Run, Run Away
RP set in the Maze. You can be a Runner, Slopper, Bagger, or anyone in the Glade. Soon to be added, Scortch Trials RP. Have fun, lest the Grievers come.
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Has to be accepted first!!!






How long in the Glade:

Desired job:

Anything else:

Yes, we will be doing girls and boys in the same group, but will stop if its too crowded. I will give them their job if needed.

6/26/2012 #1

Name: Jet Lone

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6 foot 2 inches. Dark tan, short black hair, dark grean eyes. He has a very rugged muscular look.

Personality: Jet is responsible and fits easily into any situation. Not order obbsessed(like Newt, lol) but takes charge as the leader of the Glade.

How long in the Glade: The role play starts out as the original group, so from the first day(a week should be good)

Job: Leader

Anything else: Does remember his twin sister, Jacky, and has already gone through the Changing. He hasn't changed much, but has discovered a weird mind link between him and Jacky.

Name: Jacklyn "Jacky" Lone

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: 6 feet. Has a dark tan like her twin along with black cropped hair like her brothers. Her eyes are a bright blue with a lighter ring towards the middle which is one of the few differances between her and Jet.

Personality: Kick-a**! She has anger issues...

How long in the Glade: Beginning.

Job: Head Runner

Anything else: If you have not cought it: HER AND JET ARE TWINS AND KNOW!!!

6/26/2012 #2

Name: Maisie

Age(Roughly): 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Maisie has long brown hair that goes to her elbow. She has brown eyes. She is 5ft 5. She has 3 freckles on her right cheek.

Personality: Maisie can be very shy but can be tough as well. She goes hyper easily. She is also very sarcastic.

How long in the Glade: 3 months.

Desired job: Runner

Anything else: She has a necklace of a trident. She has no idea where it came from and who gave it to her.

4/1/2013 #3
Want her to be friends with Jacky? I'm in the mood to rp after school.
1/8/2014 #4


1/8/2014 #5
Name: Matt. Age: 14. Gender: Male. Appearance: Short brown hair and brown eyes. He is 5ft 6. He is muscular. Personality: Matt is laid back but can be a bit of a joker. He is serious when he needs to be. How long in the Glade: 2 weeks. Desired Job: Runner. Anything else: Matt is Maisie's twin brother and they have a strange mind link. (Sorry if it's hard to read, I'm on my phone)
1/19/2014 #6
Twins galore lol. Coolieo!
1/19/2014 #7
Bumping Jet and Jacklyn's age to just turned 16.
1/20/2014 #8
Name: Shay Age: 14 Gender: Female Appearance: 5'7, sandy blond hair that's cut like a boy's(close cropped), dark blue eyes. Has a slight build. Burn marks cover her back, upper legs, and shows a bit on her neck. Personality: Very shy, but trusts people too fast. She is very sweet, but many overlook her or take advantage of her. How long in the Glade: Entering Desired job: Medjack Anything else: Scared of fire.
2/3/2014 #9
Name: Dani Age: 15 Gender: female Appearance: a medium height scrawny & skinny girl with long, wavy jet black hair, green eyes, and freckles. Personality: very smart and keen. She loves to talk, but at the same time is very sweet. However, when she dislikes somebody, she makes it obvious. How long in Glade: Dani's been in the glade for about a year now. Desired job: Runner (Sorry I forgot to do this! XD)
2/23/2014 #10
Until we get some more members, I'm not allowing any more runners. Sorry. We just need more variety.
2/23/2014 #11
Alright, could I be a medjack?
2/24/2014 #12
Sounds good, yeah. You're free to roleplay.
2/24/2014 #13
2/24/2014 #14
Wolfie the Furret

Name: Abigail

Age(Roughly): 12

Gender: female

Appearance: She has blonde hair that hangs to her waist, china doll white skin, baby blue eyes. She has a very athletic build.

Personality: she is the quiet and secluded type.

How long in the Glade: Greenie

Desired job:runner

Anything else:nope


Age(Roughly): 16

Gender: male

Appearance: long black hair that covers his face to his nose, extremely pale Skin, vivid grey eyes, he is scrawny and kinda short.

Personality: he is quiet and caring. He usually gives his food to the younger kids

How long in the Glade:3 years

Desired job: runner

Anything else: nope

3/5/2014 #15
In the future they might be able to switch jobs, but until then no more runners. Second choice?
3/6/2014 #16
I suggest medjack :3
3/6/2014 #17
Wolfie the Furret

Hmmmm um medjack sounds good for Abigail and Track-Hoe for tancered

3/6/2014 . Edited 3/6/2014 #18
Sounds great! Tancered will be the Keeper of the Track-Hoes then. First come first serve for that.
3/6/2014 #19
Wolfie the Furret


3/6/2014 #20
You're free to jump in to rp anytime then :)
3/6/2014 #21
Wolfie the Furret

Cool will do

3/6/2014 #22
I am Gwen daughter of Arcus

Name: Elia

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Job: Runner (Can be changed if necessary, I just think it fits her personality well)

Personality: Laid-back and friendly, a little silly. She would be one of the girls who would try and challenge a Griever, rather than flee. She seems to have a death wish, always coming back from the Maze just barely before the walls close, covered in scrapes and bruises. She is mostly fueled by curiosity and hopefulness. If she's curious, she will go to any length to find out what she wants, but if she isn't, it isn't likely she'll want to move an inch. She likes to stop while running and sometimes tap on the WICKED plates in the Maze, or stick her hands in cracks or crevices to see if there's an escape, which often gets her in trouble with the Glade leaders. She also gets in trouble because she rarely draws her maps without being reminded explicitly. There have been a couple meetings about firing her as a Runner, but she's kept her position due to being horrific at everything else.

Appearance: Curly brown hair that hangs just past her shoulders, slate gray eyes, really pale skin. 5"2, and she would weigh about 115 llbs. Her eyes make it seem as if she is wearing loads of make-up, although she hates it. Has a floppy black hat that she was wearing when she first came up in the box, and she hasn't taken it off since, because she feels like it's a bit of a home she can't remember.

How long she's been in the Glade: Roughly a year.

Name: Henry

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown, spiky hair, brown eyes. Cute dorky smile. With dimples. Usually looks out of place and confused, like a lost puppy. Relatively tall.

Personality: Dorky, scared. Makes bad really corny jokes to make up for being scared all the time. He was originally tried to be a Runner, since he looks big, tall, and muscular, but he was terrified and had slow reactions because of it. Beats himself up over it, because he feels like a coward.

How long in the Glade: 9 months.

Job: Cook

3/9/2014 #23
Henry is accepted... Though she would make a great runner... Aw man. I'm going to have ask for a job change. Currently Medjacks and Runners are full until we get a larger variety of jobs.
3/9/2014 #24
I am Gwen daughter of Arcus

It's okay. The only problem is that I can't remember any more jobs. Do you have any suggestions?

3/9/2014 #25
Slopper(cleaning), Bagger(police/body removal), Cooks, Track-hoes(gardener), Slicer(butcher/care of livestock)... The books hint at more jobs, but don't list them. If you can think of any, I might be making a seperate thread with all the slang and info.
3/10/2014 #26
Dovev Trats

Name? Dovev

Age(Roughly)? 15

Gender? Male

Appearance? Average height, skinny, black hair, and green eyes.

Personality? When ever he has free time you can find him conducting chemistry and biologic experiments. The isolated loner, quiet. People only mainly see him when he is on duty or at meals. So in conclusion: Science-y hermit who likes dead bodies...

How long in the Glade? From the beginning

Desired job? Bagger Keeper (I can make him not keeper if necessary)

Anything else? I DON'T KNOW!!! Stop asking me so many questions!

3/10/2014 #27
Ooh he looks like moui
3/10/2014 #28
Lol accepted and Keeper is good.
3/10/2014 #29
I am Gwen daughter of Arcus

Can Elia be Map-Maker? I can't remember any Map-Makers in the book but the wiki says there is so okay.

She could be a Map-Maker because she wants to be a runner, and maybe once another spit opens up she could switch? If Map-Maker doesn't work, I really can't think of much else.

3/11/2014 #30
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