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Come and create characters from our beloved Mortal Instruments series! Be a werewolf, a vampire, faerie, demon, Shadowhunter, warlock, mundane, or even angels!
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Here is where you post the information on the character you wish to create and roleplay with. Please make sure you are accepted by one of the Admins/Mods before you begin RPing.

This is the outline for creating your character :)




Species: (Ex: Werewolf, Vampire, Shadowhunter, Demon, Angel, Mundane, Faerie, ect.)

Appearance: (you may add a link for a picture, but please do add some kind of description for those on phone or iPods and such who might have a hard time viewing the link)



7/10/2012 . Edited 7/10/2012 #1

Name: Schulyer Dax

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Petite formed, dark hair that reaches down to her hips. Schuyler has silver eyes with highset cheek bones. Her skin is as pale as the moon and her lips are small, pink, and well formed. Tends to wear dark colors, zipper hoodies, and super skinny jeans with either Vans or Converse shoes. Tends to have a stele or seraph blade tucked somewhere in her persona.

Personality: Schuyler has trust issues, anger issues, and just issues in general. She is highly sarcastic and tends to have the last word in things. Hates showing signs of weakness and doesn't like to have her guard down. Love listening to music and has a reputation for singing as she trains and hunts. Schuyler is highly lethal and is one of the best trained Shadowhunters of her age.

Background: Schuyler was born in Idris but lived in the States with her parents. At the age of three, her parents went missing after a hunt and she was forced to be under the head of the Washington Institute. As Schuyler grew, she was abused by the other Shadowhunters there as they were all adults. They pushed her beyond her limits and tried to break her, hence her distrust issues and short fuse. When she was seven, she ran away and steered clear of Shadowhunters, sticking with Downworlders and Mundanes. A mundane police officer found her sleeping at the park one night when her glamour was down and took her into Child Services where she was then placed into a Mundane foster home. Her mundane foster father was like the head of the Washington Institute but he attempted to physically abuse her except, Schuyler's foster brother defended her and helped her escape that home but he had to stay. When she finished her training at the age of ten she returned to look for her foster brother as she had many times before but she could not find him; he was untraceable. She spent the next seven years looking for him and when she finally found news of him, it was in Mundane police reports that stated he was dead. After completely closing off all emotions, she moved to the New York Institute.

7/10/2012 #2

((Could not leave you alone here Clone!! ;D))

Name - Xyola Sphynxington

Age - 19

Species - Shadowhunter

Appearance - Curly brunette hair that finishes at her shoulders. Angular cheekbones and bright green eyes. Has a scar the shape of an eye on the left side of her neck. Pale skin and small lips. She always wears something black, and her favourite is a black gown that falls around her feet with black gloves that her mother who died of cancer gave too her. She originates from Norway, and has a slight accent.

Personality - Xyola has a slight problem with her emotions, letting them get in the way of things. She is a focused learner and trains, however, she has a fear of death. As she has a disease which is killing her, she fears that something will increase her chances of death. She is nice to everybody if they are nice too her, and often has too bite back frustration in order too keep her heart rate down.

Background - When Xyola was thirteen, her mother died of cancer. She has a problem with men, as her father left when he found out about her mothers cancer. At fourteen, a year by herself, she decided too move to New York. When she first arrived, she stayed in a hotel. That night she was on the street, when a demon attacked her, biting straight at her chest. She should have died, but the venom mixed with her blood kept her heart beating, but at a fast pace of five hundred beats per minute. Eventually, she has been told, her heart will give out...and it won't be at an old age either. She also has a scar on her neck, which was a a type of birth mark, but looks like a wound.

7/10/2012 #3

Yay!!!!! Thank you Clone!!!!! :D

Approved! ;D

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Kitty Bane

Name: Isabella Marie Carlisle

Gender: female

Age: (Are fae immortal?) appears to be 17

Species: Fae

Appearance: ((I'll add a link later.)) Short and petite. Shes very slim, and her skin is pale with a slight bluish tinge. Her hair is purple and green, in a Mohawk cut. Her eyes are purple with a gold ring around the pupil.

Personality: she's cold, and only trusts her best friend. She is often brutally honest and doesn't really understand why people don't like being around her. She doesn't really show that she actually feels anything. She's very flirty, and often has one-night stands.

Background: She's always been a loyal follower of the queen, and has known Allie for most of her life. She only trusts him, and he's the only one that can read her. He knows what's she feeling without having to ask.

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Approved :D

lol and yes, Fae are immortal

7/10/2012 #6
Kitty Bane

Ok thanks! I forgot xD))

Name: Alexander(Allie) Garrett Lebeau.

Gender: male

Age: (recently changed) 17

Species: Vampire (used to be shadowhunter)

Appearance: ((I'll add a link later.)) he's tall and lean, with bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Hes got pale skin and long, thin fingers.

Personality: He's very hyperactive, and is very out about himself. He's always being over-dramatic and often exhausts the people around him with his personality.

Background: He was a shadowhunter when he met Isabella, and he was never very into his training, and often skipped out on his brother. He always snuck out to see Isabella, and he was always breaking the rules.

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lol no probelmo! :)



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Kitty Bane


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Name: Celine Evermore

Genter: Female

Race: Shadowhunter

Age: 17

Looks: Long brown hair with natural black streaks, pale skin, big gold eyes with burgandy specks in them, small, full lips. She has a curvy body with sculpted arms and legs. Her hair is wavy and her bangs cover most of her face, when it's down. She usually wears combat boots with skinny jeans and light, neon colored shirts under her leather jacket.

Personality: She is loud and out going, but she's also timid and quiet. She doesn't give what people say about her and she tends to be in her own little world, ignoring everyone unless someone talks to her or provokes her. She is kind of crazy but fun. She is a very caring person along with being sweet, when she wants to be. Celine is also a very skilled fighter; she is not to be messed with for she is lethal.

Background: Ran away from home when she was eleven and never went back. Roamed the streets and worked in mundane part Jobs, raising money for herself. After a year of being on the streets she moved to the Institute and trained there, months after she moved to the Institute, she got news that her parents were killed by some demons and they left her their entire fortunes, as an only child, she was basically set for more then one life time. After four years she finally finished her training. She would also sneak out at nights to hunt.

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lol obviously I'm approved xD

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Name: Kyler Pardon or Ky for short

Gender: Male

Age: Looks 18

Species: (Ex: Werewolf, Vampire, Shadowhunter, Demon, Angel, Mundane, Faerie, ect.) Fae

Appearance: (you may add a link for a picture, but please do add some kind of description for those on phone or iPods and such who might have a hard time viewing the link)

He's thin and bony, but kind of muscular. He has bleached blonde, long and kind of shaggy hair with pink streaks in it. His eyes are like a lavender type. His tends to wear fashionable clothes that look expensive. His wings are butterfly like with white edges and pink centers, kinda resembling a monarch's.


Personality: He's fun and spontaneous! He loves to have fun and is always in a good mood. He can be annoying with how happy he is... He's great at making people happy, but bad at toning down the happiness.

Background: He grew up with just his mom and little sister since he father died in a battle. He's not fully sure if he can trust the Queen, but does whatever makes her happy. He's British!

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Kitty Bane


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Kitty Bane

Name: Anthony Tyler Lebeau.

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Shadowhunter

Appearance: ((I'll add a link later.)) he's broader than his brother, with more muscle. His dark brown hair is cut short, and his skin is tanned. He has dark green eyes and a very handsome face.

Personality: He's the typical big brother, stern but fun, mature but childlike. He's not a huge flirt, but has been known to sleep around.

Background: He was always very into his training, always trained hard and paid attention. He got his brother out of a lot of trouble and always defended him.

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Name: Aria Xanthos

Gender: Female.

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhunter.


- Hair: Her hair is originally a caramel brown, but she dyes it every other day as she's one of those people who can suite any colour. At the moment it is, Dark Green.

- Eyes: Hazel.

- Skin: White, a slight tan.

- Clothes: Normally to show off her figure, and normally matching her hair.

- She is slim, about 5'5".

Personality: Aria doesnt care if she lives or dies in a battle, she didnt used to dye her hair every other day, or act outgoing, but it was her way to push her feelings of losing her little sister aside. Much to her brothers annoyance she find her way around any rule. Shes feisty, outgoing and upbeat - or atleast, thats how everyone sees her.

Background: Aria's younger sister died when she was looking after her. And it was her fault she died. She spends time trying to find the killer, without her brother knowing. Due to the grief, and memories, her parents left the Clave, they keep contacting her and her brother begging them to leave aswell. Her brother only hasnt, because he wants to protect Aria.

The colours she dye's her hair:

Normal appearance, with no hair dye:


Name: Ezra Xanthos

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Shadow hunter.


- Hair: His hair is the same colour as his sisters, Caramel brown, but he doesnt dye it like she does.

- Eye: Like his sisters, Hazel.

- Skin: White, a slight tan.

- He is Muscluar, and about 6'.

Personality: He isnt as upbeat as his sister, he's calmer. He plays the protective older brother, and has a personality which everyone likes.

Background: Ezra's younger sister died. Due to the grief, and memories, his parents left the Clave, they keep contacting him and his sister begging them to leave aswell. He hasnt left because he wants to protect Aria.

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Name: Solar Ceras

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Warlock

Apperance: Blue hair, gold eyes, 5'2, lean

Personality: Depends on her mood

Backgroud: She was frozen in time for 3400 years, she can't remember much.

7/11/2012 #20

Yay! Twin is here xD

and APPROVED! *stamps your OC sheet* lol

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Yay XD

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Name: Austin Blake

Race: Warlock

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Looks: Austin is tall, lean and muscular. He is six feet tall, his torso is wired with thin muscles, and body is fit for a model. He has silver hair that falls over his eyes in a messy yet attractive way. His eyes are a mixture if gold and gray with slits for pupils as cat eyes are his mark. He has highset cheek bones with a curved, sculpted nose. He has pouty, full lips that gleam with a red color that is a natural as the sun. His skin is fair but holds a slight tan. Austin's arms and legs are sculpted to perfection and he usually adorns them with skinny jeans and plain colored shirts-usually dark colors.

Personality: Austin is a laid back kind of guy. He hardly ever looses his temper and when he does, boy do sparks fly...literally. His favorite weapon is magic but when he needs a little pick me up he throws daggers at target he set up in his training room because although he's no Shadowhunter his little friend is; Amity. Also, he may be laid back but when it comes to his best friend he'll raise hell to protect her. He also is not one to socialize with everyone, he keeps to himself and never lets his guard down unless he's with Amity.

Background: Austin was born during the 1800's in Europe. His mother looked at him with kind eyes while his "father" despised him for he was the tell-tale sign of his mother's affair. He grew up being beat by his father on a daily basis but without his mother's knowledge. One day, after his mother had left to fetch water and his "father" was out killing a cow for food, Austin transported himself far from home and to Spain. In Spain he roamed the streets, conjuring himself clothes an food when he needed it but, he hated stealing to live so he tried finding work, but to no avail was he given it until he ran into a distinct figure: Magnus Bane. Magnus showed Austin how to survive in this world, he taught him how to utilize glammours and how to strengthen his magic. Magnus and Austin resided together for two decades until Austin decided it was time to fend for himself and put what he learned into plz. Austin moved to France, Germany, Italy, London, and the U. S over the years. Tired if traveling and not us ring that sense if being home, he decided to settle in the U. S and he decided to live in Maryland for, most people do not speak of the state and, he was not most people. On occasion Austin would vacation off in different places but he always returned home. He loved strolling along the streets sightseeing. One day, while walking around he saw a tiny girl fighting off two demons; she was quite graceful and move with an incredibly agility and she looked about ten! She met the demons blow for blow, without her getting a blow. Austin watched amazed when, in the corner of his eyes, he saw movement. His head turned sharply in the direction in time to see another demon sneaking up behind the girl. Without thinning, Austin sent a "lightning bolt" from his palms and killed the demon. Once the girl was done they introduced themselves and Austin took her home with him, they lived together for six years and in that time Austin an Amity lived like brother an sister. They're time together was great until they had to move to New York. Austin said he needed a "change in scenery" when Amity came with the news, bursting with joy that she sound an excess of demon activity in New York. So they packed their things and moved to New York. They shared a condo until Amity was asked to train and assist the New York Institute. With an ache in his heart, he let her move out.

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Name: Dosnia Lang

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 17, but really over 600 years old

Species: (Ex: Werewolf, Vampire, Shadowhunter, Demon, Angel, Mundane, Faerie, ect.) Succubus [if you'll let me :3]

Appearance: (you may add a link for a picture, but please do add some kind of description for those on phone or iPods and such who might have a hard time viewing the link)

She's thin and tall. She has a pale complexion, but there's something that makes her glow. She's lusted after by all guys that lay eyes on her. She's thin, but well sized in certain areas. She had long platinum hair that goes down her back. Her eyes are a piercing green.,r:4,s:0,i:85

Personality: She's hot and cold, but mostly cold. She can be a major bitch to people usually. But she's super flirty when guys come into the picture. She has that type of personality where everyone is drawn to her. She's witty and knows her fair share of things.

Background: She's originally from somewhere in Europe that she can't really remember. She remembers she had a father and younger sister. Her father was a backer in their small village. She was the town "it" girl since she was so beautiful. However, a riot struck out in the village. She was trying to flee with her family when she was trapped. She was knocked unconcious and didn't wake up for months. When she did, she was in a cave that was lit up by multiple candles. Lilith was there and had saved her. Then she signed her soul to Lilith and became a succubus.

7/11/2012 #25

Oooo this should be interesing xD


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((Got Access to a laptop so decided to make a character real quick, don't have much time on laptop, but hey everyone xx))

Name: Ryana Noir

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 18 but is actually 800 years old.

Species: Warlock

Appearance: Average height, around 5'6 tall and thin. Her warlock mark is her straight dark purple and blue hair that reaches to her waist. It appears light brown to mundanes who don't have the Sight. Her eyes are as blue as the ocean, and her skin tone is fair and bronzish, looks like she has a light tan all the time. She has a scar that spirals around her back and stomach, but she usually hides it with magic.

Personality: She is cheerful, always smiling and looking happy around people. She doesn't like dramatic people or situations, and rarely gets upset or angry. She is caring, but not so much interested in a lot of things, it takes a lot to get her attention. However, she is lethal and aggressive if you anger her enough.

Background: Born in the early 1200s, she has been through a lot and has seen everything. Her mother abandoned her, and she was raised by a nice old couple, who died shortly after she grew up. Her father is one of the oldest and most powerful demons, but she doesn't know which one he is, although she tried searching many times before. She traveled the world many times, and she has had a long string of lovers in her life, ranging from mortals to shadowhunters to downworlders, even demons, but she prefers not to get attached too much. Her only true love was a Shadowhunter, but he died in a demon attack, and she hasn't really opened up to a guy since then.

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Name: Stark Malleville

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Mundane

Apperance: Dark, jet black hair, crystal blue eyes, lean body, slightly tanned skin. Wears hoodies, skinny jeans, and tee's

Personality: Nice, protective, caring, quiet, observant.

Background: Schuyler's foster brother. His foster father faked Starks death when he helped Schuyler escape.

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Approved :3

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