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name: Willow Jacques

age: 20

gender: female

species: (could she be a hybrid of Fae and goddess? She's based off my own writing)

appearance: waves of sunset gold/ coppery blonde hair, thundercloud grey eyes. She loves to wear vintage clothes for when she isn't working. Pleated skirts, blouses, blazers, really anything but high heels and lots of makeup.

personality: she can be a bit too agressive, reliable for anything her friends need her for. She can sometimes be overly nice to people who don't deserve it. sarcastic, hardworking and loves taking command.

background- She lived in North Carolina most of her life, sailing the Atlantic and evading trouble that always seems to find her. Her parents were from different worlds, and had to keep Willow a secret or else their lives would be at stake. Willow moved to New York, becoming a trademark hunter for an Underground society that keeps peace between species.

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Of coursh :3

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Name: Light Darkwood

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Species: Faerie

Appearance: Long, flowing, sapphire coloured hair that reaches her waist, pale skin that gives off a light greenish glow. Green sparkles that look like Gem's around her eyes. Wears long cloaks to hide marks on her arms. Has blue wings that are always folded in. Short in height.

Personality: She is calm, sarcastic, and keeps to herself. She can get emotional, but this is unlikely.

Background: Unknown, as she refuses to talk about it.

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Name: Michael "Mello" Morgenstern

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: 5'11 ft tall. He has short white-blonde hair, but he always dyes it midnight black. He has black eyes, and a muscular built. He always wears dark slim jeans and band or plain t-shirts, with leather Jackets.

Personality: Irritable. His mood changes easily, and he prefers being alone. He has a tendency towards violence, doesn't like to waste a lot of time on emotions or feelings.

Background: His parents abandoned him when he was just a 4 year old kid, and he was raised by another shadowhunter couple in New York. They both died in a demon attack when he was 12, and he had been living on his own ever since then, providing for himself through various ways, from stealing to hunting to drug dealing for both mundanes and downworlders. He lives in Manhattan. Most people he deals with know him by the name "Mello."

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Name: Anzhelo Carlton

Gender: Male

Age: Eighteen

Species: Werewolf

Appearance: Light bronze coloured hair that curves of his left eye. Light blue eyes - almost clear. Has a mark on his forehead, a battle scar. Has a thin build, tall height.

Personality: He is kind, and helps anybody he can see that needs help. Loves classical music, and hates his kind.

Background: Anzhelo was bitten by his uncle, at the age of eight. His father tried to kill him, but his mother helped him run away, where he stayed with the pack for the rest of his life so far.

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Name: Lilith Umbra

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Lilith has an hourglass figure with pale light skin and naturally black hair, but she dyes it every so often, keeping her charade up. Her eyes are silver and calculating while her lips are formed perfectly while surrounded by high cheek bones. She wears what ever she feels like wearing, but sticks to tight fitting shirts and super skinny jeans with combat boots or converse.

Personality: Lilith is eccentric. Her moods vary but she mostly stays cold and cut off from people, deciding to live her life in solitude then with others. She is conniving and calculating. When in a good mood, she helps, but she really has to be in a good mood.

Background: Most is unknown, but from what is known, is that her parents were sickeningly intrigued in dark magic, hence Lilith's name. They experimented on her and she became something...different from your average Shadowhunter. Her parents disappeared one night and Lilith was alone at home when a Greater Demon attacked; she killed it and lived on her own, stealing, killing, and hunting to keep herself alive. She did dirty work for people to get money and she hardened after the years, never trusting and never letting her emotions seep through.

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Name: Malleville

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Species: Faerie

Apperance: Pale, see-through skin with lightly dusted green on his right shoulder, looking like leaf tattoos. His hair is a deep blue with opaque violet eyes. Wears normal skinny jeans and dark, fitting tees.

Personality: Sarcastic, mean, gentile, stubborn, protective

Background: Unknown...o.O

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Approved...naturally xD

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Name: Jared Angelus

Gender: male

Age: 18

Species: Shadowhunter (Plus extra Angel blood. TBR later why he has that ;))

Appearance: Tall and lean built, well muscled from his hours of training. Sea blue eyes and black hair grown down to his neck . tattoo of white wings on his back, though it seems to be under his skin instead of tattoo on. a scar shaped like a bolt of lightning is on the front his left shoulder. Wears black gear typically or black shirts, jeans and his long black coat.

Personality: empathic, protective, reserved, keeps to himself. Jared has no close friends and forms no close relationships. He walks alone in the night. Jared is plagued by dreams when he sleeps, visions of battles and wars between warriors of light and dark. Jared's heart is hardened by his unknown past and seeks to redeem himself through fighting demons in the hopes that one day, someone special will soften his heart

Background: Jared's mind is blank except when he was fifteen. He was found on the steps of a church in New Orleans, bloodied and fatigued. The priest there saw him as a sign from God and brought him into his home in the church. The priest healed him and nursed him back to health. The priest had the Sight and saw that Jared had the blood of a Nephilim. Over the next three years, the priest trained Jared in runes, weapons, demons and other useful skills. Jared was a quick learner and developed quickly into a powerful Shadowhunter. It was also discovered that he had a special gift: he could create light or weapons made from light, which helped make his seraph blades stronger. Also, he can fly… sort of. its more like floating. he doesn't have great control over it. The priest named him Angelus because he believed Jared had been sent by God to fight demons. However, Jared felt lost. He has no idea who he was and how he can do the things he can do. The tattoos he has feel special like they mean something, something he can't remember. The wings sometimes feel real to the touch and the bolt of lightning glowed. After the priest felt he'd taught Jared all he could, he sent him to New York to be with other Shadowhunters and fight with them. The priest hoped that fighting evil would give Jared a purpose and not feel lost in this world.

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Well holy piece of poopie! That is one kick butt carrie my friend! lol

Approved xD

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Just Another Fanatic

Hope I can still join!

Name: Laura Lovelace

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Laura is a beautiful girl, with long straight ginger hair, striking green eyes, and a freckled tan. She's a bit on the tall side, and is slim but muscled. She likes to dress in short skirts or dresses, almost always wears a green leather blazer (don't ask how she manages to never ruin it while she fights) and stiletto pumps. It is very difficult to miss her wherever she is (unless she's got an invisibility rune on).

Personality: Laura is abrasive and in your face. She's blunt to the point of rudeness, and is up for a fight anytime of the day. As she's skilled at hand-to-hand combat, she usually carries around a seraph blade... or three, hidden in her clothes, but likes to pull out a small silver knife when she's flirting just to tease. She also likes to show-off and is only relaxed when fighting or cooking (she's actually good at cooking).

Background: Hailing from England, Mr. and Mrs. Lovelace moved to the states to head up the Miami Institute, which was just starting up. They were there to train and keep up with paperwork as they had just had twins, Laura and Gabe. However, the streets of Miami were worse than had been thought and soon the young parents had to help out their fellow Nephilim and help to fight the demons. The two were both killed, leaving their twin two-year-olds orphans. They were taken in by the new Institute's head, a woman with high feminist ideals. She treated Laura with more respect and gave the girl much more than was given to Gabe. Laura began training in hand-to-hand combat when she was three, and by the time she was seven, had mastered karate and began learning other forms of martial arts as well as training with a variety of weapons. She started hunting demons (without permission) when she was fourteen, and it was really the first time she got in trouble because she nearly got a mundane killed. She began training harder, surpassing all the martial arts teachers that were brought in for her, and by the time she was sixteen, she had become near unstoppable. They were raised well, even if Laura got away with anything she wanted, but when their new guardian was called back to Idris, the twins were to stay in the states and were moved to New York. (I'm just assuming that this takes place in New York).


Name: Gabriel Lovelace (goes by Gabe)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Gabe is easy to miss while next to his sister. He's only about an inch taller than her, and has a light blonde hair with only a hint of red in the sun. His eyes are green, and while he's not good-looking in the traditional sense, he could almost be considered cute... average at worst. Like Laura, he has green eyes, but his are a softer color and have hints of brown in them. He's lean and not as muscled as most Shadowhunters his age. As well, his coloring is lighter than Laura's and he's more apt to burn in the sun rather than tan.

Personality: Gabe his been passive and easy to walk all over his whole life, and not much can really change it. He doesn't like it, but he knows that he's not the guy that's going to walk into the scene and steal all the attention, so he leaves that for others. Instead, he stays to the sidelines. However, he's also a romantic, so if he likes a girl, she can expect flowers or chocolates or even poems (which he doesn't write because he couldn't write a poem to save his life). He's the guy that is easy to forget about.

Background: Similar to Laura's, only he wasn't favored by their guardian after their parents died. He was given a slightly harder workload when they were old enough for chores, and was quickly passed by his sister when it came to hand-to-hand combat. Instead, he became good with longer range weapons (bow and arrows, crossbow, spears, even chakram). When in closer combat, he prefers to use a five-foot Claymore or a glaive. He never became spectacular, but he's not bad, and he is always getting better because Laura helps him practice.

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Soooooorry I didn't accept before, the notifications on my e-mail are weird and I usually just keep the actual RolePlay tab open...but


I'll make a character to RP with you in a moment lol

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It's okay. Just is annoying to feel ignored, you know. I know you didn't do it on purpose.

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I really didn't

I'm working on my character

so I can RP with you :3 lol

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Name: Avalon Edris

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Avalon has light violet eyes that are adorned by high set cheek bones. Her skin is a moonlight pale, causing for her to be nearly transparent. She has thigh length light brown hair with silver in it. She has a lean, sculpted body with a few tattoos here and there. She normally wears dark colors and jeans; tends to also wear contacts or change hair color as she likes being able to change her appearance.

Personality: Avalon is a mask of contradictions. She can be nice one moment and ruthless at the next. She doesn't care what people say about her or do to her, but she defends herself perfectly, along with nearly killing anyone she grows close to. She has a short fuse and is immensely weird; often known to talk to herself.

Background: Not Accessible to the Public

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Just Another Fanatic

I'm not sure if you'll approve of this guy, but I hope you do.

Name: Justin Fletcher

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Appears to be Mundane, but for some reasons gets visions of events to come, usually involving downworlers, shadowhunters, or demons. Also, he sees through glamours.

Appearance: Justin has shaggy dark blonde hair that hangs around his head. He's got a sharply cut face, and deep blue eyes that often appear sad. His skin is tanned and he's tall, strong, and handsome.

Personality: Justin tries to smile, but if someone really sat down to know him, they'd know he was faking it. He's been having visions of death and destruction and fights his whole life, and he's really sad. When he first meets someone, he seems open and friendly, but it's all a show, cause he's actually really closed off, not really giving anything important away. He usually eventually withdraws from people, not getting to know them too well.

Background: Justin was about six when his grandmother committed suicide. It was just after she had officially died that he had his first vision. He had no idea what was happening, and his parents found him curled in his closet sobbing. At first, the visions were infrequent, only happening once every year or so, but as he hit his teenage years, they became more frequent to about one a month. They always caused him harsh headaches and often caused him to throw up or pass out. His parents took him to several hospitals and had tests done to see if they could figure out what was happening. Eventually they threw him into mental therapy, which didn't work as he just didn't talk to the therapist for three whole sessions.

As soon as Justin graduated high school, he packed up and moved to the city, which, being in a hot spot of demon activity where Downworlders and Shadowhunters lived, his visions are nearly a daily thing, and he's just learned to cope with them. He works at a garage, mostly customizing cars and motorcycles, or fixing them for the people that have come to favor him.

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soooo AWESOME!


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Cool... will throw him in somewhere soon... as soon as I figure out where I want to throw him in.

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lol wherever you want xD

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Name: Abbie Gashi

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: She has blonde hair, brown eye. She's very slim, but athletic at the same time. She's fairly tall.

Personality: She is always ready to do something, and step into a fight. She's quiet peaceful.

Background: Abbie was brought up with her brother Nathanael, in a small house in Idris. She lived a good life, she had a nice family who loved her. Her parents took her and her brother on a trip to London, and their car get hit. She and her brother were taken into mundane care, until they fled to the Institute in London. Once they got there, they settle in easily, and began to live on. On their thirteenth birthday they moved to New York.

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Name:Elentopia,Grace (Calls herself Ellie)



Species:Shadow Hunter

Appearance:She is 5,6 with long blond hair that went to the backs of her knees. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and gray and has a small amount of freckles across her nose. She is curved well around the chest and waist. Has marks of shadowhunters on her arms and legs.

Personality:She is flirty but when it comes to fighting she is very serious. She enjoys dressing up in revealing clothing without looking too much like a slut. Truely doesnt mind downworlders but wont ever openly admit it to other shadowhunters.

Background: She grew up with her father as a shadowhunter and her mother as a mundane. Her mother had gotten killed when Ellie was 7 years old by a demon. Since then her father has been distance he gives her lessons then goes up to his room locking himself in for the rest of the time not coming out only opening the door for food to come in. Her father found a way to hire Downworlders as maids and other items so she was used to being taken care of by then. Her father the few times he came out not to train her has beaten her badly causing her to mistrust him.

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Quien la Escribe

I was hoping I could join?(:

Name: Trinity Verlac.

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Species: Shadowhunter


Personality: Trinity is a very nice girl, she loves to flirt and just have fun. But at times she can be the most serious person you have ever met, mostly when it comes to fighting. She has a cocky sense of humor and is very sarcastic at times, and she is much like Jace.

Background: Trinity grew up in New York, but not with her father. She was kept from her true race util she was 11, and is still slightly confused with the whole Shadowhunter thing, she is also currently looking for a place to stay and is on search for her real father.

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