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Here, you can discuss and market any crossover stories or ideas you have. You can also just chat about the show in general. I can't really think of any important rules. This is my first forum, so... just have fun and be cool about everything. My first forum on this site!
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I challenge any enthusiastic writer to write a crossover between Rosario Vampire and Silent Hill. Guidelines and suggestions for one idea I came up with are below:

Possible title for story: Where Hell Is Real

In this story, Tskune ends up in Silent Hill, and must brave the dangers and horrors of it. I don't know why he ends up there. Perhaps Fairy Tale has a base set up there that Tskune is trying to infiltrate. Perhaps he's trying to get into a club or fraternity, and as an initiation, he needs to spend a night in Silent Hill or something. Perhaps he was on a road trip, and he somehow ended up there by accident. I don't know. You figure that out.

During his trip through there, Tskune faces off against monsters and demons that manifest from his negative feelings and past, he may possibly encounter some of the wisest beings of the Yokai world. I would also prefer if he not use his ghoul powers until the climax, and he fight off monsters similar to the protagonists did from the game.

I'm not really sure what kind of symbolic demons Tskune could face. I don't really think he has a dark past, or he did anything wrong. He seems innocent enough to me. But again, maybe that's another you can figure out. If you can, try to have him encounter A Pyramid Head, The Bogeyman (from Downpour), and/or The Order, maybe.

On this trip, I also want Tskune to look deeper into his role/destiny as the link between the human and yokai worlds. He could be going through one of those phases like "Why me? Why do I have to do this? Why is this my fate? Why not someone else? Don't I have a choice? What about what I want?" and those kind of things. By the end of the story, he resolves his inner conflict, and either comes to terms and accepts it, or chooses against it. You decide that. He makes his big choice on who he really is and what he really wants.

At one point, he talks to someone about this problem, maybe Gin or one of the wise beings at Silent Hill. They say "Nobody can tell you what road to take, Tskune. It's your life, your destiny, your fate, your choice. You alone decide it."

Not really sure how Tskune's fiends would all fit into this story. I would prefer if all eight of them have some role, even if some of them get pushed to the side and are only seen in the beginning. Perhaps either they are on that road trip with him, and maybe after an accident, they get separated or something, and they split up to find each other. Maybe they find out that Tskune went to Silent Hill alone, so they rush off to rescue him before he gets hurt. This is another thing that is ultimately up to you.

And by his eight friends, that includes the five main girls from his harem, Kokoa, Gin, and Fang-Fang. It would be okay to leave out Fang-Fang though, since she's a Manga-only character, and I've only seen the anime so I don't know her. And yes, that also means I don't know much about Fairy Tale either.

The genre should be horror, but I'm not sure what the other genre would be. You can pick, depending on what you think the conflict should be. Maybe drama, adventure, fantasy, romance if Moka is involved enough, I don't know.

I also kind of want Tskune to hang out with Gin more. I like the idea of them being buddies (but not Yaoi. I don't like that).

Now, for pairings, I would prefer Tskune X Moka. The other girls, of course can still care about Tskune and hit on him, but Moka is ultimately his love interest. If you want to pair the other girls with other boys or OCs, that's fine by me.

But again, no Tskune X Gin. No Yaoi period. And also no Yuri, preferably, unless its Yukari because that's part of her character. I also kind of like the idea of Gin X Ruby, I have to say.

Well, those are all the guidelines I can think of. If you are interested in working on this, please leave a review. And share any other comments or thoughts you have in that review. Thank You. Look forward to hearing from you soon! Good luck!

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