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Secret and Strange Angel

Hi all,

I have been really missing reading WTIE'S fanfics since she took them down. Does anyone have copies they saved to their computer? (I did not have the foresight to do this). I would really appreciate if someone would be kind enough to email me some of them (esp Partnership of the Heart and Heal My Heart, but anything would be great!)


4/13/2010 #1
Really Useful Author

I would also love to find copies of her stories! :( The only one I have been able to track down is An Arranged Love.

9/12/2010 #2
Secret and Strange Angel

Hey I have managed to find a copy of "A Lifetime of Love." Swapsies??

9/12/2010 #3
Secret and Strange Angel

And if anyone has a copy of "Heal My Heart" I would LOVE a copy!

9/12/2010 #4
Really Useful Author

Definitely! Where should I send you a copy?

9/12/2010 #5

hey! can you please send me a copie too,please? i will appreciate :)

9/18/2010 #6

someone has "lessons in love"? it's my favorite.

9/18/2010 #7
A.P. Reich

Oh please send me A lifetime of Love" as well!

11/21/2010 #8
doctor katy

Hi, I love waytoointoeriks stories and I'm trying to track them down, I only have An arranged love so far, I'd be really grateful if you'd email me () A lifetime of love and if I get any of the other stories I will email them to you. Many thanks.


11/22/2010 #9

If anyone could email me any of her stories, I'd appreciate it.

12/14/2010 #10

Wow, I was looking for a long time. Would you please be so kind and email me as well? annamariadv20(at)

12/29/2010 #11

Do you have a copy of Lessons in Love? If you do I would REALLY love it if you could send me a copy. If not, do you by any chance know somebody who does?

Thank You So Much.


1/28/2011 #12

could you please send a copy to me?

3/13/2011 #13
Erika Dyer

I would also really appreciate it if someone could send me any of them they have! I miss these stories so much!

4/27/2011 #14
Shimmer of Grey

If you could send me a copy of An Arranged Love, I would be soooo grateful!!!


5/5/2011 #15
Shimmer of Grey

Accually if anyone could send me whatever they have that would be great! I had them saved but lost the disc (still looking for it!!).

razors edge 1 6 at cox dot net (remove spaces and fill in words)

Thank you!!!

5/5/2011 . Edited 5/5/2011 #16

Hi everyone,

Just wondering...WHERE ARE YOU FINDING THEM? I've looked *everywhere* (or so it seems) but to no avail :( I don't have anything to trade, but if someone has a copy and is willing to share, I would be eternally grateful (seriously, those stories were my happy pills).

6/15/2011 #17

Ditto! These were the stories I liked to sit down and read when I was tired and cranky and stressed out. There was a tremendous sweetness to them that was soothing. So, if anyone's got a copy of anything, I'd trade my first-born, uh, dog for them.

Regards, Dgrl

7/30/2011 #18

Hi all WTIE here, I have a new story up! I am also thinking about doing another blog give away. Thank you for all the support :-)

9/4/2011 #19

can you send me a copy of any waytoointoerik stories u have? and ill send you mine please i miss reading them so much send them to kateroutlaw(at)

5/21/2014 . Edited 5/21/2014 #20

Hi All!

I have quite a few of WTIE's fics, so I've gone ahead and made them available for download off of my site: serdd89 (dot) wordpress (dot) com

You can find them under "Fanfiction Collections" - "Phantom of the Opera" - at the very bottom under "Waytoointoerik".

I hope this helps! And if you happen to have any of her fics that I don't have listed; I would LOVE to get them from you in order to make it a complete collection. :D

Happy Reading!

2/8/2015 #21

Serdd: You are my new favorite person. Just saying. And its in epub so I can put them on my kindle. I will love you forever.

2/23/2015 . Edited 2/23/2015 #22
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