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RP as a canon or OC! Set after COG but including ALL characters.
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The list of all the OC's/Canons which are currently in use.

7/19/2012 #1

Jace Wayland/Herondale/Lightwood, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Clary Fray, Rasf

Sebastian Mogenstern, M.Cremisi

Amity Lonestar, Rasf

Kyle Needham, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Aria Carter, Charlotte13245

Chairman Meow, Rasf

Church, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Jennifer Moray, Angel of the SilverMoon

Gabrielle Branwell, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Isabelle Lightwood, Rasf

Alec Lightwood, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Indigo Darkhaven, BananaPotatoooooo

James Goddard, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Magnus Bane, Rasf

Jocelyn Fray, BananaPotatoooooo

Darren Nightshade, M.Cremisi

Vita Malleville, Rasf

Simon Lewis, M.Cremisi

Acheron Malachi, Thunderchild525

Kate Hale, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Zarek Darkstar, Thunderchild525

Roxas Shadowbane, Thunderchild525

Aline Penhallow, BananaPotatoooooo

Ophelia Blackstone, laura-vi0l3t

Robin Sickamore Scott, The Girl Who Ran Through Myst

Aya Stormchaser, StrangenessAndCharm17

Lucien (Luke) Graymark, StrangenessAndCharm17

Ashton Victoria Arithe, Bluenight2190

7/19/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #2
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