The Amazing SpiderMan! RP
Peter Parker was your average teen until a spider bite changed everything. Join Peter as he keeps his secret while fighting baddies in New York City! Roleplay, OC's welcome! STATUS: ON HIATUS
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I have nightmares about spiderman with Emo hair and dancing down the street like some terrible musical :O

7/9/2012 #31

Ahahahahahaha! That scene sent me into hysterical laughter in the cinema lol I was emo at that stage lol it was just so funny to me

7/9/2012 #32
Some people are saying it was Norman in that scene.
7/9/2012 #33

That's what I heard, but Rhys Ifan's has stated that it's not Normie.

I think the guy looks and sounds wrong for Norman, I'm expecting someone big, like ex-military maybe, built, with a deep voice.

7/9/2012 #34
What should the rp topic be called?
7/9/2012 #35

Hmm I'm not sure...

7/9/2012 #36

Something clever...but all I got is "RP Topic"

7/9/2012 #37

Yeah something clever let's but my brain on this lol

7/9/2012 #38
Should I make seperste topics for like the school and daily bugle or just leave them all in one over all city like topic?
7/9/2012 #39

That gets really confusing, I vote for one topic...

7/9/2012 #40

I think it be better off with one topic too. It's easier to keep up with what's going on with all character's that way.

7/9/2012 #41

Yeah, especially if, say, Aunt May decided to call Peter, but Aunt May Midtown High, and Peter was at the Bugle or fighting crime

7/9/2012 #42
One topic it is then! Should I just call it The city?
7/9/2012 #43

"The Adventures of NYC"?

7/9/2012 #44
That will do! Also, let's take our conversation to the chat topic so we don't fill this one up lol!
7/9/2012 #45
Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit

Yea loved the movie and in the comics Gwen dose die...and Peter did make his own device in the comics too he never had it like it did with the Toby McGuire one

7/11/2012 #46

That depends what comic your reading sometimes Spiderman does have his natural organic webbing

7/11/2012 #47

I know! I love Gwen! I hate that she died! And that she probably will have to die in this forum eventually, although I'm going to keep from it as much as possible lol!

7/11/2012 #48
Professor Meshka

Hi :) Is it cool if I have Harry? And maybe make an OC?

7/12/2012 #49
7/12/2012 #50
Professor Meshka

Thanks! Now I'm thinking of going for a sort of antihero thing for Harry but maybe you could help me out with ideas on how to fit him into the new franchise. Obviously Norman hasn't been the Green Goblin yet so I'm not sure how the New Goblin could be created :/

7/12/2012 #51
Well he can be in school with Peter and the rest of them.
7/12/2012 #52

Is Venom taken? If not I will take him.

8/14/2012 #53
He's all yours!!
8/14/2012 #54

But how hould I present Eddie in this story at first? I was thinking about having hi being good friends with Peter but being jealous at the same time of how close he is to his family. And when should the Symbiote come in?

8/14/2012 #55

Umm Well I'm not sure if Peter works at the bugle yet or not, so Idk how you could make them friends. As for the rest, you can make it already in if you want.

8/14/2012 #56

Any chance this board is still active? If so I'd gladly claim Morbius (antihero style not villain, though I'll play villain if need be)

7/2/2014 . Edited 7/21/2014 #57

He's all yours!

7/22/2014 #58
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