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"Funny thing, Im not," He smirked, bending over for her height. He then suddenly had flown forward, and was kissing her hard.

12/24/2012 #3,661

Lilia froze for a second, her mind processing what what going on, but she recovered fast and pushed him away, hard. She didn't like to be touched, let alone kissed! Who did he think he was! She watched him move backwards and she stood there, eyes blazing, expression set.

12/24/2012 #3,662

He grinned, and chuckled, before pulling out a razer and pressing it to her throat - before he could move, he began to shake, dropping it, and stumbling backwards, his eyes lightning, his look one of terror, "....Lilia... Oh god, Im ... " He walked out.

12/24/2012 #3,663

Lilia blinked and ran after Saydan, worried.

No! He was about to cut you! Are you stupid?! An annoying little voice that sounded awfully like someone she used to know, rang loud and pronounce at the back of her mind, but she ignored it and kept moving, stopping in front of Saydan.

"Are you alright?" Lilia asked, stupidly. Of course he's not alright. Brilliant question, Lilia, really, you outdid yourself. Lilia could almost swear she heard sarcastic applause.

Shut up! She told that voice in her head, focusing again on Saydan.

12/24/2012 #3,664

"Why are you still coming after me?!?" His eyes were desperate, "You don't want to come near me, Lilia, trust me, you dont even want to know me!"

12/24/2012 #3,665

He has a point! You should be running out the door! That voice dragged on and Lilia sighed impatiently at it then shook her head and looked at Saydan.

"Sorry, that" she pointed at her head, "Won't shut up." she sighed, "No, I don't know you and you don't know me, but you took me to the hospital after I threatened to cut your balls off sooo I pretty much think I have a reason to stop you and make sure you're alright." she paused, "And I can decide for myself if I should or should not come near you, don't you think?"

You're dead meat. The voice sighed.

12/24/2012 #3,666

"Most people that make the decision for themselves pick the wrong one, and I end up killing them... have you figured out whats wrong with me yet?" He mumbled, lowering his eyes.

12/24/2012 #3,667

Lilia nodded, "You have a multiple personality disorder. Bit woop. I have a mental disorder myself and I don't see you running out that door." she shrugged then realized how that sounded and mentally cursed herself for caring, "And I'm sorry if I'm making it seems like it's not important, I'm just trying to get you to see that my decision isn't a wrong one. I can defend myself against you if I needed to.If that makes you feel better." she shrugged, looking up at him.

12/24/2012 #3,668

He chuckled slightly, "Kind of does.." He was staring at her, at her eyes, the purple was beautiful an- WHAT AM I DOING? STOP IT!

12/24/2012 #3,669

"Well, there you go then." Lilia nodded, self-satisfied. She stifled a yawn and caught Saydan looking at her and she bit her lip, "Uhm, do I have something on my face?" she asked, turning to look for a mirror.

12/24/2012 #3,670

He looked down and blushed, "No..."

12/24/2012 #3,671

Lilia looked at her face and pinched her cheeks, laughing when it turned red then stopping.

Get a grip. Stop giggling and laughing like an idiot.

"But I am an idiot?" she muttered then shook her head, "Wait, what the hell?! I'm not an idiot!" she shouted at herself then bit her lip and turned around quickly to look at Saydan.

"Uhhh...sorry!" she said quickly, running out of the room.

12/24/2012 #3,672

Sayden grabbed her arm before she could leave, smiling slightly, "Don't be."

12/24/2012 #3,673

Lilia was yanked back by the force of his grip and her opposite direction and she let out a slight yelp, "O-okay." she laughed.

12/24/2012 #3,674

He laughed, and smiled, "No I was just.... your eyes are beautiful, you know that?" Then he blushed, realising her close they were, and he stepped back, swallowing, and sat down on the couch.

12/24/2012 #3,675

Lilia tilted her head to the side, "Huh, actually, no, I never noticed." she shrugged and plopped down on the couch next to him then realizing he probably sat down to put space between them...She shifted slightly and rested her head against the armrest.

"You have really pretty eyes yourself. They change color." she said then smacked herself, "I mean..." she paused, "No, that was exactly what I meant." she chuckled.

12/24/2012 #3,676

"Y-Yes... .they ... my personalities..... listen, you dont have to move away," He looked at her, going a shade of red, "I-I dont mind how close you are to me, I like you close..." His eyes then widened, "N-Not like... not like I want to.... do things to you close...."

12/24/2012 #3,677

Lilia felt her face become scarlet and she hid it in her arms, "Yeah...I uhm...I figured you didn't mean...I...okay." she finally muttered, slightly inching closer to him after her face recovered from the redness.

12/24/2012 #3,678

"Im sorry about wasnt me...." He whispered, "Well, it was...but that was another part of me... not saying I wouldnt want to kiss you! But..."

12/24/2012 #3,679

Lilia turned red all over again, hiding her face in her arms, "T-That's o-okay...just next time..." she stopped, turning even more red, "Not that you'll have to! I'm just...just..." she clamped her mouth shut and buried her face further into her arms, feeling her blush run down her neck.

12/24/2012 #3,680

"N-No... I... I want to... wait, shit." He blushed.

12/24/2012 #3,681

Lilia bit her lip and looked up, "Wait? Wait for what...?"

12/24/2012 #3,682

"Wait for nothing, I just, I didn't mean I would kiss you... not that I wouldn't, I would right now if you wanted me to, but- Fuck, this isnt coming out right.."

12/24/2012 #3,683

Lilia giggled quietly and looked at Sayden, "I think we need sleep, that's why our brains aren't working right...well, at least, that's what I'm telling myself." she smiled and yawned, "Then, we can sort this mess out in the morning." she shrugged, stood up, and then stopped, wondering where she was supposed to sleep...

Hmm...that corner looks less dusty than that one over there...oooh! That wall has a pillow by it! That's definitely it.

She walked towards the wall.

12/24/2012 #3,684

"Not a clue" Ezra stumbled back, wincing. A girl ran past "but I'm guessing from that way"

Aria sighed "Ezra ur injured, Stark look after him" she ran in the direction the woman had ran from.

12/24/2012 #3,685

"Lilia, theres a bed and a couch, tell me which one you found more comfortable, and you can sleep there. No floors." He put his hand on her shoulder.

12/24/2012 #3,686

"But..." Lilia looked down at the pillow, pointing, "The pillow..." she pouted then picked it up, "I wanna sleep on the floor." she laughed.


Stark locked his jaw and called after Aria.


Schuyler looked at the man in front of her, completely disgusted, "And the dog has returned home." he laughed.

"Call me a dog again and I'll cut your jugular out."

12/24/2012 . Edited 12/24/2012 #3,687

"Your not sleeping on a floor, tell me which one you find better the couch or bed," He smiled, kindly, his hand skimming down her arm, and then back to his side.

12/24/2012 #3,688

Lilia shrugged, "Your place, you choose where you sleep." she said, grinning and looking up at Saydan, purple eyes wide.

12/24/2012 #3,689

Aria stopped, reaching the wall by the open door. She stayed behind it, listening, not going in. She had her sword at the ready.


"ARIA!" Shouted Ezra, wincing. He was bleeding, a lot.

12/24/2012 #3,690
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