Private RP: The Letters of Sangrey
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Carol leaned off the branch, laughing happily as her hair flew out behind her. God, she felt free... why couldn't everyday be like this? Instead of studying all the damn time. (*nods* I like that idea. :D Should the people come out and see her or should she fall? I just... don't know.)

8/9/2012 #31

"CAROL! That BRANCH doesn't look very-" Eden freezes as the branch creaks slowly. (Go for your life)

8/9/2012 #32

(Imma go for both. MWHAHA)

Carol's eyes widen as she began to feel, but instantly she began to think of the next branch she could grab.

Eden's scream alerted their neighbors. They looked out the window and gasped. "Carol SANGREY!" the woman of the house, Janey, screamed as she ran out of the house. She was not going to have a law suit on her plate this time.

"Eden! What happened?!" Mark, the man of the house, looked over to the sister of the falling girl.

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Eden stood under Carol with her arms out. "Shut up and help!" she yells.

8/9/2012 #34

Carol smirks as she grabs a limb, but instead of staying on that branch she swings to the next with the momentum of the fall. Through the whole thing she can't stop laughing.

Jeane can only stare at the annoying girl in her yard.

Mark nods, racing over to Eden, but gasps when Carol swings around the tree like it was second nature to her.

8/9/2012 #35

Eden smiles a bit, looking up at her. "She's going to break your whole tree, Mr. Lewis."

8/9/2012 #36

(Robinson. XD)

Evantually, Carol swings down with a grin. "DID YOU SEE ME?!"

Jeane finally snaps out of her stupor and stomps over. "You stupid girl! How dare you sneak into my yard?! Do you know how much money you could have cost me?!"

Carol did not know the woman can be so loud or look so much like a hot dog, dang, she's really hungry. She wonders if her parents have hot dogs... (Do you want to play the parents?)

8/9/2012 #37

The twin's father Eric looked over the fence. "Jeez, Mark, I'm really sorry about Carol..she's lively, you know how young ones are. Carol, get over here. Eden..."

Eden is already beside him. XD

8/9/2012 #38

Carol sighed loudly, walking over with her head hanging.

Jeane snorted. "Don't let her in my yard again, Sangrey!"

The monkey daughter left the Robinson's yard, knowing she was never going to leave the house again. Ever. She was dead meat... Hm, hot dogs... (XD)

8/9/2012 #39

Eric shook his head. "Ehat were you doing, trespassing like that?" he rubs his temples. "Your mother says you do it for the attention, but honestly, Jeane Robinson is nuts.."

8/9/2012 #40

"I wanna to climb the tree! And it wasn't for attention." Carol grumbled as they walked into the house. "I want hot dogs."

8/9/2012 #41

Eric sighed. "Then make some." He went back to his study to read the newspaper, sipping his coffee.

(Tahoo won't let me send anything -_- so: Yeah, I can join, and slightly freaked that you named a character after me, not sure how to react)

8/9/2012 #42

Carol grinned happily, racing over to the fridge. "Do you want one Eden?" She looked back at the sister with the camera.

(Tahoo? :D Please don't be... I just couldn't think of anything...)

8/9/2012 #43

Eden shrugged, snapping a picture. "A hot dog, if there's enough."

(YAHOO! I meant.. And okay..)

8/9/2012 #44

Carol grinned happily. "Oh, we get a whole pack." She pulled it out to show her sister. "What's up with the picture?"

8/9/2012 #45

Eden smiles. "I like taking pictures! Ifound the camera in the attic. It's..Polaroid..?"

(XD reply on PJ! You reposteddd the same reply)

8/9/2012 #46

Carol smiled, cooking. "Sounds old. I like it. But why take a picture of me?"

(-____- You're kidding. And I need to tell you that I'm going on Vaca for a week on Monday. I will have internet sometimes, so I can talk to you then...

I edited it for you. :D)

8/9/2012 . Edited 8/9/2012 #47

Eden shrugs. "Why not? You're standing there. I need to figure out how this thing works."

(I will HOPEFULLY be on vacation for a week from Saturday..but probably not DX and thanks for telling me!)

8/9/2012 #48

Carol laughed. "You didn't want to take a picture of the tree?" She stared at the hot dogs like they were her last meal.

(Okay... So the week after next? And you're welcome. I'll probably get your postcard then. :D)

8/9/2012 #49

Eden blinks. "I did! You were too busy swinging around to notice.."

(Maybeeee. Where are you off to? :)

8/9/2012 #50

"Oh.... Can I see it?" Carol grinned, turning to her sister. She loved how her sister could take pictures and they always seem to be the best. She envied her sister in that way. Art had always been her thing.

(Canada. :D Fun place.)

8/9/2012 #51

Eden shrugs and holds the photo out. She feels her cheeks redden, knowing that Carallied to look at art.

(Cool my godmother lives there)

8/9/2012 #52

Carol took it and grinned. "Always the best.." The pan started boiling and she jumped up, taking the hot dogs out. "Theyre done."

8/9/2012 #53

Eden gets out the plates for the food, and ketchup, and the hotdog buns. She smiles at the smell. "Niice.."

8/9/2012 #54

Carol laughed. "I made water boil with hot dogs in it. Not the biggest thing, sis." She handed the plate of hot dogs to Eden for her to put them in the buns.

8/9/2012 #55

Eden got them in the buns and bit into hers. She watches Carol. "You know it's..tomorrow..?"

8/9/2012 #56

"Mup." Carol nodded with her mouth full of hot dog and bun. "It'll be the easiest test I've ever taken."

8/9/2012 #57

Eden looks away. "If you say so..." she takes another photo of Carol, uneasy.

8/9/2012 #58

Carol sees how her sister is acting and sighs. "You know I'll miss you..." she whispers, looking around for her parents afterwards before going on. "If there is a way... I will talk to you somehow, okay?"

8/9/2012 #59

Eden looks at her, startled. "I...don't know anything about your choice, I mean, that's your decision, and it's private, and please phone me." She puts her face in her hands.

8/9/2012 #60
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