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Written Shadow

Okay, basic things you should fill out:

For appearance it can be a picture, or a description. Whichever.








(You can add in anything you feel is needed.)

6/23/2012 #1
Written Shadow

Name/Title: Princess/Lady Abigail Kingsly (couldn't think of anything. xD)

Age: 16

Species: Human


Job: Princess

Personality: Adventurous! Princess Abigail hates being locked up in the castle, so she goes out to adventure, hoping to find a dragon.

History: Too lazy. xD

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #2

Name: Maiden Kylee Rockford III

Age: 25

Species: Human

Appearance: My profile picture, except with a long forest green dress and my hair pulled back

Job: Tailor

Personality: A young, spunky woman constantly dreaming that a prince will sweep her off her feet, when, in reality, is just a young tailor who drinks away her sorrows at the local pub.

History: Not much. Just works at a tailor shop with her parents and is the village idiot/drunk.

6/23/2012 #3
Music Makes The World Go Round

Name/Title: Prince Louis VonCaisen

Age: 18

Species: Human


Job: Prince

Personality: Over the top, loves fashion

History: Stuff, hes gay but is pretendiing to be straight

6/23/2012 #4

Name: Aria Grace


Species: Vampire


Job: Non at the moment

Personality: She can be a bitch, too lazy !

History: Too lazy

6/23/2012 #5
Snow Raine

Name: Lydia

Age: 16


Appearance: (Blue eyes)

Job: Er, taking care of nature?

Personality: Sweet, nuturing, witty, courageous, and friendly.

History: -

6/23/2012 . Edited by Written Shadow, 6/23/2012 #6

Shib, 25 is my modern age,

Age: 18

6/24/2012 #7
Written Shadow

:) Go ahead to rp one.

6/24/2012 #8
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