Teen Wolf: Resurrection
Welcome to Beacon Hills, where secrets lie on every corner and inner animals run loose. Intermediate/Advanced roleplaying with canons available and OCs welcome!
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To all of those reading this, thank you for joining this roleplay. I have loved the show and liked the movie and think this will defenitly be quite the fun experience for us all. I think we can take our own spin on it and make an even better version than the show or the movie.

I want to let everybody know that Canon or OC, your character can become major so just because I major spot is taken, doesn't mean you can't create a pretty awesome character.The setting will take place all the way to the beginning, just to let you know.

I also have a wuestion: Do you think we should do this in episode format or just a straightout roleplay?

6/26/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #1

I think Episode format would keep it all on track better. And it could also work out well in keeping the plot consistent.

6/26/2012 #2

Ok, if we end up doing that, then I may pm somebody for each episode, asking them what should happen, possibly.

6/27/2012 #3

Roleplay is starting today!!!!!!

7/1/2012 #4

I wanted to let everybody in on a few things. I was wondering what were some things you wanted to happen in this roleplay? Did you want to include the Kanima? How about a little witchcraft, or no? defenitly no vampires, but maybe an advanced breed of werewolf? Feel free to discuss here.

7/3/2012 #5
The Demonic Heiress

So like witches, demons and other things?

7/3/2012 #6

Dibs on a witch! I think I have an idea that may work for one!

7/3/2012 #7
The Demonic Heiress

If demons are allowed I will total change Laria into one instead of a werewolf haha

7/3/2012 #8

Hm...we can see how things will go regularly at first and then go from there if you guys want, and was anybody still interested in the episode thing or is that a no go?

7/3/2012 #9

I think the episode format will make things flow easier

7/3/2012 #10

I agree but I don't really mind with whatever you decide:)

7/3/2012 #11

Hm...ok then, for every episode i'll ask someone random what they think should happen (give a semi-description and the name)

Zack, you're up first haha

7/4/2012 #12

Two things guys:

1. I realize I may be inconveniancing all of you because I get on for a shorter time range, but that's only because it's one of the disadvantages to being born with two other people. So I would like to know around what time of the day would you say you regularly get on? I was also considering a possible 'Check In, Check Out" topic to just know when someone is on. What do yoo think?

2. I hate to self- promote, but one of the few other roleplays I'm running is Friday The 13th: Wrong Turn, now it may be a sequel to my first one, Friday The 13th: Homecoming, it is still open for lots of new people because it's a totally different plot, so if anybody was interested in playing a role or two in there please feel free to check it out. I planned on starting iton July, Friday the 13th, with a very reasonable amount of people(aka more than 13 since 13 people are dying lol)

That's all of the announcements for now and I really hope this will be very helpful. Thank you, everybody!

7/4/2012 #13

Also, I wanted to take polls, or so you could say. I just want to make sure everybody is ok with this.

If you're ok with the idea, then please post the number that is next to it.

1. Witchcraft

2. Advanced breed werewolves

3. Elite Hunters(not including Allison's family)

Also, I decided regardless we are having a Kanima that show up later in the series or next season. Who that Kanima is will be up to everyone. To make it more surprising, I would like for everyone to send me a pm, nominating two characters that have been taken or created to be the Kanima. I guess I chose two ebcause some people may want to nomiate themselves, so the second one HAS to be someone else' characters. Later the Kanima will be revealed. How so? Well, that will be discussed between me and the chosen person.

7/4/2012 #14

I'm alright with all of the above!

7/4/2012 #15

I like the idea of the elite hunters because I could tie them in with Lance's past.

7/5/2012 #16


Two for hunters

one for everything else XD

7/5/2012 #17

All of those ideas sound great!

7/5/2012 #18

Alrighty. We may not include all of these at once, possibly not all in this season, but they will be happening. We actually already have one or two of these in the making.

7/6/2012 #19

Just for a heads up- we should have Wolf Moon wrapped up by Tuesday hopefully.

7/6/2012 #20

Ok, so, as some of you may have seen I have a new Character named Angelo De Cameron. He will be a veyr important character given his past and his business in Beacon Hills. Given he is in the bloodline of the original werewolf family, he is apart of the advanced breed of werewolf.

If and when he chooses to turn people, they will be differently affected. When bitten either the bite will kill you or turn you into the same breed. Now if you're already a werewolf and somehow he bites you, it may effect the body liek a poison leaving that person vulnerable.

I'll have to decide on a few more things for him and whether or not I change some other decided stuff will be seen later. That's all for now, buddies!

7/8/2012 #21

I really hate to do this guys, but I defenitly need your help. I'm starting my second Friday The 13th roleplay on Friday, and in every one of them I plan to have at the least 13 kills, but I only have 8 characters. So I'm asking if you guys can please try to go on the forum and create enough characters. Whetehro r not they are major or minor or easily expendable, It would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you!

7/10/2012 #22

First things first guys- If you're going to claim a Canon, you have to willing to be able to post a lot, like I'm not saying be on the computer all day, but we have to somehow see that character just about everyday. Given these are Canons, they are vital aspects of the show, and if we barely see some Canons...majoy Canons at that, then it can be a problem.

So remember, if you ask for a Canon, please be prepared and willing to post often with that character.

8/8/2012 #23

Alright, first and foremost, I am terribly sorry everybody for suddenly leavinbg, I had a very urgent, tense, mesh of a time bomb dropped on me long story short, I couldn't get on, butn ow that is over, but what I am looking for is that hopefully everyone accepts my apology. I'm sorry for not being here, as the moderator, I feel ashamed for not being here for nearly a month, so I'm sorry guys and hopefully I can make it up to you all.

9/3/2012 #24
Yayyy,you're back!!!XD
9/3/2012 #25


9/3/2012 #26

This here is the list of ALL of the characters, included those who have left, died, or have never posted. Now, in the feedback section we can discuss what we all want to do with these unused characters, besides the dead ones, but feel free to post here too, just the serious stuff is left to feedback haha.


Bold- Unused

Teen Wolf- The Characters


Lauren Martin

Crosby Anderson

Jared Taylor

Jensen Winchester

Dawn Cates

Quinn Anderson

Sebastian Anderson

Mike Anderson

Aidan Williams

Jill Hatheway

Clarice De Cameron


Laria Morrigan

Zachary Hewitt

Marissa Cecilia Johnson

Emilia River Johnson

Lance Langland

Angelo De Cameron

Rose Vivae

TJ Yarlett

Evelyn Tate

Axel Haulson

Zeke Waurd

9/6/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #27

You need to like...make the ones who are Dead, unused and so forth a different thing than the used and alive ones. Like Italicize Crosby since he's dead, and bold the unused ones!

9/7/2012 #28

So it has come to my late attention that we need to adjust scheduling again. School has come around disabling some of us from posting, and right now we need EVERY character who is in the roleplay. So I would like eveeryone to post the time of day and their time zone here in the announcements, that way we know the times the others get on and we can try to work around that because I REFUSE to let anybody feel like things are too busy for them which leads me to my next point.

If the characters engaged include just themselves, it is ok to psot, but if it involves roleplayers who aren't online, please wait for them to post because feeling like you missed a lot and coming back on being behind by 100 post is not a good feeling, so if we all can help it, unless everyone is on, we have to try and restrict a posting limit.

9/11/2012 #29
The Demonic Heiress

The only days I can't get on are when I work and some weekends. I work three days a week but they're never the same three days like this week it's W Th and F but next week it's M T W

9/11/2012 #30
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