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First let me introduce myself to those who have not read the reviews that I've posted. I am Lady Isme, a long time lover of the Justice League series and an avid reader of JL fan fiction. I would like to start this thread as a place to post challenges and story requests for any writers who might interested in doing them. If such a thread already exists for the animated JL then I'm sorry for not posting there, but I was unable to find it. I would like to start with a challenge that I just posted on JLA unlimited. Would someone please write the following missing scenes for "A Better World." Challenge One: Show what happened after the Justice Lords had knocked out the Justice League and were in the process of moving them into their cells. For example: How did the lords react to Hawk Girl's injury? What was their first impression of their League doubles? How did the Lords feel about suddenly handling a living albeit unconscious Flash after losing their own? Challenge Two: During the scene when the League were being held captive, the conversation between Lord Batman, Flash and League Batman only shows the reactions of those three characters. Please write a story that shows what the reactions of one or all of the others were as they hear what became of the Lord's Flash. What was going through the minds of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and J'onn as they overheard that conversation from their cells. Challenge Three: Show the reaction of the Justice League when they returned to the tower after the mission and discovered the Lord's redecorating job. Just what did the League think of the Lord's "home improvements" and what did the league think and/or talk about while getting things back to normal. If you would like to tell me that you are interested in any of my ideas or if you have some challenge or request of your own please post it. Over time, I would like this thread to become an idea bank where writers come to deposit ideas that for one reason or another they can't or won't use and to find ideas for stories when their own run dry.
2/11/2008 #1

This is a good idea. I'll come back later and take a closer look.

11/15/2008 #2

Challenge: Superman's New Love .

Write a romantic story with Superman as a main character.


- No Superman/Lois Lane or Superman/Wonder Woman pairings.


- There must be a solid background for Supes to fall in love, no love potions, mind control etc.

- Feel free to toss in other characters if you need them for the story.

5/5/2009 #3

Challenge #5: Reserve Leaguers.

There is a shortage of superheroes again, and Mr. Terrific was forced to send a team of reserve members on a dangerous mission.

- Doesn't matter if your heroes appeared in JLA/JLU cartoon, but they must be in DC universe. No OC's.

- It must be a one-shot.

- Try not to use powerhouses.

3/7/2010 #4

Challenge #6: The Answer to The Question

(crossover with Deathnote.)

When L finds the Question on a security camera, he thinks nothing of it, because he's seen him before. But when they actually confront eachother, he quickly finds himself working for the league, though he only seems to work with The question and Green Arrow.

- No pairings

- L does NOT care if he's working with heroes, and dislikes Superman.

- Don't bash anyone, though you may make jokes about batman constantly Manwhoring.

- Before deathnote starts.

4/5/2010 #5

Challenge #7: Marriage of Convenience.

Superman was forced to marry Maxima in order to save Earth from Darkseid's invasion. What it's like to have Queen of Almerac as your wife? How did the Leaguers take the news? What kind of changes this marriage brings in the life of Clark/Kal-El?

- Clark/Superman can date somebody before the invasion, or he can be single, but he was NOT married.

- Don't use an easy way out by making this marriage illegal, or by killing Maxima.

- Other pairings are allowed.

4/22/2010 #6

Challenge #8: This Just In

Retell your favorite episode of JL or JLU from the perspective of a local news team reporting on events as they develop.

5/16/2010 #7

Challenge #9. Task Force J. Some of Justice League members travels to parallel universe to find that there are no Justice League, and their counterparts are working for the government. And they are completely OK with it. Can the Leaguers convince their counterparts that being superheroes in better than doing odd jobs for the government?

6/16/2010 #8

What if during the episode "This Little Piggy," Circe had really thought out her plan for vengeance against Hippolyta through Diana? What if she had taken her time to watch Wonder Woman and learn about her attraction for the Batman? As well as noticing the fact that said attraction was both mutual and unwanted from "his" end.

Say this led to her devising a way by hurting all three by prolonging Bruce and Diana's frustration, as well as making Hippolyta furious with said man because it endangers her daughter's life? What if Circe were to create/find and use a spell/curse very much like the one found in "Gargoyles"? The very same that infects both Demona and MacBeth, where both share one life, feeling everything the other feels, especially physical pain, which makes Batman just as durable (not as powerful) as Wonder Woman with several key differences.

One, it does not make them immortal, in fact it removes said trait from Wonder Woman, and instead makes them ageless... meaning that both are now ageless, which means they'll live a long time, but if one dies, the other follows along. How can Bruce handle that little bit of the curse their infected with? That if he's careless for even a second, he does not die alone? How will he handle the idea that he may very well be as close to immortal as possible, and therefore the war may never be over him? What will the rest of the League feel about this?

More importantly, how will the Amazon Nation, especially an irate mother, handle the fact that her daughter's life may very well have been "enslaved" to some man's fate? Would she go so far as imprison him to ensure her daughter lives her life.

9/8/2010 #9

Challenge #11. Savage War. What if during the episode "Savage Time" the Leaguers couldn't return to their time and were forced to stay in the past?How could it change the history?

- Introduce some of the heroes of WWII time, like Spy Smasher or Lady Blackhawk.

- Find a way for John Stewart to become a Green Lantern again.

- The heroes must face the major problems of these times, like Jim Crow laws, the beginning of Cold War or House Un-American Activities Committee.

9/9/2010 #10

*removed and edited*

10/30/2010 . Edited 12/19/2010 #11

Challenge #13 (inspired by Challenge #12). A lot of characters of JLU series never showed up during Darkseid's attack in "Destroyer" episode.

- Write a story explaining his/her absense.

10/30/2010 #12

Challenge #14 - what if Justice Lords drew the line after Luthor's assassination? What if they killed and lobotomized criminals but never tried to take over the world? How can this change the story?

12/19/2010 #13

Challenge #15

Where were the other superheroes (Green Arrow and so on) during the Justice Lords' takeover in that dimension?


Challenge #16

According to the cartoon, Jason Blood and Sir Justin were both members of King Arthur's court. What if Shining Knight knew of the act that sealed Camelot's fate and which knight was responsible for it?

12/19/2010 #14

Challenge #17. If you saw the episode "Brave New Metropolis" of Superman Animated Series, you must remember that it was the episode with Lois Lane accidentally traveling to parallel world where Dark Superman and Lex Luthor ruled Metropolis together.

What if she appeared in the world of Crime Syndicate instead? Can she learn to trust alternate Lex Luthor and Justice League and help them in a fight against the Crime Syndicate? Can Lois change the outcome of this war? For better or for worse?

12/30/2010 #15
doctor anthony

Challenge #18. Hereafter AU

At Supermans funeral Lex Luthor gives a speech where he promises to help the Justice League in Supermans memory, as the funeral draws to a close Lois Lane gets comforted by Lex Luthor, what happens next changes everything.

pairing Lex/Lois

4/4/2012 #16

Challenge #19. Secret Origins AU.

What if Justice League started with a roster from New DC Universe (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash/Barry Allen, Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, Aquaman and Cyborg)? How could it change JLA/JLU history?

7/25/2012 #17

Challenge 20: The Near Apocalypse of '09

The story of Ras al Ghul last fight against Batman and the world. Bruce and Talia's relationship climaxes, Gotham's finest and her rogue's play their parts, and Leaguers come in as appropriate, not for the sake of having Leaguers.

10/22/2012 #18
Allon Marton

Challenge 21: Order

So I am sure by this point everyone has seen or at least heard of stories that seem to be of the opinion that heroes should take the law into their own hands and go and just kill villains. These stories also for the most part seem to actually blame them for not doing this, as though it is their job or right to do such a thing. I strongly disagree with these stories, as it is not the job of heroes to do such things outside of what is necessary to stop an immediate threat or to save the life of an innocent. I am of the opinion that the ones responsible for such things, and are as such responsible for the damages caused by not dealing with it, are the justice system of dc universe, thus brings me to the point of this challenge. I am sure most of you remember a time when Luthor became president? Well my challenge is to have someone, whether it be an OC, and character from something else, or a character already present within DC universe, become president and work to change the system to properly deal with threats that have until this point been poorly dealt with by the government.

I will give an example, in this case using a Naruto crossover (because going by the numbers if anyone takes this up, that is what they are most likely going to be doing anyway).

Naruto appears in the universe yada yada yada, gains knowledge on the world sets up a fake identity and makes x amount of money doing basically nothing, blah blah blah tries out the hero gig, realizes the government is not dealing with the criminals he is basically gift rapping for them in a permanent way. And here instead of going on a random killing spree where he goes a b*** at heroes for not also killing people and taking the law into their own hands, he instead uses his new identity and power to become president, (possibly stopping Luthor from doing it himself). Once he becomes president he uses his clones to create a private police force, and court system designed to deal with super villains and those whose crimes exceed a certain number where he uses his clones to use his own judgement on how to deal with all such cases on a case by case basis. He creates a hidden prison (possibly within the moon) that can only be entered by himself (teleportation?) and he keeps all guilty prisoners their for the durration of their sentence, all prisoners too powerful to be kept in this prison are instead sent to the phantom zone (permission will be gotten fro superman) there will be a death sentence for prisoners who he feels will never be any less of a risk to civilians regardless of the situation or time past. There will NOT be a merciful way out for those who are "only bad on paper" or whatever like catwoman, all will be given fair sentencing (although catwoman herself would likely still be dealt with by the normal legal system as I don't think she actually has severe enough crimes to be dealt with by this new branch of the law)

Well...that actually had more details than I had planned on...well whatever that was mostly an example, I just got a little too into it lol.

So you get the idea? That is basically the challenge, change the legal system of DC universe to stop screwing up so hard, it just makes no sense when they apparently take such precautions to deal with the HEROES who are largely no threat to them at all them, only to go on to completely ignore the villains who are ALREADY IN the supposed worst case scenario of super powered people threatening the safety of civilians.

5/29/2013 . Edited 5/29/2013 #19
doctor anthony

Challenge 22: Forbidden Love

Lex Luthor/Wonder Woman pairing


  • Must be either a one-shot or short story
  • Batman/Catwoman has to be a secondary pairing
  • Must be set after Destroyer.
6/15/2013 #20
Challenge: The only and the lonely Summerize- Hawkgirl and superman Fic. Conditions: - must be at least two chapters -Must have ether them having sex, a child (which would be the most interesting) or a friendship. But preferably the first two - Must involve some sort of secret -Must have Shayera hol NOT KENDRA
11/7/2016 #21
CHALLENGE: Two or more, raise the score!! Hawkgirl and at least three male langue members fanfic Conditions -Must have at least two chapters -Must have shayera having sex, a child..u choose I would prefer a child but I'll go with ether. -Must have a detail of something terrible that happened to her during her exile ;))))
11/7/2016 #22

Challenge : Justice Lords are defeated, but their world need heroes. Lord Batman, under a new name, tries to gather a new team of superheroes. Problem is that most of the heroes are killed by Lords, retired or in hiding, and have no reason to trust anybody.

11/19 #23
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