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Come on. I can't be the only one, right? So anyway, I have no idea what is a forum because I have never even participated in one before. But I realised that Len has NO FAN CLUB on this site. This is unfair! So I made this! Because I think it's better than a community...anyway. I LOVE LEN. FOREVER AND EVER. Kthxbai.
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I'm bored. Maybe we should do one of those role-play thingies that I see so many other forums have. Whatever a role-play is. Can someone explain that to me? I kinda feel like a noob nau :C
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Well. It's basically where people grab a role (ex: I am Rin. You are Miku.) and.. uh.. "play" as them. So it's like acting? Uh;;

Ex: (I type/write as Rin, you type/write as Miku)

Rin: Hii Miku *glomp*

Miku: Eh? *turns around* Oh, Rin! Hi! *smiles*

Rin: I swallowed a tube of toothpaste.

Miku: PSHH. Been there, done that


Or you can do it paragraph style: (Again, I type as Rin and etcetc)

Rin sees Miku from afar. With a grin on her face, she runs up to her and throws her arms around the taller girl's neck, tackling her to the ground. "Hi, Miku!" Shhe says cheerfully.

Miku, now on the ground, wonders who it could be. When she looks down, she sees a big, white bow perched on top of a small body. "Oh, Rin! Hi!"

etcccc o 3 o

7/3/2012 #2
Victim of Doubt

I dislike participating in role-plays, but I enjoy reading them for the heck of it. But if we're doing a role-play, I demand to be Lui. If my demands are met, I will portray him as a gay and sassy best-friend of *insert -loid*

We all need gay and sassy best-friends, ya' know!

"'Sup, ya'll!" Lui bellows, waving his hand frantically. His gaze flits from the beaming ball of cheerfulness that is Rin, to the teal-haired girl splayed on the floor. Then he suddenly notices they're on top of each other.

"A sexy floor party? Damn! Why wasn't I invited?" Lui growls, but the mirth plays in his amber eyes.

7/5/2012 #3


Turns out, I accidentally disabled all my alerts -.-'' Yes, I'm a genius.

Lui is cool. Though I thought he was a girl at first. I don't know, a roleplay seems fun:D I WANNA BE LEN. No wait. I'm a girl.

7/6/2012 #4
Victim of Doubt

Pssht. Don't worry about it, Solitary. There was this one time I tried accessing FF using my facebook password. And what's worse? I tried accessing my facebook with my FF password.

I felt like an utter fool XD

Lui is THE MASTER OF ALL MALE VOCALOID03 - except Gakupo V3. He's more awesome than Lui.

Alright, so shouldn't the RP list look something like this?

Soli - Len Unsub - Miku or Rin Vic - Lui

7/7/2012 #5
LOL I have the same password for pretty much everything! XD Excpet my email. And well...I kinda swapped the passwords before too...:P It took me a while to realise why I couldn't log in. I really should start following all the Vocaloids:P I still only know the famous older ones. And some UTAUs, and the Pitchloids. Yup! Except that Unsub isn't active. I think.
7/7/2012 #6

oh, oh, what? we're actually doing a RP thing? Ohhh XD Okay, cool cool. I thought I was just educating her on what RP is, but sounds cool with me! I guess... you're right, I'd be Miku or Rin.

But because a part of me has always wanted butt-length teal hair, I'll be Miku! :D

7/7/2012 #7
LOL super long teal hair = epitome of coolness. Though it'd be weird if it was in...you know, real life. A lot of the vocaloids have super weird hair colours. Like pink. And purple. And greeeeen... I'm leaving spaces between paragraphs, but this website is just sticking all my paragraphs together into one big chunk, so I give up. Haha so...are we gonna RP?:D who's gonna start?
7/7/2012 #8

I know, right? That's why I said "a little part of me". Because I wouldn't really want natural teal hair. Because, you know... I mean, yeah.

I guess I'll go first since I'm the RP nerd and all. Paragraph or the "Miku: mefeaf" style?

7/8/2012 #9
how about the script style? Because I can't really type in paragraphs in forums, cuz I'm on mobile. And script seems more dynamic and straight to the point:D
7/8/2012 #10
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