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Clary Fray: Bex-the notsoBritish bombshell

Jace Wayland: Zippy was here

Simon Lewis:

Isabelle Lightwood: Xx-Clarissa-Fray-xX

Maia Roberts:

Jordan Kyle:

Alec Lightwood: The Jaz

Magnus Bane: KlaineGleekFanGirl

Jonathan Morgenstern/Sebastian Verlac:

Jocelyn Fray:

Valentine Morgenstern:

Luke Garroway: Sina-san

6/26/2012 . Edited 11/27/2012 #1
KlaineGleekFanGirl're failing at getting people, girl! XD! Alrighty. I'll take Magnus off your hands.
7/8/2012 #2
Haha very funny. You're hysterical.
7/8/2012 #3

I know..I'm such a Magnus and you're an Alec..XD!

7/9/2012 #4

So we're both gay guys? I thought we were girls. Where have I been? Here I am thinking that I've been a girl all my life. Stupid me.

7/9/2012 #5

XD! I'm a girl that acts like a's really strange..LOL!

7/10/2012 #6

I'm sorta like that in a way. I'm not a girly girl, but I don't act completely like a guy. I'm just different. I don't care if someone burps and I'm not afraid of the most innocent little bugs. It actually bothers me when girly girls are like that in front of me. -_-

7/11/2012 #7

Ugh I know. I know a girl who cries whenever her nails get chipped. Sooo annoying. O_O

7/11/2012 #8

OMG. That is so stupid. It's nice to see someone who's like me in some way. Not even my best friend is like me.

7/11/2012 #9

IKR? This is how it went:


Me: What? What happened? Did someone DIE?

Her: NO! I chipped a nail! *bursts into tears*

Me: ...-.- Seriously?


7/11/2012 #10
Well, sometimes it hurts. But I don't ever cry about it.
7/11/2012 #11

I'm badass. One time, at school, I was leaning against the metal fence, and it's old and broken in between, and someone slammed a ball up against it and it hit my fingers, and IT HURT LIKE HELL but all I said was: "Ow." XD!

7/12/2012 #12
One time I got hit by a softball in my hand and then another time I got hit by a softball right between the eyes. I swear I was seeing stars.
7/12/2012 #13

I got bitch-slapped by a baketball once....and a dodgeball....and a floor.....XD!

7/12/2012 #14
I once got hit by a basketball in the chest. I couldn't breathe for a couple seconds.
7/12/2012 #15
May I be Clary pwease? :3
7/28/2012 #16
Liga Turner

Is it at all possible that I can be Jace if I write often and stay committed? please? :)

7/29/2012 #17

Yes to both of you.

7/31/2012 #18

I feelawkward when I come on a topic, ready to ask for a character and it's taken XD

9/16/2012 #19
No need to feel bad. Awkwardness is sometimes hilarious. To me anyway.
9/16/2012 #20

Who wants to play Clary? I'm putting her up for the taking, so come and get her before someone else does.

10/3/2012 #21

I do please XD

10/3/2012 #22

She's yours then. Congratulations

10/3/2012 #23

Yay, thanks!

10/3/2012 #24

Eh no problem. That's what I'm here for. Or was I just here for random reasons? I forget. Oh well. Enjoy her. That sounded wrong btw lol

10/3/2012 #25

I choose not to 'enjoy her' XD I will rather cherish her company.

10/3/2012 #26

You do that

10/3/2012 #27
Immortal Sina

Mmm, may I have Luke? :D

10/14/2012 #28
10/15/2012 #29
Immortal Sina

Yaaaay! Thank you :P

10/15/2012 #30
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