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Aria stopped outside of a room, "This is yours," She said "And this is mine." She walked into her room, and went through her old traning gear "Here," She said, and passed it to her "It should fit you."

8/29/2012 #3,511
Quien la Escribe

Trinity nodded at her door then followed Aria, she watched and took what was handed her way. "Uh..thanks." She smiled.

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"Training gear" she said "You'll be using it a lot. Pass me your hand."

8/29/2012 #3,513
Quien la Escribe

Trinity done as told. "Training?"

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"We do a lot of it" She then began to draw the 'eye' rune onn her hand with a stele "We all have this drawn on us" She said.

8/29/2012 #3,515
Quien la Escribe

Trinity watched. "Drawn? Like a tattoo?"

8/29/2012 #3,516

"Sort of" She said "They're runes. They make us stronger - faster. We have many of them."

8/29/2012 #3,517
Quien la Escribe

Trinity nodded. "Oh."

8/29/2012 #3,518

"You'll need to get a stele - every shadow hunter needs a stele."

8/29/2012 #3,519
Quien la Escribe

Trinity rose an eyebrow. "Where will I get one?" She asked.

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Aria shrugged a shoulder "The clave will give you one"

8/29/2012 #3,521
Quien la Escribe

Trinity nodded. "Okay."

8/29/2012 #3,522
Lyza K

Ina stared up at the Institute, her mouth open in awe. It was so much bigger then the Institute she'd grown up in. It looked empty too; she'd heard her parents talk about how the New York Institute was practically uninhabited, and barely under Clave control. A place with no-one directly connected with the Clave occupying it had sounded like the perfect place to hide from her parents, and so Ina had set off North.

Looking now at it, it seemed like she had made the perfect decision. The Institue was big enough, and old enough, to contain lots of places in which to hide, just incase her parents or the Clave was able to track her route.

She saw the two older girls walking towards her, and ducked behind a bush. They might be sent by her parents; she could take no chances. They didn't notice her, and walked into the Institute. Ina groaned inwardly. Maybe the Institute wasn't as empty as she had hoped.

But if these girls were working for the Clave, she should try to find out whether they had picked up any clues on her whereabouts. Ina was small, and could walk silently. People didn't always notice her.

Her mind made up, Ina cautiously pushed open the door to the Institue and stepped inside

8/29/2012 #3,523

"Anyhoo, I won't make you do any training today" She laughed, "But that book - the one your relative gave you? Can I see it for a moment."

8/29/2012 #3,524
Lyza K

Ina snuck down the hallway. She could hear voices talking behind one of the doors - something about a book. She leaned against the wall and tried to listen.

8/29/2012 #3,525

"Excuse me for a moment" She stepped out of the room silently, and looked at Ina "I'm a trained shadowhunter." She said "I know when someone is listening into my conversations."

8/29/2012 #3,526
Quien la Escribe

Trinity smiled and nodded. "Here." She held the book and then nodded, looking through it herself not bothering to see what Aria had to do.

8/29/2012 #3,527

Aria poked her head back through the door "Learn everything in it." She said, before looking back at the easedropper.

8/29/2012 #3,528
Quien la Escribe

Trinity grinned. "I already have."

8/29/2012 #3,529
Lyza K

Ina tried to look sheepish and innocent. "Sorry." She looked up and grinned, trying not to be shy. "Do you know if...who is in charge in this place?"

8/29/2012 #3,530

"I don't believe they're here at the moment - I've only seen her once. We have a tendency of running the place ourselves. Can I help you with something." She paused "And good, Trinity," she smiled slightly "Always eager to learn."

8/30/2012 #3,531
Quien la Escribe

Trinity smiled at Aria and sat down on her bed examining the room.

8/30/2012 #3,532
Lyza K

Ina thought for a second. "Oh. No, I'm fine. I should be going now actually." She really should be. Coming in here had been a very bad idea.

8/30/2012 #3,533

"You can't come here, easedrop, and leave without an explanation." She said "I won't let you."

8/30/2012 #3,534
Quien la Escribe

Trinity couldn't helo but notice pictures on Aria's bedside table and on the walls. She saw one if Aria and the boy she had been with, she picked it up and smiled. They seemed so happy together, nothing like the way she had looked with her previous boyfriends. She sighed sitting the picture back on the table.

8/30/2012 . Edited by GhostKris, 8/31/2012 #3,535

Aria's room held many photo's, there were one of her and Stark - the one Trinity had took - aswell as one with her brother, and one with her little sister.

8/31/2012 #3,536
Quien la Escribe

Trinity picked up the a picture of a boy, who she figured was Aria's brother. She smiled, they were all very pretty, but Trinity couldn't find a lot of features on the boys face that resembled Aria. She shrugged sitting the picture down. She glanced around seeing more pictures of Aria, her brother, and sister. Trinity smiled and crossed her legs on the bed.

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"You - come in here." She said to the easedropper, and walked back into her bedroom.

8/31/2012 #3,538
Quien la Escribe

Trinity looked over at Aria and the girl. She sat the picture down she had been holding and smiled slightly. "Uh..sorry I didn't mean to look at your things." She blushed. "Who is this?" She asked motioning to the girl.

8/31/2012 . Edited by GhostKris, 8/31/2012 #3,539

"Its fine" she said, then looked at thee picture "Kat - Katherine, my younger sister. She was killed a couple of months ago."

8/31/2012 #3,540
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