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Right, so I thought that we could use a topic to talk about whatever was on our minds, or bothering us, or whatever, really. Just anything we feel like discussing.

I suppose I'll start, then. I really hate the idea of going back to school in a month. The summer went much too fast :/

8/9/2012 #1

Tottaly agree =x Althrough now I'm starting to like my classess... I still have lots of things planned to do while school is not to bother and from that list I've only made 1 from what I've planned...

Curiosity: Did any of you knew that some..."20" years ago, the kids used to have 4 months of Summer holidays? 80's Rule! han?

8/9/2012 . Edited 8/9/2012 #2

Four months?!! lucky!!

I just moved to Canada, so I'm not looking forward to starting at a new school. My accent (Irish) will probably make me stand out a bit.

I kept on thinking "Well, I don't have to worry 'til August." And was august!

8/9/2012 #3

x'D Seems like August was a pretty "troll" to you.

Wow, you're Irish! I love the men's tradition of wearing... "Skilts"? ..not sure how it's written... But the music from your country, it's so beautiful! D: Althrough I had to study it on my classes, I still love it! Great great country you had!

8/9/2012 #4

Haha, thanks :) I love playing traditional music (though my sister says that my fiddle playing souns like a cat being run over by a lawnmower) :P Have you ever heard Loreena Mckennit? i miss it quite a lot, but Canada doesn't seem half bad, either :)

Is anyone else watching the Olympics at the moment? Though, that may be a stupid question...

8/9/2012 #5

Hahahaa, seems that someone has to practice more often xP

About Loreena, I've never heard about such a wonderful voice accomplished with such a beautiful melody... I just heard "The Old Way" right now and can't believe my teacher never mentioned her... he spoke of the dance, the traditional music, something about pubs... But I can't believe that he didn't even played one of her songs for us, I'm really loving that melody! 'Ya know if she composes the song's melody too?

No, I'm not watching the Olympics, my country beat Germany today on canoeing so I'm too happy to see my other players failing x)

I don't doubt about Canada... Comparing it to any country in Europe.. Canada it's more like the other side of the coin.

8/9/2012 #6

hah, that sounds like something my twin sister would say.

Ooh, Loreena Mckennit. She's fantastic; I love "Old Ways' abd "Beltane Fire". I didn't know she composed it, wow. Wow. Wow. I sang her song "Skellig" at my granddad's funeral (and probably sounded awful). I feel so sorry for her though, since her fiance, her brother and her friend all died in the same boating accident. I always thought that "Old Wyas" could have a double meaning about that.

My country's doing terribly; last time I checked we were losing to the US very badly. I still watch them though, since I feel that sheer will power on my part might be able to scrape us through.

It was so funny because we won our first gold a few days ago, and the tv announcers raved about it for about an hour straight, before mentioning that Great britain had just won six gold medals in one day. Yup, we're doing badly...

8/9/2012 #7

I love Loreena's "Serenissima"too ;) i want to find sheet music for it.

Canada is maintaining it's badness, but hey, we got a bronze! Whoopeee!

By the by, who's turn is it to post in the role play?

8/10/2012 #8

Hey guys, my country(Portugal) will play today agains Panama, I'm going to watch it on the stadium... What do you think will happen? Portugal never gets good on this kind of games of qualification to the league... So I'm not sure about this... Through that, who do you think will win? And Who will make the goals?

I bet for 2-0 Portugal, 1 goal for Pepe and other for CR7.

8/15/2012 #9

I don't know much about either teams' players, but I'd be cheering for, and betting on Portugal. At a random, wild guess, 3-1.

8/15/2012 #10
Yep, Portugal won for 2-0. Cristiano Ronaldo, almost didn't saw the ball, but when he knew, he just had kicked her and threw her making the final goal. At least of this player I know you've heard for sure.
8/15/2012 #11

Ah well, I guess I was a little off. Drat. Anyway, go Portugal :) And yes, I have heard of him.

8/15/2012 #12

Hi there, I've been out for a couple of days, on some "Anime convention" adventure, and so I thought about share this part of the world with you. Have you ever been in one? OR do ya even know what's Anime, Manga? If you know this terms, between them and Comic, which one do you prefer? I've to say that I love comic. Specially the old ones althrough the draws evolved so well during half a century... Still, Manga is the easiest thing to find on internet and always has more story than the animes...

But if you don't know what I'm talking about:

Anime: Animated TV shows, like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, Yo-Gi-Oh, I think at least of these you may've heard.

Manga: It's the "Comics" of the Anime. Before the story is sent to the screen, it has a comic book, just like Batman, spiderman, Touchman... but all in the Japanese style.

An anime convention is a place where you can by DVDs, Mangas, even true Comic Books, costumes to dress like the characters, which it's called Cosplay- COStume PLAY. You've a lot of game on which you can get into your character and when you've you cosplay suit on, you can feel free to be what the costume represents. You don't feel ashamed anymore.

If you know about this side of the world, you may know how wonderful is the feeling of going on one of those conventions. Everyone is too nice, so cute to each other, you meet people that you never thought they'd exist and you just find him the person that you can't believe that you had never meet and was not part of your life....

Have you any experience with this? On my last time, I watched a tournment of Magic Cards, I played with real swords and Katanas, and with Harry Potter's wand, watched a "Forum" discussion about MangaVSComic... I'm currently working on a suite of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. (Yeah, Games and movies are also used to do Cosplay.... on my other convention I meet Sly Cooper)

8/22/2012 #13

I've read some manga, and drawn a little (though it was probably really awful), but I must admit I've never been to a convention. I saw posters for them on the underground today, though :)

It sounds amazing, too!

I just fell in love (to my brothers' disgust) with both a movie and a character. The movie is King Arthur (2004), and the character is... *embarrassed cough* Um, well, just a character.

Has anyone else watche dthat film?

8/22/2012 #14
I didn't but it's surely one to see. Theres jerry buckheimer producing it, hans zimmer composing the music themes and keira knightley as one of the main characters... It only proves that theres more great movies to discover from 2004. I think this was the greatest year for everything... Footbal, scince, cinema, music... The pantom of Opera is the greatest prove. Even today I can't resist to that magic behind that movie :x
8/23/2012 #15
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