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A new threat is bearing down on Elibe, and the descendents of the Rekka no Ken and Fuuin no Tsurugi characters must stop it. A roleplaying and chat forum based 20 year after Fuuin.
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Class name:

Main ability: (Specialty)

Weapon type:

Class type: (attacker, healer, assister) (unique or generic?)

Tier: (Trainee, Basic, Promoted)


6/26/2012 #1

Class name: Dreamwatcher

Main ability: Powerful magic

Weapon type: Dark magic

Class type: Unique attacker

Tier: Trainee

Description: Lyria, a descendant of one of Lycia's most dominant magical families. She derives her power from the wishes placed in people's dreams. She is inexperienced, and aspires to be a wise elder magic sage one day.

6/27/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #2

Class Name: Freelancer

Main Ability: Combat diversity.

Weapon Type: Swords and Bows

Class Type: Unique attacker

Tier: 1st Tier

Description: William, hailing from a long line of mercenaries. He has extensive combat training, but still has a lot of room to improve.

6/30/2012 . Edited 6/30/2012 #3
Cool class. I guess what Grimdivide always says on his RP forums aplies here. I'm not comfortable with saying it. Class Accepted.
6/30/2012 #4

Class Name: Sword Vagrant

Main Ability: High evasion

Weapon Type: Swords

Class Type: Unique Attacker

Tier: Basic

Description: Reiner, a drifter from a faraway nation forgotten by the rest of the continent. Disowned by his family and discharged by the Imperial Guard, he seeks a reason for living.

8/30/2012 #5


9/7/2012 #6
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