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All of our favorite Zodiacs have broken free of the curse...But it's not the end as their kids are now the zodiac! Accepting Ocs!
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Freedom's Bitch

As soon as Seiko saw Tohru she smiled "Hi Tohru, it's been awhile." Suddenly it hit her these people must be Sohmas! She quietly asked "Tohru, are these kids Sohmas? And are there any zodiac?"

(by the way I'm new to the honorifics so sorry if I mess them up!)

7/11/2012 #61

(it's okay)

"um,you could say they're fans"tohru explained

7/11/2012 #62
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko tilted her head and asked "Fans? So you mean they're not zodiac but they want to be?"

7/11/2012 #63

"No,they are"kyo spoke"your part of the zodiac,so you should already know"

7/11/2012 #64
Freedom's Bitch
Seiko smiled then slightly bowed "Master Kyo," she greeted "How many of them are zodiac?" Closing her eyes she mumbled "I can tell there are a lot but I can't tell which ones, or how many."
7/12/2012 #65

"I'm the horse," Ai spoke up, raising her hand in a sort of half-wave.

7/12/2012 #66

"Cat!"Hikari yelled from the backyard

7/12/2012 #67
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko laughed "Hi, I'm the tiger."

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #68

"hey!"hikari yelled back

7/12/2012 #69
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko walked to the backyard and saw familiar faces, but she couldn't name them which bugged her. Quietly she said "Ok so there's a horse and a cat back here, who's everyone else? I'm Seiko by the way."

7/12/2012 #70

Shiro: (waves briefly) Hey, I'm the ox. (points at Kuro) So's he, I'm just the better one.

Kuro: We're twins. (to Shiro) Do you feel no embarassment for being stuck on the roof?

Shiro: I didn't because she didn't know but thanks for sharing that! (pouts)

Kuro: (ignores) Hey Seiko. I'm Kuro and this is Shiro. (grabs her hand, pulling her, reluctantly, towards the conversation)

Shiro: Grr, you're freakishly strong.

Kuro: It doesn't take much effort.

Kyo: Please shut up.

7/13/2012 #71

"hikari"hikari spoke to seiko as she began attacking a tree at full force,knocking it down with a punch and kick

7/13/2012 #72

"I'm Ai," the horse-girl introduced.

((damnit not again! sorry guys, it's iWriteStuff here. I should really check who's account I'm on, huh?))

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #73
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko looked around at all of them and ticked the points off on her fingers, "First, twin zodiac? Aesome! Second, Shiro you really got stuck on a roof? And third Hikari what did that poor tree ever do to you?"

7/13/2012 #74

"training"hikari told her as she kept throwing punches

7/13/2012 #75
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko raised one eyebrow and asked "So for training you decide to use a tree instead of people?"

7/13/2012 #76

Shiro: Yes we're twin Zodiac and yes I did get stuck on the roof but that was his fault really! Usually he comes and gets me down really quickly so it doesn't look like I was stuck!

Kuro: (smilesfondly) So what brings you here Seiko?

7/13/2012 #77
Freedom's Bitch
Seiko shrugged "I was just walking when I saw you and Hikari fighting and I realized it was Kyo's fighting style, and that you guys looked eerily familiar so I snuck up to watch you."
7/14/2012 #78

Kuro: Cool, well it's great to see you again.

Shiro: pokes his back

Kuro: Ow, what are you doing?

Shiro: I don't really know. I was bored.

Kuro: to Seiko Excuse her.

7/15/2012 #79

"Come back here ox boy,your still in trouble for your so-called "secret stash"!"Hikari growled as she went over and grabbed kuro,pulling him to the backyard

7/15/2012 #80
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko raised an eyebrow and looked at Shiro, "Secret stash?"

7/15/2012 #81

"You probably don't wanna know," Ai informed "the point is that he's a pervert."

7/16/2012 #82
Freedom's Bitch

Seiko laughed "Wow, I never would have thought of him as a perv."

7/16/2012 #83

Kuro: I'm really not! I am a nice guy! I've told you already, they're not mine!

7/17/2012 #84
Freedom's Bitch

"I completely understand Kuro, everyone has their dirty little habits." Seiko teased.

7/17/2012 #85

Hey everybody, sorry I haven't been on here for ages - been really busy with End-Of-Years then when I actually did get a holiday, there was no WiFi! So, I'm back now and completely apologetic!

Kuro: Look guys, I'm not in the mood anymore! I have been really tolerant here but now I -

Shiro: Wait!

Kuro: Huh?

Shiro: You all seem to have forgotten something! What about Ai?! (to Ai) Seriously, are you okay? How long have those girls been bothering you?

8/4/2012 #86
"I'm fine now. All patched up, see?" she held a bandaged arm up as proof. "I bumped into a few of them when I first got here and they started bothering. It wasn't till a few months ago, when they found out who my mom is, that they started actually hurting me, though." the albino admitted.
8/4/2012 #87

"besides,those books are just leftovers shigure-oji-san leaves here"Hikari spoke as she took a sip of tea her mom left

8/4/2012 #88
"So what exactly did you do to them?" Ai asked a second later, unable to keep her curiosity to herself.
8/6/2012 #89

"Burn them,then burn the ashes,then put the ashes's ashes in a paper bag,burned that and then took all the ashes and then burned them until there was nothing"Hikari told her cousin simply

8/6/2012 #90
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