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ideas for a new crossover staring red vs blue and final fantasy XIII
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keys of fate


7/1/2012 #1
sigma unit

I guess I'll go first. I dint know much about FFXIII, but assuming your using that as your setting the Red Vs Blue characters could end up there due to Wyoming and his time dilation unit sending then through to the FF-verse. Also remember how different the two are and adjust accordingly, RvB is a Comedy/Action/Drama wed series while FF is an RPG game. Anyway just trying to help and get this forum started.

Helpful References: Contains every Red Vs Blue Ep from season 1 to season 10 (Current) Fanfiction's very own Red vs Blue review crew, drop on in were relatively friendly and a few of the topics are great help at characterizing the characters.

Sigma Unit

7/14/2012 . Edited 7/14/2012 #2
keys of fate

umm actually man i kinda wanted to have the story to take place in blood gulch. also i wanted hope to still be able you his L'cie powers

just hope oh and i kind of want hope to be to travel to blood gulch.

7/15/2012 #3
Dividing MDH

no offence but I'm not too optimistic about a red vs blue final fantasy crossover. Stupid (the good kind of stupid) stuff like that has worked before, but there's just too much conflicting with it, for one I don't think many red vs blue fans are interested in final fantasy, I've been watching Red Vs Blue since like season five and I've never even picked the box for final fantasy. I know I'm not everyone but the topic for a crossover isn't that appealing.

Rooster Teeth and achievement hunter as also always been more of a web site about western games ... not Eastern stuff. That's just my thoughts though, cos this thread is old, you may have already finished that crossover and been successful, if so good on you but I don't think you have, and if you have I don't see any loopholes to make it work. It's just my opinion though, I'm open to the idea just skeptical about the (definitely not originality), workability.

10/30/2012 #4
keys of fate

well i understand you feel that way about the crossover but believe it or not there have been stranger and Stupider crossovers and storys that actually worked like my little pony/red vs blue crossovers and HopeXFang parings, and remember i'm doing this for fun it didn't have to successful.

my idea is that Hope some how gets accidentally sent to blood gulch where he meet the blues and well i'm sure you can what happens afterwards (don't give me a lecture on how "some many people hate Hope." i'm just one of those many (or very few) Hope fans out there who wants to see him in more crossover that's all!) the others come in to the story to eventually, including vanille and fang somewhere when everyone goes after O'Malley (Omega) to Sidewinder or inthe begining of Recreation or Revelation.

i'm still thinking about how i get Hope there let me know if you have any ideas plz :}

10/30/2012 #5
Dividing MDH

Oh, well if that's the case and you're just doing something because, hey! why the hell not? I'd be happy to help. I just thought that you were doing a serious plot (unfaithful to red vs blue I know) The only way I can see the lore of final fantasy to be mixed into red vs blue, then you could use the time travel in season 3? I think it was to have the final fantasy characters get through (I'm not acquainted to final fantasy so if I step on toes it's not my fault), meet the red vs blue characters somewhere in between any season blood gulch chronicles or not. That's just how they get through, for a main plot is that at first the final fantasy characters accidentally major ally offend the red vs blue characters (you know how stupid they are, make the argument something stupid). A three sided war occurs (reds, blues and final fantasy characters), that was as far as I could think off of the top of my head, so the storyline sounds pretty lame reading over it.

My advice is to just give it time and brainstorm every idea no matter how silly you think it is. Bring in a connection between good ideas and work along that line that's what I'm currently doing with my castle story anyway, just make it up as you go along, risky but originality deeply affects the overall quality of your final product. Also I'm a very amateur writer, I'm probably not the best guy for plot advice when it's not Government conspiracy or a mystery detective style thing. But I stick by my last piece, plan it out before you do stuff, and while you're writing the final product ... wing it

10/30/2012 #6
keys of fate

hmm ok but i still don't know how to get Hope to- WAIT I GOT IT i can say that the gang of final fantasy 13 goes out exploring more of gran pulse (after the game ends) and hope takes another pulse armament joyride (which ends like the other HORRIBLY WRONG) and then he finds a *giggle* red and blue cie'th waystone that take to blood gulch outpost alpha (before episode 1) GENIUS.

but i do want to have vanille and fang back and there old l'cie powers back do you have any idea for that?

10/30/2012 #7

Why do a crossover with Final fantasy XIII? why not the good ones like Final fantasy X or better yet the greatest game ever created by Square. Final Fantasy VII?

8/16/2014 #8
keys of fate

Because I wanna see more FFXIII crossovers out there. and even though it may not be as great as Final Fantasy VII, I still think it's a great game with an awesome story.

8/16/2014 #9
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