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Written Shadow


If a dragon is found on a quest, you can keep it as a pet.

Your characters can find dragon eggs also and raise baby dragons if they wish. You can also fight off the bad ones. No making kings or queens. (this is to avoid drama with who rules who.)

You can have royal family. Cousins, princes and princesses, etc.

Multiple characters are clearly allowed.

I'd prefer if everyone role played in book form/ third person so things don't get confusing.

Your character can be anything BUT kings or queens (If they're kings or queens from a different kingdom visiting it's fine)

Maids, cooks, knights, maybe even a priest or a doomsday speaker, anything you can think of. Your characters can kill others if agreed by both people. Dueling is allowed. Fairies are allowed, they'll be regular sized people who live in the forest, they can leave there if someone finds them on a quest. Vampires are also allowed. Witches/Warlocks, too. They need to be kept secret because they're an 'ungodly' creature.

If you have one, be careful. . . they could possibly be burned at stake.

Places you're allowed to go: Forest, Castle, market, any type of old timey buildings, occasionally other lands if the king goes to war. Remember there's no err.. condoms. So there's ALWAYS the possibility your people can get pregnant. You don't have to keep it pg-13. Can go to R, just don't make everyone uncomfortable by doing something insane and have them making baby knights in the middle of the queen's room.

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Tilly the Wonder Pony O'EPIC

I agree!

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