The Caravan of Basilla River
A demigoddess, a brat, a buzzkill, a big brother, a bully's dream, and the King of Awkward all go out to collect myrrh one day... An FF:CC story-RP by The Trinity Tree and SasukeBlade.
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The Trinity Tree



This is a quick reference list for all RP characters. It should contain all basic info about a character's appearance, personality and family. A character's layout should be something similar to the following:


Nickname: If applicable.








Any other information: Things like weaponry/magic skills, character development, or major points in their history as the RP goes on, should go here.

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The Trinity Tree

Name: Brandt Brenner

Nickname: Bran, Spike

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race: Lilty

Appearance: Typical, bare-head style appearance. Blue eyes and unruly sprouthead hair.

Trade: Miller. He's pretty strong from hauling around bags of flour, but he never really liked having to get up early to tend the ovens.

Family: Merl and Hanni (father and mother), and four younger siblings - Adie (12), Mimi (9), Mica (5) and Cray (4). Brandt's very protective of his family and joined the caravan to contribute directly to their safety.

Personality: Brandt's a down to earth, confident and pragmatic kid. He's generally very easy to get along with, but you'll lose his interest if you start being all philosophical and complicated. He likes all kinds of home cooking, even if it's terrible, and anyone who can take a joke. He doesn't like poetry, or being bossed about when you could have just asked politely.

Since he comes from a big family full of kids, he's used to a noisy environment and settling petty disputes. He's developed plenty of patience as a result, but he did hope that joining the caravan would get him away from that, so he'll get a little exasperated if a situation descends into name-calling and foot-stamping.

Any other information: Brandt carries a lance of dark metal, newly forged as a present to celebrate his joining the caravan. He has no magical prowess whatsoever, but he doesn't see this as a problem. He struggled a little in school with numbers, and his spelling is questionable. If he needs anything written down he usually asks someone else to help.

Mentor: Amelie, a tough and cheerful Clavat lady who specialised in offense and wry smiles.

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Name: Idra Allovanti

Nicknames/Aliases/Titles: the Kore (The Maiden), Priestess

Gender: female

Age: 17

Race: Yuke

Appearance: Her fur is black with grey ticking, giving her a frosted appearance. She prefers to wear flowing tunics, trousers, and boots. Her favorite colors are bright, though she is forbidden to wear scarlet due to her vows. During her aspect as The Maiden, she wears a long, flowing gown of undyed linen and her bright blue priestess robes. Like all Yukes, she wears a helm almost constantly. Only the Goddess may see her face so long as she is sworn to her.

Trade: Priestess, healer, herb-woman

Family: The Allovantis are a large Yuke clan that was rooted in Shella. They have spread since, and small groups of her kin may be found in Alfitaria and even Tipa. Her close family consists of her father Weldion (45), her mother Drusilla (39), her sister Jansien (14), and her brother Almeran (7).

Personality: Idra is young and serious, particularly due to the high ranked positions she has taken despite her years. Like many Yuke girls, she is self-conscious of her body and recognizes all too well the way that other races view hers. She believes that there is good in everyone and that people will do the right thing given the opportunity. She joined the caravan in order both because of her desire to do good and also to help her make the future transition from The Maiden to another aspect.

Any other information: The Kore, or the maiden, must be pure of heart and dedicated to the Goddess. At the age of fifteen Idra passed the trials and took part in the full dedication ceremony. She is sworn to celibacy as the maiden and may not lie with another person for so long as she remains dedicated. At times, she is able to call upon the Goddess for guidance or channel her other aspects.

She is skilled with Cure, Clear, and herb lore. She carries a warhammer and a ceremonial dagger, but it's more a symbol than anything.

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The Trinity Tree

[You make my characters seem incredibly not thought out sometimes :P ]

Name: Nai Arin

Nicknames: Nai, Stop Complaining

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Selkie

Appearance: Pale skin, green eyes and shoulder-length white-blonde hair. She's very pretty, and likes to be told so. Is slightly insulted if you don't comment on it. Slightly curvier than her athletic sister in law Zara Feh.

Trade: Merchant

Family: Gan Rah and Rina Yu (father and mother), and older sister Foo Kloo (21). Foo is married to Zen Gatt.

Personality: As the youngest child of her family, Nai feels overshadowed by her overachieving older sister. Foo has already conquered all domestic bases by stepping up to take over the family business (which Nai has very little skill or interest in), getting married and recently announcing she was going to have a baby. Nai was used to having her parents' full attention when she was younger, so this has not sat well with her. She decided to join the caravan in an attempt to prove she is just as good as her sister, only at different things.

Nai comes off as vain and easily annoyed, with a tendency to be mean if you hurt her feelings. If you are patient with her and toss in the occasional compliment, she becomes much more tolerable to be around.

Any other information: Nai fights with a heavy racket, which she uses to bludgeon enemies. She's fast as hell and will fight dirty. She's also been informed that she has the potential to use magic, but so far she hasn't really tried and isn't very interested. She's smarter than she looks.

Mentor: Jan Fen, a stern Selkie man who had little patience for Nai's initially flippant attitude and did an excellent job of curbing her frivolity.

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[Pfft, Trin, and I am jealous of your easy way with description!]

Name: Brendan Weaver

Nickname: Bren, Brenda (by his older brothers whenever they caught him sewing)

Gender: male

Age: 16

Race: Clavat

Appearance: Tall, a bit gangly after his most recent growth spurt. Has some muscle from transporting goods for his mother. Seems to have a permanent furrow between his brows. Dark hair, light brown eyes.

Trade: Tailor

Family: Emelia (mother), older brothers Harold (21), Casey (18), and Daniel (17), little sister Chelsea (9). His older brothers all went into other trades or the financial aspects of the tailor trade.


Though Brendan loves sewing and enjoys making clothes, he is sick and tired of being bullied by his older brothers for not being man enough. He wants to prove that he is more than man enough, and since his brothers were too afraid to join the caravan, well, why not? He is skilled in domestic chores, as he spent lots of time as a child helping his mother out. He's a total mama's boy. Brendan is easygoing and tends to believe in "live and let live." He is helpful to a fault and a people pleaser.

Any other information:

Brendan prefers daggers. Though he wishes he could start the journey with a glorious sword, he is sensible enough to know he doesn't have enough training and would likely only get himself killed. He has only a little skill with offensive magics currently, but works best with Thunder.

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The Trinity Tree

Name: Rocanthus Pharan

Nickname: Roc

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Yuke

Appearance: Reddish and cream stripes, bronze helmet with a short beak on the front. His wings are quite small.

Trade: Alchemist. Rocanthus enjoys the complexity and predictability of science, but his father's methods are experimental and haphazard and usually result in something ending up on fire.

Family: Only child of Thenwyn (his father). His mother died when he was young, so he doesn't really remember her. He spent a lot of his childhood at his aunt Araminta's house, and has two cousins - Tamethan and Garnet. Araminta observes the goddess-based religion of most of Basilla's Yukish residents, while Thenwyn is a little lax following the death of his wife.

Personality: Rocanthus is a thoughtful soul who is worried that his new caravanning companions will attach the stereotypical "stuffy know-it-all Yuke" tag to him. This is mostly because he is smart, responsible and level-headed, which to the untrained eye looks a lot like boring. He hopes that responsibility is a trait that will earn him respect on the caravan instead of ridicule.

Girls of all types and races fluster him, thanks to his aunt's lectures on the subject. He figures that anything the caravanning life can throw at him cannot be worse than having his father's experiments exploding in his face all the time at home.

Any other information: Roc is highly skilled in all basic attack spells, but his healing magic is erratic. His defensive ability hasn't kicked in yet. He finds this a little worrying, since most Yukes pick it up during childhood. His grandfather was a caravanner, and Roc has inherited his hammer.

Mentor: The supermage Augustus, a Yuke man with an unexpectedly immature sense of humour. He excelled in all attack magics.

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Name: Zara Feh

Nickname: Zara, Bizarra, Blizzara

Gender: female

Age: 19

Race: Selkie

Appearance: Tan skin, silver hair, green eyes. She is physically very strong and athletic. She tends to look unhappy or grouchy all the time and hates when people comment on it.

Trade: Fisherfolk, they also run the river ferry.


Kam Joo (bio father), Gil Weh (father), Oda Tih (auntie, Gil's sister, technically her biological mom), Pah Che (sister, 21), Zen Gatt (brother, married to Foo Kloo, 22), Sota Rin (sister, 16), Kia Moh (sister, 15). Her family not only lives alongside Oda Tih's family (who has other children who are also her half sibs) but also lives with her father Kam's sister Mah Sie's family. It is a thankfully large but still crowded house with children constantly underfoot.


Zara is not impressed with you, to say the least. As a middle child with far too many younger cousins and sibs and far too many immature older cousins and sibs, she feels she has seen it all and then some. She takes part in all of her family's work because of her sense of duty, but isn't particularly dedicated to any of it. She is very used to chaos and very capable as a result: someone has to keep a clear head around here. She prefers to keep things quiet. She does not suffer fools gladly.

Any other information:

Zara carries a double headed axe. She does not care for magic as it does not satisfy her deep need to hit things. She swims like a fish and has huge lung capacity. She can read, but doesn't really like it all that much. She likes maths and often did the accounting for her family. She has little patience and believes in the adage "If you want something done right, do it yourself."

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Caravan of Crieff Characters:

Name: Doga Ro

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Selkie

Appearance: Doga has the red bandanna from the Bandanna Selkie, and the same white furs with orange and brown leather. Though underneath the bandanna is the short teal hair of the Shark Eyes. He has the air of someone in authority or severely experienced in battle.

Trade: Hunter

Family: His blood-family believe in sparse contact, his mother and father are even in separate hunting caravans somewhere in this Godforsaken world. Me Ro (Father, 39) and Bela Fin (Mother, 35)

Personality: Fairly serious, though is known to laugh and joke in the company of Yulia. He loves her as the only family he knows. Frodon is alright, too.

Any other information: He has a small selection of weapons at his disposal, though he often rotates three. His hatchet, his daggers and his racket.


Name: Yuliannys Quezecotl

Nickname: Yulia, Yuli, Yu

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Yuke

Appearance: Spoon Yuke, the wings on her back are long. She often wears scarves and ribbons, even in battle, for when she dances.

Trade: /

Family: Orphan Yuke, grown up and hated in Leuda.

Personality: Yulia does not have the personality of a Yuke, she is simple and bubbly. She dances like a Selkie, but has an underlying talent for Magic and Science, even if she doesn't understand what she's doing all of the time.

Any other information: Yulia has both a Thunder ring and a Blizzard ring, both are crucial to their caravan's strategy. She also carries a long needle like sword.


Name: Frodon

Nickname: Frodo

Gender: Male

Age: 4

Race: Moogle

Appearance: All fluff.

Trade: Chalice Bearer/Scout

Family: Every Moogle ever.

Personality: Quirky.

Any other information:


Name: Hazelynn

Nickname: Hey, come back!

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Race: Lilty Ghost

Appearance: Misty ghost-like figure of a Lilty.

Trade: /

Family: /

Personality: Hazelynn leached on to Doga in their visit to Conall Curach last year.

Any other information: She is kept secret from everyone else, ever. She acts as a secondary scout.

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