Teen Wolf: Resurrection
Welcome to Beacon Hills, where secrets lie on every corner and inner animals run loose. Intermediate/Advanced roleplaying with canons available and OCs welcome!
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Beacon Hills gets a few new students along with a returner as the day sets in. As everything seems normal, something in the shadows seems to be lurking around, spying on everyone. As everyone sets up for their plans on the same night of the lacrosse game, multiple events spiral out of control as a few locals succomb to the attacks of a werewolf on the full moon.

6/26/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #1

Allison sat in the back seat of her father's SUV. It was black and sleek-and according to her, boring. She sighed as she looked out the window ,gazing upon multiple things in the town of Beacon Hills. It seemd pretty interesting so far, except for the part about going to school. She would have to go through yet another move to yet another school to meet yet again new people. She couldn't but wish she were somewhere else. She heard her father mention something to her mother while driving, but Allison couldn't make it out. She hoped they were near the school.

Lydia was already up, walking down her stairs. She was wearing a purple Crystal Leopard Crest Jeweled tunic top with jet black skinny jeans. Of course to top it all off, she wore purle high-heeled Red Bottoms, making noise before she even reached the bottom. She had already eaten her breakfast and walked into the livingroom, waiting for Jackson to come pick her up.

Jared chose to walk to school. It always helped him when things were on his mind, plus he justl iked walking. He was currently wondering how the hell the team would be practicing today, given they barely won last night's game. he shook his head at the thought and kept on walking.

7/1/2012 #2
The Demonic Sorgin

Laria got dressed in her red tank top, a pair of jeans and her favorite leather jacket. She sat on her bed and zipped up her boots then she headed downstairs and into the kitchen. She grabbed an apple and a granola bar for her breakfast then headed out the door. She put the keys into the ignition of her Ninja and then took off speeding towards school.

7/1/2012 #3

Lauren burst through the door and into the living room. "Lydia!" She said upon seeing her sister. "My favorite sister! Did you miss me?" She asked, as the cab driver brought in her bags. "Daddy! Leave him a tip!" She said, hugging Lydia.


Jackson drove down the road, looking at himself in the mirror as he pulled to a stop at a red light.


Derek sat up and got out of bed. He dropped to the ground and began doing his morning exercise routine.

7/1/2012 #4

Lydia grinned. "Of course, Lauren! How am I suppose to show up to school representing the Martin duo with only one Martin? Scientifically impossible," she replied as she went to hug her.


Jared reached the front of school and chose to sit on one of the benches, figuring the time it will take for the bell to ring will pass by sooner if he sat there.

7/2/2012 #5
The Demonic Sorgin

Laria drove into the school parking lot and parked her Ninja in her usual parking spot. She got off the motorcycle and started making her way towards the entrance.

Jensen drove to school in his '67 impala. Once he was there, he got out of the car and grabbed his backpack from the back seat. He started walking towards to he building but stopped halfway to start talking to some girls that were parked near him. He gave them one of his winning smiles and started out the day like he always did, flirting.

7/2/2012 #6

Jared rose an eyebrow, seeing Jensen up to his usual ways. He always questioned why someone like him did what he did. Maybe it was because he felt the need to have the attention of others, making him either an attention whore or a sociopath. He sighed before noticing a girl, Laria he believed, exiting her Ninja and walking towards the entrance

7/2/2012 #7

Lauren broke away from her sister. "Well I'm going to get ready, I have to look great for my grand entrance at school."


Crosby held his cane out in front of him as he made his way up the handicap ramp at school. He kept his free hand on the railing as he went. When he got to the door, he reached for the handle, but someone beat him to it.

"Need a hand?" Danny asked, opening the door.

"Thanks." Crosby said, feeling his way inside.

"No problem." Danny said, patting him on the back. "Need help to class?"

"No, I'm fine. Thanks though."

"Alright, catch you later." Danny said, before walking off.


Jackson pulled up to the Martin house and honked the horn.

7/2/2012 #8
The Demonic Sorgin

Laria put her keys in her pocket and slung her backpark over her shoulder. She noticed Jensen talking with some bleach blonde bimbos and rolled her eys at him. She never could understand what girls saw in him. Granted he was her friend and all but that was only when they were out on a fun or practicing fighting. Out here, they tended not to accociate with each other. She rolled her eyes once last time and continued walking.

Jensen was talking to one of the girls and grabbed a strand of hair and started playing with it, making the girl laugh hysterically. He smiled even brighter at her and winked at one of her friends.

7/2/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #9
Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit

Scott sighed and kept his bag slung over his shoulder,he looked around the halls for his friend Stiles.

Emilia yawned into her hand then ran her fingers threw her hair.She looked down at her feet as she walked then bumped into the bleach blonde girl that Jensen was talking to .

7/2/2012 #10

Lydia smirked. "You mean our grand entrance," she replied right before she heard the horn honked. "Oh yay! Jackson's hear." She said before grabbing her bag and heading out of the door in a heartbeat. "Hey, Jackson!"


Jared frowned and once again shook his head

7/2/2012 #11

Alison sighed as they seemed to be making their way into the school's lot. She was surely hoping things would actually be normal. She gripped her backpack and her journal.

7/2/2012 #12
The Demonic Sorgin

As Laria walked into the school she passed a guy that she had had a class with last year. His name was Jared or something, so as she passed by she gave him a nod as a greeting.

Jensen noticed Emily bump into the girl he wa talking to. The blonde turned around and looked like she was about to yell at Emilia. "It's ok, she didn't mean too. Right Em?" He said and smiled at her.

7/2/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #13

"Whats the cab for?" Jackson asked, as he watched the cab leave.


Lauren finished getting dressed, then started fixing her hair, deciding whether to put it up or leave it down.

7/2/2012 #14

Jared smiled and waved back at Laria. It was ncie that there were some decent people at this school, Jared thought.

7/2/2012 #15

"That was Lauren's. She was doing some shopping apaprently," Lydia replied stepping into the passgener's seat.

7/2/2012 #16
The Demonic Sorgin

Laria walked to her locker and put in the combination. She grabbed out the textbooks she would need for the day then started making her way down the hall again to look for someone she knew.

7/2/2012 #17

"Does she want a ride to school?" Jackson asked.


Crosby Made his way into the cafeteria, hoping to get some Orange juice before class.


Danny stood at his locker getting his books ready for class.

7/2/2012 #18

"Ummmmm, I'm not sure, she just got back, but we can't wait for her if you want," Lydia suggests, putting her bag down and smiling.

7/2/2012 #19

(New Teen Wolf tonight! YAY!)

Lauren walked outside and waved at Jackson.

Jackson got out and hugged Lauren. "Lauren! It's been a while!" he said, before opening the back door for her. "Glad to see you're making your return."

"Thank you!" She said getting in.

Jackson shut the door and got back in the car, then started for the school.

(Remember! Lauren has been away at Dance School, but she returned for the new semester to be with her sister and friends!)

7/2/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #20

(I know! and oki doki)

Lydia smiled, and for the slightest moment she had an ackward feeling inside, but she managed to surpass it. "So, I know we have plenty of catching up to do Lauren, but we have more than enough time for that, maybe lunch or so?" She asked staring at the road. "By the way, how are you doing, Jackson?"

7/2/2012 #21

"Lunch would be great!" Lauren said, giving her sister a smile.

"I'm alright, dreading today's practice. Coach is going to kill us for last nights loss." Jackson said, pulling into the school and parking.

Lauren leaned up and patted Jackson's arm. "Hey, at least all that practice is paying off. I can feel an improvement." She said with a wink, before gathering up her stuff and getting out of the car.

7/2/2012 #22
The Demonic Sorgin

Laria went outside and sat down in a grassy patch under the sun while she waited for the bell to ring, letting them know that class would be starting soon.

7/2/2012 #23
Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit

Emily flushed lightly but smiled as she gripped her books"yea...im sorry thats just clumsily me"she grinned at Jensen.

7/2/2012 #24

Lydia saw Lauren's actions, but tried to pay them no mind. she stared down when he parked the car, before quickly grabbing her bag. "Well, surely it can't be as bad as you think. I mean, you gave it your all. Plus you're like the star athlete next to Scott so he wouldn't do anything to hurt the two fo you," she assured with a smile.

7/2/2012 #25
The Demonic Sorgin

Jensen smiled back at her. "I guess I'll see you around then. Maybe we have a class or two together this semester."

7/2/2012 #26

The SUV seem to came to a stop, right in front of the school.

Beacon Hills.

"Let's hope this won't be hell for me," Allison remarked to her parents.

7/2/2012 #27
Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit

SHe let aug a small laugh ed pushed her hair back"yea maybe we do.. I guess I'll see you around the halls"she winked at him then walked off.

7/2/2012 #28
Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit

Chirs sighed and rested his arm across ther seat" Have fun alright"

7/2/2012 #29
The Demonic Sorgin

"Definitely." Jensen said and smirked as she walked away.

Laria laid down in the grass and let the warmth surround her as she waited.

7/2/2012 #30
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