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Ceresko Amou

i just watched MKR2 and i was wondering why clamp didn't further Umi's love interest like how fuu and hikaru... kinda pisses me off. i mean it will give some peace of mind if she ended up with someone, lol preferable with Clef. he is just so yummy! (///)

7/7/2012 #1

yeah i know! It's just soo.... i don't know how to say it but i feel lonely for Umi... it's not fair! huhuhhu

i also noticed that in the manga, Umi doesn't have any love interest at all! even for Clef... I want Clef and Umi to be together. forever! hehe

but some other people find Ascot and Umi to be a cute couple... But I am much prefer to Clef to be Umi's.... Clef is just soo.... handsome! wahaha XD

7/7/2012 #2
Ceresko Amou

ya but Asmi is just soo wrong. i mean Ascot is a boy stuck into man's body like the rest of earthlings... clef though is just dreamy... I mean he is able to put a challenge against Umi. like for example they both possessed a stubborn attitude and their temper almost at the same level. though Umi and Clef is just a good match. Ascot is too easy to tame... i would think that Umi will get bored of that kind of relationship. in contrast, even though clef and umi both have a very strong personality i could see them a very passionate lover... lol... on my story how do you see Kureha.... lol getting off subject. anyways...back to writing...

7/8/2012 #3

Oh girl you are soo right!!! Ascot is just so... how do you call it?? Lame! haha

I don't see any potential on Asmi couple because Umi is just so wild, strong and stubborn and all while Ascot is very... innocent and he's just a child...

Clef, on the other hand, is much more mature, wise and also stubborn like Umi and they both had much similarities and the only person who can break Clef's patience is Umi and they argue a lot, which I find it very sweet...

Clef is just uhh.... so HOT and HANDSOME and Umi is also beautiful and had this seductive body *pervert* hehehe

Ascot is just... I don't know how to say it but I much find Clef to be Umi's one and only lover... hahaha!!!

And oh regarding to Kureha, I find it very cute and I almost imagined him as the little Clef. haha that's because I find him very polite and his gentleman behavior is very much more similar like his father. hahaha and hey if you don't mind, can you make him talk like Clef to? I mean its gonna be very adorable if Kureha will talk like his father. A little bit of diplomatic style on his way of speaking like putting his sentences like "thou" "Thy" etc....

hehe that's my suggestion anyway and oh your story rocks!

7/10/2012 #4
Ceresko Amou

lol I was thinking of that too! :D I mean they are related. like I am mostly like my father (very adventurous.. hahhah) anyways... i was thinking that he will have diplomatic side, but at the same time a temper combine from both of his parents when he gets mad... wow that's kinda scary. i hope he doesn't get a hold of Clef's staff and start hitting everyone...

on The ASMI conversation...... ascot is just way too innnocent for our Umi. clef has experience if you know what i am talking abouy //// lol hentai....

lol can you see thinks gets broken when Our Umi and clef starts to fight... so hilarious. anyways... I am making a Fanart of Kureha... but its so hard to incorporate Umi's character appearance with clef... lol i just finish it and now i am editing it on photoshop... make him look more animeish... hahhaha.

btw i think chapter is going to be very long... so be patience with me ok...

7/11/2012 #5
Ceresko Amou

forgot to tell i think i might consider making kureha talk like clef.... but without the old world (thy, thou?) he is going to sound like the rune gods... lol. anyways... since he was raise in Europe i would say that you should imagine him with an english accent bc their accent make them soo yummy. lol my husband has an English accent and boy our relationship is just like Umi and Clef. His a 5 years older than me... i know not that close where UMi's age difference but you can't find that kind of stuff. We both have very stubborn and temper to boot... i guess what I am saying some of the funny fighting scene will b base of my relationship with him. since when i think about it, its just so funny when we argue. anyways thanks for your support. i'll make sure to mention you on the next chapter.

7/11/2012 #6

haha ok ok... the English accent is fine

hehe I never thought that your married. i wish i could find my Clef someday... *sigh*

I'll be waiting for the update then... Can't wait to read it...

7/12/2012 #7

oh yes! that'll be nice! Umi and Clef's temper... I bet Kureha will be very scary... haha XD Ferio will better be start running and the other to! haha and oh can you make Kureha a gentleman to Hikaru and Fuu? It'll be very cute!

haha girl I know what you mean (///) lol we're so hentai... hahaha

your avatar... is it Kureha?

7/12/2012 #8
Ceresko Amou

it is kureha! lol isn't he kawaii! i was looking Clef's ova and anime images and thought of this. what you think?

lol i know we are so hentai! though at least we have and outlet for our imagination....

ohh ya definitely with kureha being a gentleman towards the girls! and more boyish around Ferio and lantis... lol you and I could be an evil genius!

lol i had a dream of clef the other day. i think will put that in one of the chapters of the story... hehhehehe.

7/12/2012 #9

wow kawaii! it's super cool! i don't know how to draw in the computer so.. i'll just stick to traditional art... hahaha

haha i know girl!

haha we're already evil geniuses.. hahaha XD i can't wait to read it

waahh really??? i want to know!!!

7/13/2012 #10
Ceresko Amou

well in the dream Kureha miraculously grew up... then he has his own rune god. but its that robot thing in escaflowne... if you had watch escaflowne you'll know exactly what i am talking about. anyways. he is like in hysterical and he is using Umi's power to attack Clef. since /clef hasn't been been nice to Umi. and i think he is going one on one with clef... losing. and kureha is draining Umi's power.... but clef doesn't know who is kureha till he told him. lol he kidnap Umi...

when i woke up i was so upset since the dream didn't finish... so i will be making up the rest of the fight.... lol...

7/13/2012 #11
Ceresko Amou

lol don't you think kureha in the fanart looks british in a way.... hahhaha

7/13/2012 #12

wahhh... I'm speechless... does this mean that Kureha is... bad? Kureha is losing??? Kureha? draining her own mother's power? is this going to be an action/hurt story?!!! wow! O_O

this is going to be thrilling!!! weeehh!!! to bad your dream didn't finished...

anyway Kureha still looks British... Kureha looked older in the picture but i find it ok

7/13/2012 #13
Ceresko Amou

oh in the dream kureha's growth and power was cause of his anger for Clef's you know fighting and blaming and other drama. anyways his not a bad guy. at least i donn't think so.... he is being manipulated by someone (ill let you find it for yourself when you read it? (_) )

and his draining umi's power because his real power hasn't emerge yet. you know the fact he is still not being train.

oooohh.. this turning out like an anime hahahha.

can you see clef and kureha fighting.? btw kureha was not losing in the dream, clef was... since kureha has the power of both a magic knight and a madoushi he is kinda powerful...

7/13/2012 #14

ahhh i see.... he was angry! wahaha he is definitely scary! wahahaha XD I can't wait to read it!

ohhh... i want to let Clef see Kureha's child form... is he going to see it???

yeah! Kureha is stronger! huhuhu poor Clef getting bitten up... Hope Kureha doesn't go too far or else... i can't say it...

anyway, is your story ready to be published???

7/14/2012 #15
Ceresko Amou

ya i am planning to let clef to see kureha's child form. i don't know if he will accept him yet. thinking of a good twist. you know ;D

also i will not beat up clef too much since i do love the guy!

and what do you mean "am i ready for my story to get publish?"

7/14/2012 #16
Ceresko Amou

btw i like the new image in the forum its soo cute..

7/14/2012 #17

thanks for the comment! actually the forum image was me and my sister's drawing! i drew Clef and my sister drew umi What do you think? hehehe what i am trying to say is that is chapter 3 ready to be published or not? just asking

7/15/2012 #18
Ceresko Amou

oooh.... 0.o i got it. i luv the drawing you guys really captured clef and umi's passionate. ;J

chapter i am transferring chapter three into my laptop. since i write the original in my notebooks. since words just flies in my head when i have a paper and pencil versus the laptop. in the computer i get distracted sooo easily that's why i never get anything done. anyways. it will take a couple days since i still have to edit it.... sorry....

7/15/2012 #19

ah ok :)

I'll wait then...

7/17/2012 #20
Ceresko Amou

yep.. thanks for the w8.. lol i hope i get alot of views...

hey have yo wondered why the yaoi fanfiction gets more views than regular fanfic?

7/17/2012 #21

that I don' know.... maybe they find it... interesting? I don't know... I don't usually read those kind of fic... I find it very.. unusual

7/23/2012 #22
Ceresko Amou

i used to read sasunaru fanfic, but its started to get boring because its all the same plot and enemy....

so any back at clemi....

i don't know what powers kureha should have... i was ready to pull my hair out... maybe a little help would be much appreciated. lol

btw i think Jun-kun in facebook likes you... btw.. (///)

7/23/2012 #23

what??? lol! haha he is my sister's classmate! wahaha XD

but you know, my sister's classmates really admired me when i was a senior back then... i joined an election of officers back then and whenever i pass by, they would cheer my name and lol it was very embarrassing! but i was flattered at the same time XD

7/27/2012 #24
Ceresko Amou

whaaaa! kawaii! you have a fan club... lol

when i was in highschool. i was in a rock band and everyone knows me and i used to post video in youtube so when i go to comic convention to cosplay i will get mob by fan girls and fan boys. lol. it was crazy (-__-)

7/27/2012 #25

haha lol! well i couldn't call it a fan club

wow really?! you cosplay! what character did you cosplayed?

7/29/2012 #26
Ceresko Amou

i cosplay naruto, umm... sora from KH2, and lenalee from d.grayman, and shuichi from gravitation, lol i am trying to lose weight to cosplay umi or hikaru... lol

7/29/2012 #27

haha lol! that is sooo awesome!!! i wish could do cosplay... someday...

8/5/2012 #28
Ceresko Amou

i guess it is... but i haven't won anything for my cosplay so i have to do better this time. its really hard to cosplay when you have a tan... i have to stay inside for couple of months so i not tan... there are so limited anime characters that is tan.. so its hard. sometimes whenever i go to convention and i don't have an idea i just go as anime cafe made.... (__)

btw if you cosplay once you wouldn't be able to stop its so addicting.

8/9/2012 #29

that's okay.. at least you enjoyed doing it! actually we have a cosplay con here but i never had a chance to join one cause i don't know what to cosplay nor my parents will allow me to do that -___- it's so sick when you have strict parents sometimes...

but anyway hopefully i'll be able to do that/...

8/10/2012 #30
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