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For me my best episode was... well its hard to choose, I liked Grudge Match because the female Leaguers got the spotlight which was cool! and the one where Wonder Woman was a pig just simply because Batman was singing! I thought that was a shock.
3/25/2006 #1
For me it was Wild cards hands down.
5/30/2006 #2
For me it was Patriotic Act and Hunters Moon. Vigilante rocks!
7/22/2006 #3
For me Divided we Fall (the 7 member fighting alone again!) and Wild Cards.
11/8/2006 #4
I loved Diana at "Kid Stuff" This Little Piggy owns of course Double Date and Wild Cards are cool too...
1/22/2007 #5
Heres my top five 1. Kid Stuff (baby Etrigan rocks, and Wonder Girl is SUCH a FLIRT) 2. Patriot Act (I would pay to see a show with just these seven dudes in it! I love the non-metahumans!) 3. Initiation (Captain Atom is sooo cool) 4. I don't know its name but the one where the JLU and the LoD team up - and Hawkgirl gets electrocuted and everything. 5. Once and Future thing Part 2 (Future Static should live with the JlU)!
2/18/2007 #6
ultra Mag
Top 10 1. Patriot Act (SSPPPEEEDDDYYYYYY!!!) 2. Great Brain Robbery (No, cuz I'm evil!!!) 3. Initiation 4. Starcrossed 5. Epilogue 6. Better World (Wonder Woman looks good with short hair) 7. Secret Society or Injustice League (I can't remember the name) 8. Grudge Match 9. Wild Cards 10. Double Date
3/10/2007 #7
My favorite episodes in this order: 1.) Hunters Moon (if it wasn't for that episode, I would have no idea who Vigilante is.) 2.) Task Force X ( Seeing the badguys POV was interest, and the fight scene with Shinny, Vig, and the meat puppet-Atom smasher. 3.) This Little Piggy (that was just funny beyond reason) 4.) Patriot Act ( I love the Vigilante thing, but I think something was missing.) Truth be told, I really wish all the episodes were an hour long. I would be in heaven then.
4/26/2007 #8
These are the episodes I like best. In no particular order. A Knight of Shadows Secret Origins Starcrossed Secret Society The Brave and the Bold Fury Twilight .....I think that's about it. It's all I can think of now anyway.
8/30/2007 #9
My personal fav was "Patriot Act".I loved the fact that these were'nt the real BIG heroes if u know what I mean.P.S Anyone interested in co-authoring a fic based on it?
10/19/2007 #10
I don't mind co-authoring your story. I know I still have update my stories, but if you do except me help, what do you want me to do. I love Vigilante so Patriot Act is one of my favorites. I'll help you out as long as you don't make Vig gay. I'll read gay stories but I won't right them. But that's besides the point. I'll try to help you, just tell me what to do cause I never done this before.
10/19/2007 #11
I'd like to help too. Should we do a trio? I love the Seven Soldiers of Victory (their comics name)!
10/20/2007 #12
A trio sounds like a good idea to me. I actually have the second volume of SOV archives, and I love it! It's not cheap, but it's worth the money!
10/20/2007 #13
Yeh, let's do that! How are we gonna do this? I guess we could make an RP forum or something...
10/21/2007 #14
As much as I want to do it, shouldn't we wait for maverickiceman's reply? I just find it funny that we want to start now, but yet we don't know the story plot. ;)
10/21/2007 #15
thnx u 2 how about a fic abt sir justins stay at the hospital hm? and tricks i ain't making vig gay!! so don't worry
10/22/2007 #16
guys i'm in the middle east so my replies might take time
10/22/2007 #17
guys i'm opening a new topic on the forum 4 this.
10/22/2007 #18

My list of favorite episodes of "Justice League".

JLA - War World, Legends (I LIKE Justice Guild!), Metamorphosis, The Savage Time, Maid of Honor, A Better World (two words - Justice Lords), Starcrossed.

JLU - Initiation, For The Man Who Has Everything, The Greatest Story Never Told, Wake The Dead, The Cat And The Canary, The Ties That Bind, Double Date, Hunter's Moon, Epilogue.Shadow of the Hawk, Patriot Act, Grudge Match.

6/17/2009 #19
Inky the Inkfred

Top 5:

Far From Home - Supergirl, though she's not my favorite, and Green Arrow!

The Once and Future Thing - both parts

Double Date - Green Arrow, Black Canary, Huntress, and Question? What more could you want?

The Cat and the Canary - Again, my two favorites: GA and BC!

This Little Piggy - Zatanna is just plain awesome. She's way better in JLU than in BtAS.

6/30/2009 #20

Double Date - Green Arrow, Black Canary, Huntress, and Question? What more could you want?

Maybe Black Canary, Huntress, Vixen and Wonder Woman (Grudge Match)?

his Little Piggy - Zatanna is just plain awesome. She's way better in JLU than in BtAS.

Of course. Until JLU she never used real magic.

1/26/2010 #21
Inky the Inkfred

I agree with all of those, especially Double Date -- that one and Far From Home are my favorites.

1/27/2010 . Edited 1/27/2010 #22

I think Kara fell in love with Brainy 5 too fast - if it was two-chaptered story, it could look more convincing.

1/27/2010 #23
Inky the Inkfred

Huh. Yeah, I can see that. Now that I think about it, you're right. I mean, she went from hating and distrusting him to falling in love a bit too fast for it to be realistic.

1/27/2010 #24


1. A Better World I would die just to know what happen to Flash (Like how he'd died), but that was an epic and worriful dimension and a good look-out of what the JL is capapale of.

2. The greatest Story Never Known Booster... Just awesome like that.

3. Divided We Fall :(... we almost lost Flash

4. Starcross F***... it was a lose lose situation for HG... TT-TT I loved it as much as I hated it

5 The batman Beyond Crossover episode... I love Terry V-V... Lucky he can exist in DCAU... but not in DC comics

I abesoluted hated The Braniac Supergirl episode... it was full of s***. I mean... I understand 30 minutes but it's like not explaination of why they're in love and it's seem more lustfulò and reckless. D: DCAU... that bad teaching... very bad.

4/19/2010 #25

"Epilogue," hands down. Seriously, I was crying a little, both at the Ace scene where Batman sits with her until she dies, and the very end. "Did you see that?"

5/16/2010 #26
Winter's Warrior

I would have to say my fav eppies were

1. Far From Home definetly hands down

2. The first eppie (don't reemeber the name)

3. This Little Piggy

7/19/2010 #27

I liked A Better World, oh, the social commentary... There was also The Doomsday Sanction, I don't re-watch it often, but it had one of the beset lines ever.

Its what I am. I don't care why.

~So says Doomsday

9/6/2010 #28

After re-watching the JLA/JLU, I must add Once and Future Thing to my favorites list.

3/16/2011 #29

part 1 or 2? ... 2 is my favorite, love time traveling ^^

11/1/2011 #30
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