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We should have a thread about our favorite phanfic scenes. Why don't we already have that thread? Well it's hump day, and I'm procrastinating at work, so here are three of mine. I wish someone could make a gif of them, so they replay over and over the same way they do in my mind... but the writing was so good that they'd have to be text gifs.

The Kiss from Chapter 16 of Mandy the O's An Eternity of This. Kiss with a capital K. The story is a continuation of POTO after Christine has left, and the OC (whom I want to be friends with, BTW) kisses Erik in the tunnels because the managers are coming around the corner and she doesn't want them to recognize him. It takes him awhile to warm up to it, but then boy howdy, he is IN. There's tongue. And grunting. It's all very descriptive, very well-written, and anyone writing their own kissing scene should go read it. It's educational. On so many levels.

In Chapter 21 of VeroniqueClaire's Volée (a modern-day James Bond-ish retelling), Christine meets Erik in his music room, and she's wearing a bridal gown which he isn't expecting. He's pouring a flute of champagne for her, but when he sees her in the dress, the flute falls straight out of his hand and shatters on the floor. I wish I had that effect on a man.

In Chapter 23 of Terpsichore92's Guarded Hearts (another modern story, in which Erik is Christine's bodyguard), Christine has persuaded Erik to take her out to the opera. She's another character that I badly want to be friends with. This Christine is klutzy, disorganized, and fun. But for their opera night, she dresses to the nines for him, and gets her hair and makeup and gown done as though she's modeling for photography. When she finally, finally, comes out of her bedroom to meet him, he can't take his eyes off of her. And she just blushes and casually asks, "Like what you see, Mr. Draven?" Again, I wish I could have an opportunity to ask a question like that. Oh, well. This whole story is a gem, and it isn't even finished.

So what are your favorite phanfic scenes? Please, please tell us! I can't be the only one bookmarking specific chapters because of how good they are.

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