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If you've ever read the series, there's a club called the coffin club and a secret club where real vampires drink blood and have a good time. this is basically like that.
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7/7/2012 #1

Name: Katelyn Styles

Age: 1156 (looks 17)

Gender: Female

Species: vampire

Appearance: 5'5" and curvy, blonde hair with red streaks, one violet eye and one blue eye, pale skin.

Personality: She's always taking people's abuse and every once in a while she snaps and literally snaps someone in two. Other than that, she's pretty nice and bubbly.

Background: She grew up with her twin sister, Mary-Lynn, in an orphanage. They didn't like it there so Mary-Lynn killed the nuns and burned the orphanage down. They only saved one other kid and that was a human boy their age. When they turned 16, Mary-Lynn and Katelyn found out they were vampires and Mary-Lynn turned their friend. A thousand years later they found a club called the coffin club and began going there every night. Then someone Katelyn's friend from the orphanage. Since then Katelyn and Mary-Lynn been hunting for the person who killed him. Mary-Lynn went to Romania and Katelyn stayed near the coffin club.

Etc.: She plays violin, has trust issues, and works as a bartender for the coffin club. The REAL coffin club. She also is an expert with a bow and arrows.

Her bow:

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Name: Romy Van Halen Age: 798- looks 17 or 18 Gender: female Species: vampire Appearance: mid-back black hair with choppy front bangs. Playful but dangerous liight brown eyes. 5ft 6in. *Ill link a pic when Im on my computer* Personality: Romy is a nomad. Like her name- she likes to rome places and move around, not staying one place too long. She can be gaurded and sometimes reckless, but meaning to do what is right even if it doesnt turn out that way. Background: Romy was born into a family that didnt want a girl. In her parents eyes she would be only a burden so at a 7 Romy ran away from her Romanian home to her aunt who lived in Spain. For 3 years she lived with her aunt before her aunt died and she was once again on her own. When Romy was 12 a vampire came across her in England, kept and raised her as his "daughter" until he changed her about 7 years later. Her creator/father died a short year later from a vampire hunter attack and she was forced back into her nomadic life. -will finish in next entry-
7/29/2012 #3
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-continued!- Romy has been searching for the Immortal hunter for the past 700 years non-stop. Along the way she met Kaze -I will make an OC slip for him too!- who was also looking for the hunter. They searched non stop until they came upon the Coffin club and decided to stay a while.
7/29/2012 #4
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Name: Kaze -no last name- Age: 301 -looks 17- Gender: male Species: vampire Appearance: choppy black hair, electric blue eyes and a birthmark on his left eyelid and under- like eyeliner. Personality: quiet and quick to react. He is still torn from the loss of his creator- the love of his life- and always has a target in mind. Background: in the early 1800s Kaze made his way to America from Germany. On the ship ride over he met Letti, a vampire, and fell in love with her. On the trip over she changed him. A vampire hunter- the same one forRomy- was on the ship and found Letti asleep in her coffin and killed her leaving Kaze behind. He met Romy in New York 2 years later. Extra: he can play classical piano. EXTRA FOR ROMY: Romy is a talented artist but doesnt share her work, also a composer and can play the violin and guitar- per her "fathers" request. Also has inverted cross tattoos on both wrists and her "fathers" name under the right cross.
7/29/2012 #5

name: Jacob Vanderwoodson

Age: 634 (looks 17)

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Appearance: 6'1" lean but not particularly muscular, black hair that covers his right eye, eyes are blue.

Personality: Sweet. He acts like a lost puppy half the time and is always with Katelyn.

Background: He grew up with parents who rarely fed him and abused him often. His brother and his two sisters didn't survive the abuse his parents distributed. One day, Katelyn smelled his blood while she was walking by his parent's apartment. She broke into Jacob's apartment and took him away from his parents. Jacob was at the brink of death so Katelyn turned him and took him into her care. Jacob's always at the coffin club working as sort of a waiter.

Extra: He loves partying and having fun but if someone even barely touches him he breaks down and starts shaking and crying.

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This is for my friend, Jack, who will be using my account too for this! Name: Rowan Laurence Age: 289- looks 19 Gender: male Species: half witch, half vampire Appearance: light brown hair, golden eyes, pale skin. 6ft., thin and lean but slightly muscular. Personality: stubborn, charasmatic, natural tracker, deceiving and reckless at times. Background: Rowans mother was a Wicaan who was killed in the Salem witch trials while his father was a half vampire/human hybrid. His mother sent him away when she learned she would be killed. Rowan and his father ran until father became ill with an unidentified disease and died, leaving Rowan orphaned at 12. When he turned 19, when he stopped again, he came across Romy and Kaze becoming slightly obsessed with the female vamp. He keeps tabs on her to make sure she is alive and well and not being hunted. Extra: he is a genius with technology. Has his right ear pierced down the lobe. Rowans eyes change from gold to green when angered.
8/19/2012 #7

Name: Rin Omagami Age:16 Gender:female Species: vampire (unless dhampires are allowed) Apperence: Lavender eyes long white hair with what looks to be blood stains in it 5'7 skinny but not to skinny Personality: short tempered loud at times but can get very shy and worries over things. Background: She got into trouble one too many times and ended up a vampire (unless you allow dhampires) now she spends her days hanging out at the coffin club. Random Info: loves knives any thing sharp really.Has a soft spot for cats and has little faith in humanity.

9/9/2012 #8

Dhampires are allowed

9/14/2012 #9

You just made my day :D

9/24/2012 #10
Name:Sakuran Kuran Age: 1253(Look like 25yrs old.) Gender:Female Species:vampire Appearance: She has long,straight black hair.She wears black shirt with bat designs,black jeans,black fingerless gloves,black leather jacket, and black combat boots. Personality: loyal,brave,courageous,calm,collective,funny, friendly,sexy,cute,honest,outgoing,and kind Background:When she was three,her parents died as humans from illness.She ran away after her parents death with her twin sister,Serena.They both got lost in the woods as humans.Vampire sense them that they got bitten and turned into vampires.They killed the vampires who transforms them.They hunted down animals to drink animal blood. They got to a club called Coffin club.They met other vampires there. Etc.:Sakura and her twin sister learns on their own how to fight and use their powers when they need to protect themselves.
10/27/2012 #11
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