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Aria turned the tap on and began to dye the girls' hair.

9/1/2012 #3,601
Lyza K

Ina tried not to squirm.

9/2/2012 #3,602

"Don't look so nervous" She said, as she dyed her hair "This won't take long"

9/2/2012 #3,603
Quien la Escribe

Trinity stood in the doorway watching them. She finally got bored and decided to explore the institute. She would stop now and then, peaking in doors, until she found herself in the weapons room.

9/5/2012 #3,604
Lyza K

"I'm not nervous"

9/5/2012 #3,605

"Then stop squirming" She smiled slightly as she did her hair.

9/6/2012 #3,606

(Timeskip xD)

Ezra was asleep, his arms wrapped around Sky.


Aria was shaking and crying, she had fresh cuts on her arms, she walked into Starks room, lay down next to him, and cried into his chest. (What a wake up call xD)

9/16/2012 #3,607

Schuyler stirred slightly in her sleep.


Stark stirred in his sleep and blinked his eyes, waking up as he heard Aria crying. He focused his vision and saw Aria crying, shaking and with cuts on her arms, his eyes widened and he sat up immediately, "Aria, what-what happened? Why did you, why did you do this?" he asked, pulling her onto his lap.

(seriously man xD)(

9/16/2012 #3,608

Ezras arms automatically tightened around her.


"D-Don't let me do it again" She was shaking "Its too much. M-My mind can't stop thinking about it - I cant stop dreaming about w-what happened. A-And then-" She showed him her arms.

9/16/2012 #3,609

Schuyler delicately stretched in her sleep.


Stark gasped silently and picked her up, rushing to the restroom and grabbing a first aid kit, "Aria," he whispered, "talk to me, don't do this please."

9/28/2012 #3,610

Ezra was awake now and smiled as he watched her. He lent down and kissed her softly.


"I just - I can't" she was crying and shaking as he looked at her arms "d-dont let me do anything else. P-Please"

9/28/2012 . Edited 9/28/2012 #3,611

The sun was setting overhead, from what Lilia could see, even though she wasn't paying attention, not really anyways. She was too focused on the harsh wind that kept blowing the piece of paper that dangled inches from her face. She tilted her head to the side, staring at the numbers on there and impatiently tapping her foot against the pavement, waiting for whomever was in front of her to shut the hell up. It wasn't like she was listening, even though she pretty much knew she was supposed to be listening, she just, couldn't. After about a second of hearing the man shout at her, she zoned out.

"-the hell do you have to say?!" He spat in her face; Lilia scowled, scrunching up her nose and dramatically wiping her face.

"You spit in my face." Was all she said.

"That's all you have to say you pathetic little piece of worthless shit?!" He growled.

"You SPIT IN MY FACE!!!" Lilia screeched, clawing at the mans face and kicking him in his family jewels, mad dashing away and laughing maniacally as she ran, listening to the groans and curses of the man behind her.

12/23/2012 #3,612

Sayden was smoking taking puffs of his cigerette. He was wearing a long trench coat, which covered black pants with suspenders, and a white button up shirt. He watched the girl run, and smirked as she passed, his eyes darkening as his personality changed to one of lust, one that took girls home and made their head spin.

12/23/2012 . Edited 12/23/2012 #3,613

Lilia stopped running and began singing, fairly loudly, along to the music in her head, ignoring the people who turned to look at her, some muttering that she was possessed, others that she needed help, and others calling her words she reserved for well, everyone.

12/23/2012 #3,614

"Woman, you realise your making ears bleed," He smirked, dropping the cigerette with a soft thud and stepping on it, expelling smoke, before walking over, and cupping his hand over her mouth, "I suggest you keep quiet." From this angle he could see that she was beautiful, she looked sexy, but behind the make up she looked... innocent to him.

12/23/2012 #3,615

Lilia's eyes narrowed and she bit the guy's hand, stomping on his feet and kicking him in the gut. A small, unearthly growl escaped her mouth as she stared at the guy. He was good looking, extremely so, but she got the feeling that he already knew that, so she looked away, not needing to build his ego.

"And you realize, man, that I have the right to make WHOMEVER'S ears bleed as I please to!" Lilia huffed and skipped away, as if nothing had happened.

12/23/2012 #3,616

Sayden smirked, and he walked over to her, his weapon was the whip, and his whip twined around her, holding her in place for him to walk up and stand behind her, "You can see me," He smirked, "So, you can see me, that means your nephilim as well."

12/23/2012 #3,617

Lilia snorted attractively, she has no idea how it could sound attractive, but hers did, "Or I have the Sight. Either way, you'd be...intelligent to let go of me. It does no good to a masochist." she shrugged and tapped her foot against the pavement, "I'm sure you flatter yourself when other girls fawn at being this close, but, personally, I like my space." she growled the last part, pulling out her dagger, which was also her favorite weapon, and slashed the electrum whip in half, walking forward muttering 'oops'.

12/23/2012 . Edited 12/23/2012 #3,618

Sayden chuckled, "A challenge, fuck yes." He then pulled it back, it extended, he used the whip to spin her, and grinned, "Hit me, baby!"

12/23/2012 #3,619

"Baby?" Lilia's eyes flashed, the opaque purple in them dancing with fire, "BABY?!" she shouted, heads turned and looked to where her eyes were focused as she hadn't pulled her glamour up yet, but she didn't care.

Lilia took out a few throwing stars and vicariously threw them at the guy, her expression darkening and the adrenaline in her veins bursting with energy as her blood sang with the anticipation of a fight, and a worthy one at that. Not like hunting demons, this was a fair match.

12/23/2012 . Edited 12/23/2012 #3,620

Sayden chuckled, "Yes, I called you baby," He whipped them away, except one clipped his shoulder, so he grabbed the whip and tripped her, smirking.

12/23/2012 #3,621

Lilia's chin scraped the pavement and she felt blood trickle down her throat, the warmth staining her red shirt; she grinned and bound onto her feet. She ran at him, their bodies crashing and she pinned him down, standing up and jumping on his chest while throwing stars at the edges of his clothes, pinning him to the ground then holding a seraph blade at his Adam's apple, smirking.

12/23/2012 #3,622

Sayden laughed, and then used his whip to move the blade, smacking her legs. She landed straight ontop of him.

12/23/2012 #3,623

"You asshole!" She muttered, getting up and pretending to dust off her jeans, "You're no fun." she shrugged and started walking away, knowing she wouldn't get far...again.

12/23/2012 #3,624

Suddenly his peronality switched, his father used to call him an asshole, he smashed her against the wall, his eyes now black, "DONT YOU FUCKING DARE CALL ME AN ASSHOLE."

12/23/2012 #3,625

Lilia's back crashed against the wall, pain traveling up and down, along her spine. She stared at the guy, her eyes focused on his now black ones and she tilted her head to the side, feeling her anger rise up, burning through her veins. Memories flooded through her mind and she remembered when she was younger in the Group home and girls would use her as a fighting dummie, kicking her, cutting her, practicing their moves on her and tying her up in places she had to get out in.

Lilia kicked the guy in the chest, sending him flying across the road. She stalked forward, her face dark, menacing, her eyes a hardened into amethyst and her hands clenched into fists as she reached him, "Touch me again and I'll cut your balls off, hang them in front of your face and make you watch them for the rest of eternity." her voice was no longer light. It held a malicious undercurrent to it.

12/23/2012 #3,626

Sayden rolled over, pinning him down, and whispered in her ear, menecingly, "Next time you touch me, or even speak, I will rape you like my father did to my mum, until you bleed and scream like she did. Now shut up." He stood up, running a hand through his hair, his eyes lightning, and began to run.

12/23/2012 #3,627

Lilia jumped to her feet, the hairs at the back of her neck and arms standing at their tips. She shuddered slightly and watched the guy go, feeling an odd sensation consume her, clawing its way up her throat. She began to cough. She couldn't breathe anymore, and her cough became dry, blood spilling out of her mouth and she tried to scream, but more blood poured out.

Lilia fell to her knees and hands so she was on all fours now, convulsing up blood, her head flying back and her now blood shot eyes rolling back as blood spilled onto the pavement. Her muscles ached from the weight and the weakness that now creeped into her body.

12/23/2012 #3,628

Sayden turned, he remember his mother doing this when she died, he walked over, and picked her up, much to his other sides protest, and began to run to the nearest hospital.

12/23/2012 #3,629

Lilia tried to protest, kicking and flailing her arms but she was too weak to continue fighting. Her body went limp. Everything began to fade out and she fought fiercely to keep her grasp on consciousness. She could feel her lips moving but nothing coherent coming out even though she was trying to order him to put her down and leave like he was going to do when, suddenly, her entire body spasmed and her torso shook afterwards from her coughing.

12/23/2012 #3,630
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