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Quien la Escribe

Thanks! So can I just jump in whenever?

8/15/2012 #61

Name: Issac 'Snake' Stalenn

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: 5'11 ft tall. Slim. Dark gray eyes and Blonde hair. He has a snake tattoo on his neck that starts at his neck and goes all the way down to his stomach.

Personality: Most of the time he's friendly and willing to help, curious, and cheerful. However, on occasions, especially on business, he could be irritable and even aggressive.

Background: Snake was abandoned as a 1 month old baby and left on the doorsteps of two unsuspecting mundane couple who raised him as a form of charity until he was 9, then abandoned him as they could no longer afford having a child. Snake has been living on the streets ever since, doing anything he can to get by. He doesn't know that he's a Shadowhunter.

8/20/2012 #62

Name: Venia Umbra

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Jet black hair and fragile silver eyes. She has pale skin, making her look practically transparent. Thin bodied and slightly flat chested-still has a visible chest, but it's not exaggerated. High set cheek bones with small, full lips.

Peronality: Shy, fragile, bad tempered, kind, nice, and basically the opposite of her sister Lilith.

Background: Venia was born two years after Lilith and her parents tried to experiment on her like the did to Lilith after losing her the night they went out to test her abilities but their attempt was wasted when Venia ran away and lived in the streets, avoiding people as she didn't like being around many people and she was afraid of hunting, which is why she didn't go to the Institute.

8/20/2012 #63


8/20/2012 #64
Lyza K

Name: Ina Featherwatch

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Species: Shadowhunter

Apperance: Short curly brown hair, blue eyes. Round face. Looks younger then she actually is.

Personality: She's really sweet, but can be very stubborn when she doesn't get her way. She's very shy at first, and is nervous around adults, as a result of her past.

Background: Ina lived in the Richmond Institute, but her parents abused her, and she ran away last year. She's in New York now, and doesn't know what she's going to do next.

8/22/2012 #65

Aprooved - sorry it took so long X

8/28/2012 #66

Hey, sorry I didn't approve you sooner. My senior year of school just started so I wasn't able to get on but I'll make it appoint to do so more often.

If you have any questions, be sure to message me :)

have fun!!!

8/28/2012 #67
Lyza K

No problem! :)

8/29/2012 #68

Name: Sayden Dominique

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Species: Shadowhunter

Apperance: Tall and muscular, dark skin, soft brown eyes, short black hair, angular features.

Personality: Sayden has many personalities. He has schizophrenia. His perosonalities vary, from shaking in fear, to killing.

Background: Sayden was born in London on the streets, his mother was a prostitute, she died giving birth to him on the side walk, where no one helped her, but helped Sayden, because she begged them to with the rest of her life. Sayden grew up with his adoptive parents, until his father began to rape his mother, causing Sayden to kill his father. Literally. When Sayden's personality changes, he can kill. He has killed over fifty two people out of peronsality change, and newspapers labelled him 'The Crazy Killer.' He hunts demon on the down low, and stays far from people. The last girl friend he had he stabbed, and the girl friend before that he tortured. He now lives in a tattered apartment, where his peronalities still change.

12/23/2012 . Edited 12/23/2012 #69

Name: Lilia Wirick

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Species: Shadowhunter

Appearance: Her height is five feet, she has transparently pale skin with bright hair (never stays one color long and is always different styles). She has high set cheekbones with opaque purple eyes along with a well toned body.

Personality: Weird. Distant. Confusing. Calculating. Mentally unstable.

Background: Lilia was raised in a Group home in New York but ran away one night after getting into a...violent argument with a roommate. he lived on the streets and in abandoned apartments, always skipping out when she got too comfortable places. Her very nature is erratic and she can barely manage to stay in place for more than a minute before bolting somewhere else, desperately looking for an outlet to her pent up fury, frustration, and pain.

12/23/2012 . Edited 12/24/2012 #70

Naturally, both are accepted xD

12/23/2012 #71

(OMG. Everyone's here. Hey, Rasf! Hey, Clare! Hey, Jupiter! Hey, Lottie. XD)

(Dani is lazy. I hope you don't mind me grabbing my old characters)

Name: Alexandra Lefebvre

Race: Nephilim

Age: 16

Looks: Lexie is 1/4 French, 1/4 British, 1/2 Chinese. She has brown Chinese eyes with the tiniest bit of gold. Her waist-length hair is jet black and falls in soft curls.She is 5'5". Lexie's complexion is really light, sometimes boardering over to pale but her cheeks are always pink. She's quite a girly-girl so she rarely wears pants when she isn't in shadow hunter gear. She prefers to wear the dresses she'd bought while she was still in Paris. Her sideswept bangs usually fall on her left eye except when she clips it back for training.

Personality: Lexie is a goody-two-shoes, prim-and-proper germaphobe anywhere except during fights or training. She has ballerina posture which usually make people think that she's a snob. She's extremely nice but people also don't think she's good company because she used to belong to the higher societies of Paris and New York. She's a bookworm who knows how to speak Chinese and French (duh) and a bit of Latin and German. Lexie works as much magic on the piano as she does in hand to hand combat.

Background: Lexie was born to two elite Shadowhunters. Her dad was the head of the Paris Institute and her mom stayed in the Beijing Institute. She'd usually spend 2 months in one Institute and spend the next two months in the other Institute. Her parents trained her personally to make sure she'd grow up to be as goood a SHadowhunter as they were. Aside from training as a shadowhunter, she also enjoyed growing up in the higher societies of the cities she lived in. She was sent to Idris when she was 12 for even more training only to be called back to Paris only a year after she got to Alicante because her mom died in a demon attack in the Beijing Institute. Being so close to her mom, Lexie was devasted by her death. This sort of made her push herself to impossible levels of training in the Paris Institute. And to make things worse, 2 weeks before she turned 16, her father was summoned to Alicante and was stripped of his runes for a reason that even Lexie didn't know. He was to live the rest of his life as a mundane and Lexie was deported to the New York Institute.

Name: Twayla White

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire

Age: 15

Looks: Pale skin, golden blonde curly hair, pink lips, really petite, big green eyes

Personality: Twayla isn't your average vampire. She isn't the emo, angsty type. She's actually quite loud, fun-loving, care-free and happy-go-lucky. She may be a bit childish at times and a wee bit eccentric too. She may act a little loopy but she's actually quite smart.

Background: Twayla used to live with her filthy-rich parents. She was an only child but she was never spoiled. She grew up like any heiress child would--ballet, violin, high exam grades. That is until one night, while she partied with her friends, she got bitten by a vampire which, to make a long story short, turned her into one too. Her parents thought she actually died and gave her a proper funeral and all that ** but of course, Twayla rose. She couldn't really fit into any Vamp clan so she's practically a drifter at the moment.

12/26/2012 #72

Aproved :D

12/26/2012 #73

Name:Sasha Doneivez



birthday December, 13

species:mundane (he's been addicted to demon blood and is covered in demonic runes)

appearance:hair,eyes,,skin is a ghostly white. His hair he keeps short and most of the time he's cleanly shaved. he's slightly short but has muscle. The clothes he wears are always torn and always has a jacket with a hood to hide his odd features. He has a locket with a picture Of his daughter Chucks on his feat only.

personality:he says the worst things at the worst of time. his slightly goofy nature doesn't clash well with his demonic runes making his mood swings crazy and out of control. He's getting better at holding them.

background: he grew up normal with parents that were divorced and hated each other. Drinking and sex were his past time till he got a girl pregnant at sixteen. She didn't want the child but Sasha couldn't let her get rid of it so he tried to raise it with his mom. He loved his daughter and named her nicky. After a year he was snatched by demons who were looking for lab rats. The experiments they did to him twisted his mind and body till he escape. He never returned for fear of harming his daughter.

10/25/2013 . Edited by Rasf, 3/26/2014 #74

Name: Skai "Kai" Blake Andresen

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Species: Fae

Appearance: She has bleach blond hair with red ends. Her eyes are brown. She is about 5'4", and thin. She wears tight bottoms and tunic shirts in neutral colors. She always has on her copper coin necklace and ankle boots. She always hason copper eyeliner in a cat eye. Her skin is pale.

Personality- Very rebellious. She is not a fan of her species, and instead spends her time in the company of demons instead. She is temporarily suspended from the Fae courts on a regular basis.

Backround- She was born in a very small town called LaBrenth, in Ireland. When she was 13 she moved to NYC and started working as a bartender at the Pandemonium Club. She had several affairs with demons.

1/15/2014 . Edited by Rasf, 3/26/2014 #75

is this forum still open?

name: jessaline herondale-graymark




appearence:shoulder-length light brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail(unless she's at a party), she has one eye a dark gold color while the other is a saphire blue. she always wears the same kind of clothes as isabelle, so eventually, they share.

personality: completely like jace to a " T "

backround: so when jaces' father left luke's sister, he din't know she was pregnant with her. about the time when stephen died, jessaline was born (as well as jace).because her mother still loved stephen, she gave her his name; however, she also didn't want kids making fun of her because they would think she was illegitmate(is that how you spell it?), so she also gave jassaline her maiden name as jessaline grew up, she was kept secret from everyone, even the high inquisitor(who was supposedly her grandmother). when she turned 11, she wanted desperatly to be a shadowhunter, but her mother wouldn't enroll her. so she learned on her own. it wasn't good, but she's saved her life a couple times.when she was 17, she watned to know more about the man her father was, so she went to find some records of him. there must have been a fire or something, because there is no record of her father's marriage to her mother, just a birth and death certficate, and a marriage certificate to somebody named celine(jace's mother). as she was walking home, she heard a couple of accepeted faeries talking about a herondale boy in new york that was adopted by the lightwoods. i knew this was my chance to try and know more. she told her mother that she wanted to go to new york, but they got into this big argument of how it wasn't safe. it always happens like this everytime she brought it up. so one night, when her mother was asleep, she packed a duffel of clothes, a few weapons, and her very own quarter staff(which she takes everywhere, never know when you need to knock somebody out),and snuck out of the house through the window. she then paid a very cute-looking warlock to create an illegal potal foe her. just before she stepped through, he tells her that he was only half-warlock and hopefully the portal doesn't backfire. thankfully it didn't, and she stood in front of the insitutes front gate.teh rest is pretty self explanatory from there.

1/31/2014 #76

I'm new haven't RP before on this sight may need help I'm excited though if i can.

Name: Natasha Rayson

Gender: Female


Species: Vampire

Appearance:Thick curly blonde hair, kind of short and petite but has lean muscle

Personality:Very fierce, sticks with her opinion but is open to listening to others, has a hard time trusting others.

Background: Born mundane had no idea that all the stories were true, but then one day her parents were attacked by a rogue wolf and she was bitten she survived she lived in New York and was young but could pass for older so she began to live on the streets. Was just turned and has no idea she is a werewolf yet.

2/11/2014 #77

So sorry I've been afk but you're all approved!!

3/16/2014 #78
Wilhelmina Grimm

Name: Hailey

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 19 years old

Species: (Ex: Werewolf, Vampire, Shadowhunter, Demon, Angel, Mundane, Faerie, ect.): Angel (I just noticed there are no angels on this thing!)

Appearance: (you may add a link for a picture, but please do add some kind of description for those on phone or iPods and such who might have a hard time viewing the link): Pale skin, haunting black eyes, waist-length midnight black hair with dark brown streaks, small nose, wears mostly black

Personality: Secretive, keeps mostly to self, is a rulebreaker, vengeful, is unnoticed where she goes and looks like a regular mundane(who is terribly gothic)

Background: Hailey was horribly bored up where she lived. She came down to Earth and watched the Nephilim, living like a mundane. She eventually got bored with that and wants to fight with the Nephilim.

3/26/2014 . Edited by Rasf, 3/26/2014 #79


Nice character by the way

3/26/2014 #80
Wilhelmina Grimm
Thanks! :D
3/26/2014 #81

Name: Xyla Phenton

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: Long, straight black hair that reaches her hips. Petite figure ((5 ft tall)) with lean muscles. She has purple eyes with highest cheekbones. Her skin is a translucent pale and she tends to wear black.

Personality: Sarcastic. Sardonic. Cold. Short-tempered. Introverted. Outgoing. Bold. Anti-social.

Family: Is a twin to Umbra Phenton. Her mother and father are both part of the Clave. Their parents are often absent due to work which leaves Umbra and Xyla together alone most of the time. Consequently, their parents send them to the New York Institute so they can learn to adapt to different places.

Extra: Born January 1st at 12:01 A.M


Name: Umbra Phenton

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Slightly long, black hair that sometimes covered his clear blue eyes. In contrast to his twin, he's 5'8" tall. He's lean and strong but rather than having bulky muscles, they're wiry. Alike his sister, his skin is pale but slightly tanned with sharply defined facial features.

Personality: Outgoing. Nice. Calm. Patience. Calculating. Slightly arrogant. Social. And virtually the opposite of Xenia.

Family: Is a twin to Xyla. And his family information coincides with hers.

Extra: Born on December 31st at 11:56 P.M.

3/27/2014 . Edited 3/27/2014 #82

Name: Mystic

Gender: female

Age: 16

Species: Angel ( class : Warrior/Mage ), semi dragon.

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes. tall and slender. Her wings are silverish blue and are semi dragon.

Personality: Mystic doesn't trust anyone but herself. She is cruel and hard to get along with, but is extremely loyal and trustworthy in times of need.

Background: After falling from heaven as a Guardian angel, she was sent to protect a child named Sky ( Sky was the only person Mystic could trust ). They became best friends... Eventually falling in love with each other. When one day, whilst Mystic was with Sky a thief shot Sky killing him instantly. Mystic then killed the thief and from that day has never trusted or loved another person. ( since she lost her heart and basically everything after Sky died. )

5/2/2014 #83

I hope I can still join :)

Name: Azrael

Gender: Female

Species: Angel

Age: I don't think your calendars go back enough.

Appearance: Curly dirty blonde hair, golden eyes, pale skin with golden runes. Often seen smirking.

Personality: has serious trust issues, but when she finally accepts you, she is a perfect companion.

Background: Got along best with her brother Gabriel from all angels. Spent a nice amount of time on Earth, but got bored quickly saying "mundanes are no fun". If you ask her about her other brothers, she may not answer you, or even smite you, because it's a sore subject. She's enjoying Earth at the moment, and for the first time, she is truly fascinated with mundane technology.

5/4/2014 #84

Name: Spira herondale

Gender: female

Age: 16

Species: hybrid. ( shadowhunter/fey)

Appearance: classic herondale features (tall, blonde,)only difference is that I have elf ears, fey eyes (Aqua) and black wings made of silk

Personality: stubborn reckless cruel caring honest and trustworthy

Background: her parents died after Valentine ordered for 15 demons to hunt every single herondale down. Jace and herself are the only living herondales left. She is from the Rome institute her parabati is her long since best friend Luke.

6/7/2014 #85

Name: Natalie Elizabeth Argentum

Gender: Female

Age: !7

Species: (Ex: Werewolf, Vampire, Shadowhunter, Demon, Angel, Mundane, Faerie, ect.) Shadowhunter

Appearance: Shoulder length golden blonde hair and gold eyes with black flecks.

Personality: Adventurous and brave but a little reckless. She is very loyal and will do anything for the ones she calls family.

Background: Valentine gave her mother doses of both demon and angel blood when she was pregnant. She was kidnapped by Valentine when she was 2 after he killed her parents. Valentine raised her together with Jonathan and Jace. she was best friends with Jonathan and she was the only person Jonathan truly liked. She soon developed a crush on Jonathan but before she could tell him her feelings, he "died" in the fire at Wayland manor. She was sent to the NY institute with Jace and became Parabatai with Iz.

9/8/2014 . Edited 9/8/2014 #86

Name: Katelyn Rosemarie Morgenstern

Gender: female

Age: 18

Species: shadowhunter with demon blood

Appearance: She has wavy long black hair and demon black eyes with ghost-pale skin. She may look like a prostituite. Because she wears top shirts and has big breasts.Pretty but creppy.

Personality: She is very complitied. She is Jonathan's twin sister and Valentine's daughter. According some people ( Valentine, Jonathan, Isabelle, Alec (she is in love with Alec)) she is very kind and nice, but with other people (Clary, Magnus, Simon, all downworlders) she is machine for killing. Okay, not so much bad to Clary.She is very manipulative and charming like her father and brother. And she hates all downworlders. She loves reading, writening, singing and colect figures of glass. She is very talented shadowhunter. Almost always she acts kind but sometimes, when it's about family she can went crazy.

Background: She lived in Morgenstern castle all her life. She always has good relationship with Jonathan. She was the only person for who Jonathan truly cares. And Valentine too. She was like his favorite. He calls her Daddy's little princess. And Jonathan calls her Kitty-Kate or just Kate. She honestly does not care for Jocelyn. She always looked at her as a women who left her father and her and Jonathan. Because 'To love is to destory and to be loved is to be destoryed.' She knows it very well. She fell in love with Alec when she first time saw him. She did not care he loves Magnus because she belived he will be hers.

7/20/2016 . Edited 7/21/2016 #87
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