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First off, I would want all the JLU/JL episodes to be an hour long. I would also want to hear Vigilante sing in his room while playing his guittar in Hunters Moon. I would also want to see Vig and Shinny watching TV during movie night. Now that will be cute ;)
4/26/2007 #1
That's easy, improve all of them with having more Lois and Superman moments in them along with Bruce and Diana.
4/28/2007 #2
i just wanna see bruce cry. then agian i don'thave cable so...
6/15/2007 #3

I'd like "Epilogue" to be longer to get more information about Batman Beyond and Justice League of the future (we just see one battle scene, and no character interaction).

4/26/2009 #4

I'd like to have seen more of the Unlimitd members getting used, not just the same ones over and over again... like Aztek.

5/14/2009 #5

Problem is that if the authors used more characters, there'd be less time for each of them. That was a main problem in episodes with Original Seven.

5/14/2009 #6

Yeah, that's true.

5/15/2009 #7

We already saw Green Arrow vs. Question fight, but I think it can be much more interesting to see Green Arrow vs. Batman. (I don't mind if this is Justice Lords Batman).

6/17/2009 #8

Hahah without going all shippy on anyone...

In either Fury or Paradise Lost I would do a more comic-accurate portrayal of the Amazons. Sad that Amazons Attack! is like 50x more accurate in its portrayal of them than JL. :-p The Amazons are only in it for like 60 seconds (both eps combined) and Hippolyta is a blond, weakling that bellows and flops around with a dagger but can't hit the broad side of a temple with it and ends up just needing to be rescued every five minutes of any ep she's in. She was Wonder Woman herself for a while!!! No thanks to JL portrayals of them.

11/7/2009 #9

Do you remember To Another Shore? I wished Viking Prince to revive and fight alongside Justice League (probably believilng that WW is a Valkyrie) and to earn Valhalla by dying honorably, instead of just being cremated.

I also wondered what happened to Task Force X after Cadmus was disbanded.

I also was disappointed by Dead Reckoning. C'mon, turning everybody into apes? What kind of master plan is it? Gorilla Grodd alrady proved that he is much smarter.

1/5/2010 #10

That would be cool to have the Viking Prince work with the league. As for Task Force X, I think that Plastic died from her wounds, or maybe she was sent to a hospital then back to jail. Actually, that would make an interesting one shot.

Dead Reckoning reminded me of Planet of the Apes.

1/5/2010 #11

And, of course, we need to rewrite Flash and Substance episode. I was looking forward to see Batman vs. Captain Boomerang duel,and they were in position to throw their weapons of choice at each other. But then we see Captain Cold and Mirror Master discussing what happened to Flash and then freezing Orion. Why Boomerang isn't fighting Batman is unclear, Batman appeared only when they defeated Orion.

And I think Orion must not be in this episode at all. They made him a complete weakling, and it's insult to all New Gods. There are a lot of serious, but not as powerful heroes in JLU. Can't one of them go to the opening of Flash Museum instead?

And Linda Park looked completely brainless. In fact, in comicverse she was hounding him about property damage, and only then they've become friends and a couple. It could work in cartoon too - Linda as the only one non-supervillain person in Keystone City who isn't Flash fan. Instead we see Flash groupie.

1/15/2010 #12

The GFlash and substance need HUGE Improvements the only part I like was The Trickester part and who the Eff was the hero with batman and flash because they surely never said his SUPERHERO name! I pity Linda... she was burnt and destroyed in that episode.

I would of loved a cameo of any kind of Blue Beetle with Booster Gold, but the Booster Episode seemed fine to me V-V... But still... what happen to Blue and Gold?

4/19/2010 #13

Also the episode Destroyer needs an improvement. Lex Luthor attacking Darkseid with two guns? No power disruptor, no power armor? It makes no sense, if we remember that Lex always has a plan or two.

4/28/2010 #14

My favorite episode was "Epilogue," but I think it was just fine how they did it. If anything, I'd liked to have seen more heroes and villains during the JLU's fight with the Iniquity Collective.

5/16/2010 #15
Justice League Expansion

Panic in the Sky,make it a movie,show all characters and have Doomsday fight the new recruits.

6/14/2010 #16

You know what could be nice to see? A logical conclusion of the Justice Lords story, to see what happened in the universe of Justice Lords after they were removed from power.

9/27/2010 #17

Also I think Captain Atom must face the punishment for betraying the Justice League in Cadmus arc. The beating from Superman isn't enough.

3/9/2011 #18

The only episode I was really disappointed in was "Wake the Dead". It was the return of Shayera, an important character and my favorite. It should have been a two parter; part one being what was already shown and part two being the aftermath of her trying adjust with being in the league again. We all know that many people have a grudge against her and her reconnecting with the other founding members.

Wally, J'onn, and Clark wanted her back. Diana made her a opinion quite clear("I should leave you to burn." doesn't sound very welcoming does it?). John stayed out the voting because of not being sure to trust his mixed feelings. Bruce's opinion wasn't shown, but had to have voted against her or else there would have been no tie to break in the first place(and Bruce has shown how he is about trust no matter what universe he's in. Break it and you have to work your a** off to get it back).

Also, where she stood as a founding member; "The Doomsday Sanction" showed her seeming to have limited power compared to the others; she didn't seem to speak during the debate(she looked like she wanted to so I don't know if she was allowed to or not) and was absent during the judgement of Doomsday.

The episode just seemed like rushed attempt to bring back Shayera, who is the reason the league extended in the first place and left an overall impact on the DCAU. I felt she deserved a much better return especially after the teaser at the end of "The Return".

I also agree that JLU should have continued the one hour format especially with so many more new characters(an hour long espisode featuring The Question. That would have made my day).

5/25/2011 #19

Don't mean to double post, but I forgot about "The Balance" that was supposed to resolve the tension between Diana and Shayera. It also felt rushed and forced. Diana held the biggest grudge and was the most vocal against Shayera's return so her scene of her saying she "forgave" Shayera a long time ago didn't make any sense or she wouldn't have given Shayera such a hard time in the beginning of "The Once and Future Thing". While I'm glad they acknowledged the tension, it could have been done much better instead just getting it out of the way for the sake of the upcoming Cadmus episodes where all the founders fight as a team again for the first time since the original series.

I wanted to see them have a real moment to get their feelings out in the open and then come to a resolution(still never got what Shayera meant of "We're like oil and vinegar. We go together, but we don't mix"). We never really found out if they ever truly went back to how they were before the betrayal. Many fics portray them as being best friends, but I never really felt it in the show(I know it could have been implied that it happened off screen, but I still can't feel it).

5/26/2011 #20
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