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Kitty Bane

Isabella blinked, glancing between the two.

" live at the institute." Allie said, suddenly recognizing her, "I think you'd recognize my brother better."

7/11/2012 #31

Schuyler noticed what Xyola did with her peripheral vision and she cursed under her breath as a vampire lunged her way. She quickly brought up her sword and cut it in half.

"What are you doing?!" she yelled at Xyola in confusion as more of the vampires, and now, the wolves advanced on her.


Celine blinked, "I do," she paused, examining the boy, "Who's your brother..." she trialed off, remembering...there was something familiar about him...

7/11/2012 #32

"Feeding her!" The girl retracted her mouth and looked up at her, her eyes shining slightly, Xyola stood up and stared at them, "YOU WANT SOME? IM DYING ANYWAY!" And she drove the sword into a vampire.

7/11/2012 #33
Kitty Bane

Allie smiled slightly, "Anthony Lebeau."

Isabella raised an eyebrow, curious as to why Allie was talking to the girl.

7/11/2012 #34

Schuyler looked at the girl, who seemed to be better now, before turning back and killing off all the vampires and wolves that came her way. By the end, there was only one left, and Schuyler had him in her grasp, "Who Turned her?" she snarled.


(lol how is Celine supposed to know him? and the vamp that Sky has can be the one that turned Allie xD)

Celine looked at the boy as the name began to click together in her mind, but it was still slightly fogged up.

7/11/2012 #35

Xyola picked up the little girl, who looked at her, blue eyes in fear.

"Don't be scared." Xyola mumbled.

7/11/2012 #36

Schuyler looked at the little girl, her frozen heart contracting, "What's your name sweetie? She and I are not going to hurt you, I just have a couple of questions, would you mind answering them?" she held her grip on the vampire as it thrashed under her hold, "We'll keep you safe."

7/11/2012 #37
Kitty Bane

((I don't know, I just figured they'd probably have met at some point. ))

Isabella tilted her head slightly, "What's the point of this?"

Allie bit his lip, "I wanted to ask her to tell him for me. "

7/11/2012 #38

Celine's eyebrows knitted in confusion, when everything clicked together, "Ah, yes I know your brother," she said then looked at Allie, "Alexander, right?" she then tilted her head, biting her lip, "Tell him what?"

7/11/2012 #39

((hmmm i have no idea where to put Kyler...hmmmm))

7/11/2012 #40
Kitty Bane

Allie sighed, "I'm a vampire. I can't go home now...."

"You think he cares? He doesn't mind us downworlders."

Allie simply shook his head, "Please Celine. Tell him I love him, and that I'm sorry."

((you could throw him in at the park with us?))

7/11/2012 #41

Celine bit his lip, "I'll be sure to tell him, but first thing's first, who Turned you?" her tone was worried and concerned, as if she were his older sister.

(lol yus! Put him in the park xD)

7/11/2012 #42


Kyler was flying through the park. He was half asleep and half awake, but more asleep. He wasn't paying attention to what he was doing.

7/11/2012 #43
Kitty Bane

Allie shook his head, "I think his name was...Erick? Something like that."

7/11/2012 #44

(lol Isabella should notice Kyler xD)

Celine bit her lip, "The name sounds familiar..." she shook her head, "Have you anywhere to stay?"

7/11/2012 #45
Kitty Bane

Isabella frowned, glancing over to see another of the fae, flying around. She took a couple steps in his direction, before deciding not to leave Allie.

"Umm....not yet, no. I'll find somewhere." Allie smiled reassuringly.

7/11/2012 #46

((lol anyone can notice him. he's just sleep-flying XD))

Kyler floated past a group of people, unaware of them.

7/11/2012 #47
Kitty Bane

Isabella raised an eyebrow, watching the guy. "Hey! What are you doing?" she called out to him.

7/11/2012 #48

Celine smiled and sat next to Allie, "I think I know of somewhere you can stay? If you'd like."

(lol xD)

7/11/2012 #49
Kitty Bane

Allie grinned, "Really? That would be great! Where?"

7/11/2012 #50

Kyler didn't hear her. He kept flying on his back and he was headed towards a tree.

7/11/2012 #51

Celine smiled, "Yes really, and not too far from the Institute actually."

7/11/2012 #52
Kitty Bane

"Allie." she said, glancing back and noticing that he wasn't paying attention. She sighed and watched the guy heading straight for the tree. She but her lip, not sure if she really cared enough to try and stop him.

Allie smiled, "Thank you. Wait....who lives there?"

((Should I bring Anthony in, or wait for Celine to go talk to him?))

7/11/2012 #53

Kyler kept flying until he hit the tree, creating a loud bang. He slid down the tree into a bunch of bushes. "Ow! Who put that tree there?"

7/11/2012 #54

(Hmmmm maybe when they're going tithe place he could be coming home from a hunt and run into them?)

Celine shook her head, "No one, it's my place, I bought it for when I don't feel like being at the Institute." she laughed, "You can stay there as long as you want."

7/11/2012 #55
Kitty Bane

Isabella rolled her eyes, walking towards him, "You flew right into it, what was that all about?" she asked, slightly amused.

Allie reached over and hugged her. "Oh thank you!"

7/11/2012 #56

Kyler blinked. "What was what about? I was flying in a fly zone! Wait.. where am I?"

7/11/2012 #57

Celine chuckled and smiled, "No need to thank me sweetie." she held him softly in a hug.

7/11/2012 #58
Kitty Bane

"Central Park, dummy." Isabella mutterstay smirking slightly.

Allie laughed, "Of course there is! You're being so kind to me, and you hardly know me!"

7/11/2012 . Edited by Rasf, 7/11/2012 #59

Celine smiled, "I don't need to, I am a perfect judge of character, and plus, your brother always talks wonders about you, so of course I'd help."

7/11/2012 #60
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