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Come on. I can't be the only one, right? So anyway, I have no idea what is a forum because I have never even participated in one before. But I realised that Len has NO FAN CLUB on this site. This is unfair! So I made this! Because I think it's better than a community...anyway. I LOVE LEN. FOREVER AND EVER. Kthxbai.
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Hello C:

I'm Momo :)) Most of you don't know me because my stories are unpopular. Hehehe. I am writer-friends with some of you, though. Like Unsub, Solitary, Juzinha and probably some more who I've forgotten. That makes me not much of a friend, doesn't it? //shot

RAIGHT. I'm a massive Len fangirl. As you all probably know, its not wise to mess with Len girls - doing so may result in the laceration of some/all limbs .___.

His sooooo hot I like SPICE! but I mean, who doesn't? Innocent little 9-year-olds who cry in fear when their parents kiss--- SHADDUPANDCONCENTRATE! :O

But yeah, I'm Momo, in desperate search of friends -- Nuuuu! Don't leave! It was a joke!! But I'm very excited to meet you all and get to know some more excellent writers and read more excellent stories. I wonder if I'll fit in, I'm crazy when I'm hyper, but otherwise I'm like ...this... which is OK? Please? =o=

It's now September and I think I may have just reached the 6 month mark? Not too sure, but I'll go see!

To give this post a meaning, I'll introduce a question: What personality do you give Len and why?

I hope to see you all in the future - I'll be following

Youroshiku Onegaishimasu!

M xxxxxx

EDITED because I'm a massive loser.

EDITED AGAIN because FF is a massive loser and doesn't support tildes/sqigglities (WTF?!!) -sigh-

9/12/2012 . Edited 9/12/2012 #1

oh hi lol:)

Personally Ithink this forum is dead-ish. Since...I don't know, everyone's busy...but new members are always welcome! Just make sure you worship Len with the rest of us:D

9/12/2012 #2

Oh, and Len's personality? Devious playboy. I love. The best Len personality ever even though it is rather cliche. Sorry I can't reply longer, since I'm getting ready for school. Maybe next time. See you all...in the future, maybe?

I'm the moderator. I think I need to start showing up more often.

9/12/2012 #3
Unyielding Wish

The forum isn't dead exactly...

It's just ahem. How should I word it? It's...nobody has been hanging around it lately. ;A; Do I fail that much?

Len's personality...

I like shota-uke-boy. It's also very cliche. But then, that's how I like it. He's cuter (and easier to write for) in that way.

9/12/2012 #4

Do you think Len would be better as a seme or an uke? I think seme. No, I LIVE for seme. Even though yeah, Len does look more uke than seme, but...WHAT IF HE'S HIDING HIS SEXY SEME SIDE FROM EVERYONE BEHIND HIS INNOCENT SHOTA FACE?

Let me just nosebleed for a moment.

Anyway. Yeah, I think I need to show up more. But I'm too lazy to. Incidentally, I've heard an awesome Len song! Listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVXU71wycrI

Oh, and can anyone translate the lyrics?

ほんの一瞬の出来事だった 気づけば一面氷の世界 人さえも凍りつく場所 どうして僕だけ無事なんだ? ふいに背後から絡みつく腕 唇に触れる冷たい指先 以前僕を助けた君は 氷の女王だったのか さぁ愛しの氷の女王 君が望むなら氷の口付け それさえも受け入れよう この身が凍っても構いはしないよ 以前雪の日助けたあなた あの日のことは忘れられないわ だから私迎えに来たの 愛しい焦がれてたまらない あなたに触れるその女(ヒト)嫌だわ 私を選んでくれないのなら 全て凍らせてあげる ねぇ王子様選んで 『キミを、選ぶよ』 ああ愛しの私の王子 唇 身体も全てがあなたを 感じてる 愛しているの この身が溶けても構いはしないわ こんな強要 独りよがり ああそんな事は分かっているのよ 愛なんて無いとしても あなたは既に私のモノなの


9/14/2012 #5

If you notice, the world's surface turning to ice was a fraction of a second event. You've got me, but just how safe is place a where people are frozen? Cold fingertips touching my lips, arms entwined from behind unexpectedly. You helped me earlier, it was the Ice Queen. Ice Queen's icy kiss that you loved; it was well wished for. Even that will be accepted. The body can not freeze, I can not forget the day that you helped me on a snowy day earlier. I'm dying, longing, but you came to pick me

So darling (Human) I would not want the woman to touch you. You'll freeze me, after all. "I Choose you" Hey, the Prince chose (original trans was 'came' bit awkward: could that be relevant?). I feel you all over my body and lips like the prince of love. Oh! This is not the only end, I can love even when melted. Oh you know such a thing like this, with your twisted smug. But what you already have, I do not love

My best shot. Hope it helps xxx

9/14/2012 . Edited 9/14/2012 #6
Unyielding Wish


I don't know. I guess I accept him either way. The main reason why I love ukeboy is because of Imitation Black XD

Stupid internet is slow. I'll listen to Len tomorrow.

9/14/2012 #7

Uke boy Len...in Imitation Black...yeah. At first my friends and I were all like, omigosh. Len! So pretty! He doesn't look cute, exactly, if you get what I mean...he doesn't even look girly! But he's still really pretty, in this weird way, without taking away any of his *ahem* manliness. Though, I did sort of interpret Len to be the seme in the PV, for some reason...I think I'm too into seme Len cuz everyone tells me that he's uke there.

But he definitely looks like he's in control of Kaito and Gakupo to me.

Incidentally, am I the only person around who has problems with the new Doc Manager? Ever since the update about three days ago, I haven't been able to post stories using the normal upload function. It kept saying my documents were empty, or there was a processing error. I use Microsoft Word, for God's sake. How could they not process it??? And I made sure the file wasn't open and everything, it still didn't work. So now I have to post everything using the Copy-N-Paste function, and it's so annoying. Does anyone else have this problem or am I just some weirdo with computer/phone issues?

9/15/2012 #8
Unyielding Wish

Did I say before that the Len song was awesome when utaites were singing it?

Anyway, the artist for the VanaNIce songs didn't draw him in a "pretty" way, she drew him in a way that would make you want to look at him again. So I kept staring at him...until my stares became creepy XD As in lenyou'resocuteiwannarapeyouahemahe m.

Yeah. Gaku and Kai's rivalry over Len's love is most apparent in The Immoral Memory, the Lost Memory, I think, because there's this scene when Gakupo and Kaito point guns at each other

As for the Doc Manager, I'm not sure. I haven't been publishing for some while, will go check..

Well, I can't find anything new. I think there's something wrong with the computer? I'll go upload a file right now, let me see...

OH. Maybe you have 50 documents already in your Doc Manager, so you can't upload any more. That's what it says on mine. So I deleted a document, and submitted another document. It worked fine, so maybe this was just a glitch of the moment. You might want to try again and if that still doesn't work, switch computers and do it. You can submit a complaint to blog.fictionpress.com too.

9/15/2012 #9
Gakupo Kamui

I am a Len worshiper, like all of you. I love anything related to Len, and I love bananas.

9/18/2012 #10
Unyielding Wish

Like AnbaLen 8D

9/18/2012 #11

Well, they finally fixed the issue...I sent them an email about it, so yeah. Maybe they actually do take notice of the feedback. I know plenty of sites which can't be bothered with the complaints of their uses lololol. Which is why I deactivated my Facebook (the other reason being that I barely use it anymore.)

What's AnbaLen?

10/1/2012 #12
Unyielding Wish

She's one of the utaites on YouTube. She sounds kind of like an English 96neko.

10/1/2012 #13

Oooo...that sounds cool.

96neko is hot. Even though, you know, she's a girl. But her avatar is...wow. It's like hot punk Len!

Wait. This sounds familiar.

10/9/2012 #14
Unyielding Wish

Kinda. Yeah.

You know, she's kinda like a genderless person.

have you listened to Toriko yet? She is every bit made of awesome like 96neko is...

Maybe because we're also talking about her in the other threads?

10/9/2012 #15
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