a moderator do?
6/23/2012 #2
Moderators are allowed to start topics, they would be allowed to edit people's posts, they would be the people giving out the best advice. A moderator can delete comments. They're a little like a deputy sheriff. The reason I want to know so much about writing styles is so that I know that the moderators will be able to answer other night writers questions if I can't for example I rely heavily on grammar and spell check so if someone were to have a grammar or spelling question hopefully a moderator would be able to answer it. Another example would be if I was sick or on vacation the moderators would hopefully still be around on the forum.
6/23/2012 #3
Long May She Reign
I would like to be a moderator because I have great listening and organization skills! I have written many stories but I haven't posted them yet, because I strive for perfection. I love the show lab rats and my favorite character is Adam :) I love all your stories and would love to work with you
6/24/2012 #4
As you can see, I want to be a moderator! I love Lab Rats, which you know and I'm a pretty dedicated author. I'm on... Pretty much everyday, so I could respond pretty quickly. I'm good at giving out story advice too!
6/25/2012 #5
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