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7/11/2012 #1

Name: Samantha Darte, but only goes by Sam

Appearance: long, layered blonde hair with red on the right side, very pale, short and has a petite figure

Age: 14

Personality: Loves fires. Always has her lighter with her. She is not super smart, but isn't dumb. She isn't a very big people person, and tends to stick to one group of people. Tends to do crazy things for the thrill of it, such as waiting until the last minute to step out of the way of a car. She has a "if it's not dangerous it's not fun" attitude.

Bio: She just moved to Lillian, Ohio, with her father after her mother and father got a divorce. Her twin brother Charles stays with their mother. Her father Jack, is a pretty relaxed father that let's Sam do pretty much whatever she wants.

9/12/2012 #2
Avery Drew Lindley Age:15. Personality: She just wants to be one of the guys. She loves anything dangerous. She is short tempered and rebellious. She'll do anything to prove you wrong. She is smart, sarcastic, and a smartass. Bio: She moved to Lillian a year after the alien happened for reasons unknown with her brother Henson and her mother Marlene. Cousin of Alice. She becomes best friends with Cary and friends with Joe. She has a love/hate friendship with Charles
3/8/2013 #3
Name: Alex Age: 14 Personality: shy, quiet, invisible Bio: she is Cary's older sister. She never met the gang but has seen them around. She thinks Martin is cute if you take off his glasses. The gang doesn't know about her but she wants to change that.
5/18/2013 #4
The Sad Silver Wolf
Name: Tawney Gordon ___ Age: 14 ___ Height: 5'3" ___ Hair color: light caramel color. ___ Hair ength and style: below her shoulders/ messy bun and sometimes a ponytail. ___ Eye color: Hazel with green flecks ___ Personality type: ENFP ___ Personality: Tawney tries her best to be positive and likeable,but she knows she isn't allowed to date until she's sixteen. Shes cool with it, though,and believes that if a guy truely likes her, then he would be willing to wait for her. She gently pushes away guys and treats them all equally as friends...well she acts like it. She's really into art and she doesn't mind being the center of attention. She does her best to be the glue that keeps everyone together. She's outgoing, confident, kind, and somewhat stubborn. When she grows up, she wants to help create real movies. ___ Friends: When she first moved to Lillian Ohio, Tawney met Preston in her Social Studies class, and they became pretty good friends. Eventualy, he introduced her to Charles and told her they were making a movie. She offered to help. Then, in the making of a scene, she also met Joe, Martin, ad Cary. She is also a friend of Alice Dainard. ___ Bio: She was born in Pennsylvania but her family moved to a suburban area in Carmel Indiana. She stayed there with her parents until they divorced when she was around nine. Her father moved back to Ireland where he was born and her mother stayed in the house Tawney had grown up in. She lived there for four more years until her mother decided to move to a nice place called Lillian Ohio. Tawney stayed at her father's place for three weeks hefore the move, then returned to her new home and new school sporting the irish accent that always returned when she visited ireland. At her new school, Tawney made friends easily, but about a month after she had arrived,Joes mother was killed in a steel mill accident. (I will leave it at that…) ___ Crush: Tawney tries to act the same around all of the boys and she cares deeply about all of them...It seems like some of them are crushing on her, and she seems to be a bit worried for Cary. It's undecided. (they think she's playing hard toget hehe) ___ Other: Is this forum alive?
11/21/2015 #5

Name: Veronica Rodriguez

Nickname: Vera, Ronnie

Age: 12

Looks: medium length chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, sometimes wears hair clips

Personality: ambitious, logical, sarcastic, tough, independent-minded, loyal

Likes: singing, roller skating, photography, art, riding her bike

Dislikes: jerks, egotistical people, being talked down to

Friends: Joe(close friend),Carey, Alice(close friend), Preston, Charles

Enemies: none

Crush: Carey or Preston

Backstory: Veronica is the middle child of four kids. Her dad works in the fire department and her mom is a schoolteacher. Her and Joe are close friends because her dad and his dad went to high school together. She ends up being the makeup artist for the movie

Other: none rn

10/25/2019 . Edited 10/25/2019 #6
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