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Written Shadow

If you haven't read the rules, don't post.


This will be in 3rd person, or book form. So if your character was walking around it would be:

Example (yes that's my characters random name. xD) walked around the dusty streets looking for bread.

No controlling other people's characters.

Use proper English please, no text talk.


Also: KEEP REFRESHING THE PAGE! Replies will not be shown otherwise.

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #1
Written Shadow

Lady Abigail walked around in a disguise so no one recognized her. Today was a good day for adventuring! She'd packed everything up and was ready to go.

6/23/2012 #2
Music Makes The World Go Round

Prince Louis was sitting around, gazing at the knights that walkd past

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #3
Written Shadow

Abigail pulled her hood up when she saw Prince Louis, hoping he wouldn't notice her. She carried on going to the woods.

6/23/2012 #4
Music Makes The World Go Round

Prince Louis saw her and stood up, nodding her direction. He raised an eyebrow at where she was going

6/23/2012 #5
Written Shadow

Abigail slipped into the forest, taking off her shoes and leaving them behind. She began to wander off into the trees.

6/23/2012 #6
Music Makes The World Go Round

Prince Louis looked at the knights one last time with a wistful sigh and followed her in the woods

6/23/2012 #7
Written Shadow

Abigail stopped to take out a sword when she found a cave, not knowing anyone was following her.

6/23/2012 #8
Music Makes The World Go Round

Louis broke into a jog and raised an eyebrow, he coughed a little... He missed the knights already

6/23/2012 #9
Written Shadow

Abigail froze, she thought she heard something behind her and turned.

6/23/2012 #10
Music Makes The World Go Round

Louis nodded "Princess"

6/23/2012 #11
Written Shadow

Abigail frowned. (british accent. Again, cause I fuckin' can. xD) "Did you follow me here?"

6/23/2012 #12
Snow Raine
Lydia was tending to her duties of taking care of the forest, when she hears noises in the distance. She flinched and fluttered her wings slightly, taking silent steps towards the now clear voices. She hid behind the nearest tree, revealing a man, talking into a cave.
6/23/2012 #13
Written Shadow

Abigail could feel someone near, but didn't see anything. She walked away from the cave ignoring the Prince and trying to figure out if someone was following him.

6/23/2012 #14
Snow Raine
Lydia saw a girl emerge from the cave, and watched her look around. It was obviously for her, but she had made no noise. She stepped backwards slowly, only to break a branch with her foot. She froze as she realized her simple mistake that could cost her existence.
6/23/2012 #15
Written Shadow

Abigail ran towards the sound, wondering who was following. She had a small dagger in hand in case it was a bear. Eventually she made it over to where Lydia was and gasped.

6/23/2012 #16
Snow Raine
The girl ran towards Lydia, and her face turned even paler. Lydia didn't think she was that scary... She turned to run but tripped over the branch she'd broken earlier. "Feathers." She muttered.
6/23/2012 #17
Written Shadow

Abigail put down the knife. "Hello. . .", she said looking at her curiously. "Do you need help up?"

6/23/2012 #18
Snow Raine
Lydia looked up in her in awe of her not trying to capture her, just like the stories she'd been told. "N-no.." She whispered softly, scooting backwards slowly with her hands and feet.
6/23/2012 #19
Written Shadow

Abigail crouched down. "Are you okay? I thought you were a bear. ."

6/23/2012 #20
Snow Raine
Lydia scrunched up her nose and tilted her head slightly in confusion. "I-I'm fine." She muttered, scrambling to her feet. Her wings fluttered open their full length and she backed away slowly, still in awe of the girls response.
6/23/2012 #21
Written Shadow

Abigail tilted her head. "Are you. . . afraid?"

6/23/2012 #22
Snow Raine
"I am not of your kind, as I have been told and shall believe, your kind captures mine." Lydia responded. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared into the girl's eyes. She must be planning something, Lydia thought.
6/23/2012 #23
Written Shadow

Abigail looked confused. "I was not informed of this. May I ask what you are?", She stood from crouching.

6/23/2012 #24
Snow Raine
Lydia blinked softly. "Why.. I'm a fairy.." She replied, quietly. She pointed to her wings and fluttered them softly.
6/23/2012 #25
Written Shadow

Abigail smiled. "Interesting. I've been out here before. . . but never seen one. I'm Princess Abigail Kingsly.", she gave her a curtsy.

6/23/2012 #26
Snow Raine
Lydia dropped her mouth open slightly. She was facing the princess. She returned the curtsy, rather awkwardly. "I am Lydia, the youngest of the fairies. The others live farther in the woods, but Elder Fairy said I must tend to the entrance." She babbled.
6/23/2012 #27
Written Shadow

Abigail smiled. "I'm usually adventuring around. It's odd how I haven't found any of you or where you live."

6/23/2012 #28
Snow Raine
"It's normal not to. You have to believe, usually. I'm not a strong force.." Lydia stated.
6/24/2012 #29
Written Shadow

Abigail nodded. "Interesting. Well, I was just about to go dragon hunting. . . if you want to join me?"

6/24/2012 #30
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