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He rushed her into hospital, "Help me, please, please, this woman needs help!" He cried out.

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Lilia kept blacking out, shifting in and out of consciousness.


The nurse looked up from the papers she was filling out to see a young man, maybe in his twenties, carrying a girl, who looked about the same age, but she was unconscious and covered in blood; her eyes widened and she gasped, rushing out of her little cubicle to help him, speaking urgently into her walkie-talkie to get a gurney to the front for the girl.

"What happened?" she asked urgently, motioning for the young man to set her on the gurney.

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"She began coughing blood, dont ask me questions! HELP HER!" He yelled.

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"-HELP HER!" Lilia heard the guy yell as she drifted back into consciousness.

Help her? Is he talking about me? She wondered as she felt someone, probably the guy, laying her down. Lilia then felt motion and her eyes rolled as bile rose in her throat at the smell of sterilized everything.

"Get her into the emergency room!" A voice floated into her ears.

"She's unconscious. Someone take her pulse. Is she still breathing?" Another voice asked.

No shit I am still breathing you fucktards. She wanted to say, but she couldn't find her mouth. Wasn't it under her nose? She was wondering that when she blacked out again.


"Sir, you are going to have to tell me what happened now." The nurse asked, taking a clipboard and looking at the dark haired boy.

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"She started coughing blood, I already told you, JUST HELP HER PLEASE!" He yelled, clenching his fists, Why am I acting like this?

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The nurse began scribbling down in the paper, nodding, "She's going to be helped now. She's in good hands." She motioned towards the waiting room, "You can wait here." she said then stopped, "But first I have to ask, what is your relationship to the girl? We need to know this."


"Lay her on the bed." One of the annoying voices from before was ringing in her ear and she bolted upright into a sitting position.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Lilia shouted, pulling her arms away from a pair of men in white lab coats who shared a look then looked at her.

"Restrain her." One said. Lilia turned her wild eyes towards him. He had hazel eyes with black hair and was looking at her oddly.

"NO! LET ME GO! NOW!" she screamed loudly then she felt something prick her skin and ice travel along the length of her veins. Everything went dark.

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"...I just met her... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO HER?! DONT DRUG HER, HELP HER!" He yelled.

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The nurse bit her lip and closed the door, leading him towards some chairs, "Sit, they'll...they'll have her better in a bit." she said then walked away, making sure the door was locked before she walked down the hall.


Leda felt her body rejecting the anesthetic shot they gave her...or was it morphine? Either way, it wasn't doing what it was supposed to but she did feel her body as a dead weight that was fighting against her. Finally, after moments of searching for her voice, she let out a scream, one that made the doctors jump. She forced her eye lids to open and she struggled against the straps that were biting her skin.

"You need to calm down and let us do our job, little girl." The same doctor from before said; something snapped inside Lilia as she looked at him better. He was one of the guys the girls from the Group Home had left her with. Lilia shouted, thrashing her body against the straps.

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME THE FUCK GO BEFORE I KILL YOU ALL!!" She screamed, her throat aching from the force and tears spilling over her cheeks.

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Sayden couldn't take it anymore, he stormed in, growling, "Im taking her somewhere else." He undid the straps; his eyes were much lighter now. He undid her straps and picked her up, "Come on." He walked out, out of the hospital.

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Lilia was shaking, hard. Her entire body was shaking and she couldn't make it stop as her memories played on a constant repeat in her mind. She shook her head violently, but it didn't work. Nothing could help. Nothing would ever help. Everything kept playing, repeating, reminding her of that night.

* * *

"Lilia! Hurry the hell up! Do you want to get beaten again?!" Tracy shouted at Lilia, half a block ahead of her. Six year old Lilia bit her lip and ran up to Tracy, hugging her thin arms around her matching thin torso.

"N-no, I-I don't." Lilia spluttered, her pale cheeks red as the frosted wind bit into her skin, "Where are we going, Tracy?"

She looked around, trying to find something familiar. All around her were bright neon signs, except, they weren't vibrant like the ones in the main parts of town, these were run down, some flickering as their last volt of energy gave way. Random people walked around them and asked them how much they were willing to pay, but Lilia didn't get it. Pay for what? She didn't even show me the candy she said she had, how could I buy candy if I don't know what kind? Lilia thought to herself, bumping into people as she tried to stay behind Tracy.

"We're here." Tracy said, grinning as she snatched Lilia by the arm and dragged her into the arm before she got to read the sign above.

"What is this p-place?" Lilia asked, scared. There were women wearing weird clothes and men toppling to the sides, drawling as the women passed by.

"You'll see." Was all Tracy said.

They finally stopped walking and Tracy threw Lilia forward, making her crash into a man with dark hair and light brown eyes. He smiled down at Lilia and picked her up, sitting her on his lap. He smelled of a bitter kind of thing and smoke; Lilia coughed and tried to move but the man stopped her. She looked at Tracy, purple eyes meeting her blue ones, but, Tracy wasn't looking at her, she was smiling at the man. Tracy was supposed to be her mentor since she was ten years older than Lilia, but she always got them in trouble.

"This is the girl?" the man asked, his bitter breath hitting Lilia's face.

"Yup." Tracy said, dragging out the 'p' sound, "Where's my stuff?" she asked, extending her hang. The man chuckled and pulled out a baggie with white powder in it.

"What's that?" Lilia asked and the man looked at her sharply.

"Pick her up at six." the man said. Tracy shrugged and hurried out of sight.

Lilia called after her, struggling against the man's hold but he was way too strong. He picked her up and walked up some stairs.

Lilia shook her head, trying to stop the memories, "No, no, no, no, no." she cried, still shaking .

They were in a room now, the man in front of Lilia and smiling down at her, but it wasn't a nice smile. He place his hand on he knee, "What's your name?" he asked her, moving forward.

"NO!" Lilia screamed loudly, thrashing against the guy's arms.

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Sayden made it to his aparment, he placed her on his bed; it was single, the sheets were clean and crippled, and he stroked her hair, gently, he had never been gentle with anyone, "Your okay now. Wake up."

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Lilia felt something, a hand, touch her hair and her eyes snapped open. She jumped up and was across the room in a second, her back pressed tightly against the wall. She stared at the guy, her eyes still glossed over from the memory, "D-don't t-touch m-me." she managed to say, still half in the memory.

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"Its just me, I took you to the hospital," He walked over to her, and bit his lip, "Im not going to hurt you.

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"I-" Lilia started then clamped her mouth shut, shaking her head, trying to clear it. She looked at the guy, focusing and seeing the sincerity in his expression made her calm down slightly, "O-okay." she whispered, sliding down the wall.

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he tilted his head, and brought the blanket to her, chucking it over her, "Miss, my name is Sayden Dominique. Can I know yours?"

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Lilia grabbed the blanket and stared at it for a moment, deciding whether or not to use it, "M-my name i-is Lilia Wirick." she said softly, still staring at the blanket.

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"Well, Lilia, we will take you to a doctor soon, I brought you here for you to sleep for abit, is that okay?"

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Lilia's eyes widened, "NO! I don't want a doctor!" she shouted, scrambling to her feet.

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He grabbed her hand gently.. "You dont have to if you dont want to."

12/24/2012 #3,649

Lilia looked at his hand and snatched her back as she felt a shock pass through them; she nodded and sat back down, wrapping the blanket around her and curling up on the floor. She closed her eyes for a second, inhaling and smelling dust, "Thank you." she whispered quietly.

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He sighed, and picked her up, and lied her down on the couch; it was much more comfortable. He sat in the chair and felt himself begin to drift off.

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Lilia sat up and shook her head, about to say she was fine on the floor when she saw he was asleep now; she sighed. Pulling her knees to her chest she shook her head, it wouldn't be fair if she woke him up after what he did for her so she just closed her eyes and tried to sleep, promising herself she'd leave in the morning.

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Sayden fell into a pit of memories.

"Sayden, your mother was a whore," His father - Jonathan - cackled. Sayden was fourteen, "PISS OFF!" His adoptive mother - Cleo - was a caring a kind woman, who always loved Sayden.

"Leave my son alone!" She begged, but Jonathan wouldn't have it. He swung Sayden's mother into the cupboard, she cried out as blood began to soak her shirt. Jonathan had already broke Sayden's arm. Sayden was howling in pain, as his adoptive father tied him to the chair, and rid his mother of his clothing.

That night Sayden watched as Jonathan raped Cleo, until she bled and screamed and cried, he then slit her throat, cackling.

Sayden was on the street since that, meeting his first girlfriend, Ellie.

Ellie was pure innocence. He had told her of his 'condition' she understood and helped him through it.

One night he lost control.

And stabbed her in the chest.

She was mumbling 'I forgive you' as she died, bleeding in his arms, him weeping.

His last girl friend - Celina - was a pretty blonde. She was beautiful, intelligent.

Sayden was now twenty.

He walked in on her cheating with his best friend, Natanial.

That night he killed his best friend, and tortured Celina, slicing and dicing her as she screamed.

Sayden awoke, panting, gripping the chair, he stared at Lilia, the girls flashing before his eyes, he ran into the bathroom and splashed water on his face.

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Lilia jumped awake, hearing a door close and water run. She looked around to find that Sayden wasn't in the room anymore and she bit her lip, standing up and pulling out her dagger, walking towards the sound of water.

"S-Sayden?" She muttered, mentally cursing herself. She wasn't usually like this. She was usually so level headed and collected, "Are-are you alright?"

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He was panting, flipping a piece of glass around his fingertips, slicing them open, blood dancing into the sink, "...Fine. I am fine."

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Lilia heard a clattering against porceline. Glass.

Lilia kicked the door open and walked in, seeing Sayden's blood ooze onto the sink. She cursed and ran to him, moving him aside and cleaning up, washing his hands and ripping a piece of the hem of her shirt to tie around his wounds, "Don't do that." she said softly.

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"Dont tell me what to do... y-you shouldn't touch me," He mumblled his hands flinching away from her. "You dont want to touch me, trust me."

12/24/2012 #3,657

"Would you rather I tell you to hurt yourself?" Lilia's voice was no longer weak, it was collected, like it usually was, but it was still soft, "I won't tell you that, by the way. And, if you don't want me to touch you, okay, I won't." she shrugged, stepping back and jumping onto the counter, swinging her legs back and forth, running a quick hand through her hair, deciding she'd go dye it tomorrow.

"Whatever you think you did to not 'deserve' to be touched, I'm sure it's not half as bad as you think." Lilia shockingly found herself saying.

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He chuckled lightly, and suddenly his eyes darkened, his face twisting into a smirk, he placed his arms either side of her waist, "And what do you think Ive done?" He grinned.

12/24/2012 #3,659

Lilia stiffened, moving his arms from her waist. She then jumped off and looked up to meet his gaze as she was only five feet tall, her concentration was on the sudden change of expression, tone, attitude, personality. After she finished scrutinizing him, she opened her mouth to reply, her face defiant.

"Beats me. But I'm sure you'll be telling me to try and scare me." she shrugged.

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