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Talk about the character here.

7/2/2012 #1

'Surly and suspicious, Lord Dingwall can get prickly if anyone makes fun of his son. He prefers fisticuffs over conversation as a means of settling a disagreement. Like the other Lord's sons, Wee Dingwall is keen to please his father, but really isn't that eager to marry quite yet.

- Games of strength and skill aren't what wee Dingwall enjoys. He would rather play the bowstring like a harp then shoot arrows.

Wee Warrior: As Lord Dingwall boasts about his son, all eyes fall on a muscle-bound warrior standing nearby. Then the real Wee Dingwall steps into view!

Kiss My Kilt: Modesty isn't always the best policy. Hot-tempered Lord Dingwall is quick to let others know what he thinks of their opinions about his boy.

"Go on! Say it to mah face!" - Lord Dingwall

• Did You Know? Lord Dingwall is the oldest of all the Lords. He is also the surliest of the of the uproarious bunch!

Father & Son: Lord Dingwall is proud of his son, even if the lad is on the scrawny side. Wiry, eager Wee Dingwall proves to be a frenzied fighter with a surprising battle style: he bites.

Lord Dingwall Likes:

• Arguing


• Jests at his son's expense • Underwear

Wee Dingwall Likes:

• Biting the bullet


• Toothaches

- Lord Dingwall has a hot temper and a ruddy complexion from the cold Highland climate.

- Like his father, Wee Dingwall has wild, wiry hair that stands up on end.'

7/13/2012 #2

I wonder why Wee Dingwall was mostly depicted as looking spaced out, or in day dream mode. Was it because he was bored, or as he put it in the film, that he didn't want to be there, and that it was his father's idea? And plus, how come, in the end, he was seen kissing Merida's hand? Obviously some time had passed since Queen Elinor changed back into a human, and later when the clans left to their homes (hence the tapistry depicting Merida and the queen in her bear form which must've taken a load of time to make). Was there a possible interaction between Merida and her suitors? .... man, this is really turning into a rambling...

7/31/2012 #3

You know what. You're right. You're absolutly right! This exact thought came to me not too long ago - but i shrugged it off thinking whatever. But i mean i dont get that either... Wee dingwall didn't even want to go or marry her along with the other two. But the tapestry kinda gives you a weird second thought....

I mean seriously, i didnt even like the tapestry design... what was the point of it!? I'm sure Elinor didn't like being a bear so why make a tapestry out of it to remember!? I swear idk what Pixar did to this movie :(

7/31/2012 #4

Well we did know she did have some interactions with her suitors, according to the original epilogue.

7/31/2012 #5

yeah she did ;D

7/31/2012 #6

Well, Elinor and Merida may have created the tapestry as a reminder of their experiences maybe? And plus, I wish they would've given Wee Dingwall more screen time.

8/1/2012 #7

I"m frusterated in thinking too much into this lol but i'm sure pixar didn't wanna go into too much detail and say 'oh well. now thats all done lets just send these guys home' -.-

8/1/2012 #8

I liked the tapestry, and as its shown that Elinor had her own growing moments through her time as a bear, then I would assume they both thought it was worthwhile enough to memorialize it. It kind of characterizes some of a parent's fears of parenting, itself: wanting freedom from responsibilities (turning into a wild bear), forgetting that a child is separate from one's own expectations (teaching princess lessons vs. Merida's obvious preferences), protecting a child in danger (from Mor'du), forgetting to be a mother first and other duties second, etc.

Every one of Wee Dingwall's scenes make me laugh. He's a great secondary character.

8/1/2012 #9

Yeah, he's an adorable little guy. It's weird, because I had a feeling that he was going to be my favorite of the three suitors before I saw the film, and I don't know why.

8/2/2012 #10
An Incredibly Bad Writer
He reminds me of me. I'm always going into daydream mode.
8/2/2012 #11

Ha, I can be the same way sometimes. And maybe he spaces out because he's utterly bored with his surroundings or wishes something miraculous or awesome could happen, I dunno.

8/2/2012 #12
An Incredibly Bad Writer
8/2/2012 #13

Not to stereotype, especially since I know people who are autistic, but is it possible that Wee Dingwall might have some form of Aspergers?

8/2/2012 #14

He might, and it could possibly a mild case it.

8/3/2012 #15

According to this online interview with Callum O'Niel, who voiced Wee Dingwall, there's going to be a 2 minute short starring Wee Dingwall and The Witch on the Brave DVD!!

"There is a short film in the Brave DVD, that is being put in there as an extra, it is about two minutes long and is a scene between my character and Julie Walters' character the witch."

I have so many feels right now I just can't! :O

8/19/2012 #16

I'd personally like to see a short of ALL the three suitors.

8/19/2012 #17

Me too :(

and two min isnt even enough!

8/20/2012 #18

I wonder what it's about....

8/20/2012 #19

Maybe Wee Dingwall wants to change his fate for some reason.

8/20/2012 #20

Or maybe he stumbled upon her on accident. But 2 minutes? Seriously? Up's short film that involved Doug was about 4 minutes, and at least Pixar was able to wedge in a plot. I wonder how they'll be able to do that for the short film.

8/20/2012 #21

Maybe there'll be other 2 minute shorts with the other two suitors; kind of alternate universes where each one goes to see the witch for some reason.

8/20/2012 #22

That'll be a good idea, though, I wonder what the other two would want.

8/20/2012 #23

I'm guessing MacGuffin would want Merida to like him; not sure what Macintosh would want.

8/20/2012 #24

Maybe bigger muscles or bouncier hair?

8/20/2012 #25

I love the idea that macguffin wanted Merida to like him. Hmm as for young macintosh maybe he'll want to be king.

8/20/2012 #26

So do you think Wee Dingwall has sisters? If so, how many?

8/21/2012 #27

I like the idea of his sisters being kind of like Lor's brothers from the weekenders. It's a running gag on the show that they don't know how many she has.

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #28

Hmm ... i think the short will be about the witch trying to sell something to Wee Dingwall but somehow he manages to break her things! And knowing Pixar (and in two min) i doubt they'd go into any deep backstory -.-

8/21/2012 #29

Or maybe as revenge for ruining her house, the Witch puts a spell on him that makes him fall in love with Merida, hence him kissing her hand at the end.. I don't know, it's just an idea.

8/31/2012 #30
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